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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Water Faeries

Water Faeries
Water spirits can be found in lakes, ponds,marshes, rivers, pools, springs, wells, fountains, raindrops,
teardrops and at the oceans edge. Also waterfalls, ghettos, hidden lakes in deep forest, the tiniest pool of water. They especially love to running water in the form of bubbling springs and waterfalls But any type of running water you can usually find a water spirit faerie dancing on top of the water or fluttering about through the mist of the falling waterfalls or even the foam of the sands of any lake or beach. Some say that crossing over certain parts of water depending where the body of water is could be a method of entering the realm of the faerie world. But it has to be a very special area for this to happen. 
Nixie's are the ancients of a race who are beautiful river faeries with translucent white skin and long green hair. Some have said they are related to the magical creatures who haunt the waterways all around the world-
 There are the seductive Nereid's of the Greeks-
The playful Fenetten's of Germany-
The enchanting Kallraden's of Sweden-
The dangerous Bonga Maidens of India-
The Glaistig is a Scottish goat woman who lives in the darkness behind waterfalls-
The Stromkarlis is a Norwegian faery who dwells in waterfalls and is loves his elfin dance tunes-
The Ghostly Water wraith of Scotland leads travelers to a waterlily death and is a horrify faery called Jenny Greenteeth lurks at the bottom of stagnated pools- 
The monstrous Welsh water leaper-
These are all different Water Faeries from around the world that you must take care if you ever come across one in any type of water. So beware of the Water Faeries 
Note. later in on I will go in deeper details about each of these water faeries.
These are not my photos..Enjoy the beauty of them and how the Artist depites them so well with water faeries.  
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