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Sunday, May 3, 2015

WendyTales-Stories of My Journey Life-1

Good Afternoon my dears and Welcome to 
WendyTales, my time personal time with 
you all to either tell stories, my own experiences in life or 
even helpful hints from my own garden. 
So for today's Sunday Post I thought I would 
tell you More about my Journey
~My Journey~
So find that cozy chair and a warm cup of coffee or tea
 and have a sit and I will give you a bit of a tale about me.
I thought I would go back a little farther  so you can see how 
important my family [parents, brother and sister] and 
my Family my husband and son are to me. Plus my dear 
friends and many other sisters that I have 
Paula, Cynthia, Agnes, and so many more 
that have got me to where I am today.
~Stories of My Journey Life-1~
Well today we are going to move on a bit further in 
my life. I thought I would write first some of the most
happy moments of my childhood, teenage, and young adulthood 
first before I get into the rough parts of my life, since you
already know the rough parts in my later life or some of them
at least.  Now the trick is to pick one...
Well for today's story of my journey's life I though since
its Disneyland's in Anaheim Ca. when I was a little girl. 
Well this is the wonderful story of how my parents surprised
my sister and brother that we were going on just an 
family outing but it ended up being Disneyland in Ca. only an 
hour from where we lived at the time. 
At the time I think I was 6 years old, my sister Betty was
4-years old  and my brother was 2-years old and it was the 
best memory that my sister and i still love to talk about.
it was i think 1966 or 67 depending on the year and during the summer.
and they said were going on a family drive. Or dad had the day off from
his work sales so we were very excited to have this day with
the family outing because we always had a fantastic time!
I really can't remember exactly how we found out about Disneyland!
if it was before we left or when we got there! 
But it was a day in my childhood that i will never forget with
my sister, brother and mum and dad ever!
Some to the attractions that I remember that 
we went to that we like and were a bit scared of ...
Were... The Haunted House 
Its a Small World after all
Tom Sawyer's Island
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Dumbo flying ride
Peter Pan ride
Astro Jet ride
Tom Sawyer Boat ride
Riding the Disney-Carousel 
Submarine adventure
Well these were just a few that I could remember my 
dear friends and followers, you have to remember that it was quite 
a few years ago hehehh heheh.
I have  quite a few images and gifs of the rides of the day;
Disneyland of 1966

Disneyland 1966
Disneyland 1966
Disneyland 1966
Matterhorn in Disneyland of 1966
Tom Sawyer's Boat Ride

5 Disneyland Tickets at 75-Cents each [Amazing!]

Disneyland's Magic Castle
when the special day happened for me & my brother and sister too. 
I hope that you all had
a very special day that you all were surprised as a young child
The Electrical Parade
The Electrical Parade
The Electrical Parade

Its a Small World after All!

Its a small world after all

The Haunted House
[this scared the pants off me,my sister at the time. My dad took us]
The haunted hall way 

The talking blue lady head creep Betty and I OUT!

The Ride through the graveyard with Dad

At the end of the ride there was a ghost in between
my sister and my dad and that just did us in but we
were young and wanted to go on the ride silly us! We
should of listen to our mum...
Peter pan Ride
Astro Jet Ride
Tom Sawyer's Island

Tom Sawyer's Caves

Tom Sawyer's Tree house

Movie of Tom Sawyer Island
The original Pirates of the Caribbean 

The Original Pirates of the Caribbean 

The Original Pirates of the Caribbean

The Original Pirates of the Caribbean

The Original Pirates of the Caribbean
to have good memories. And maybe sometime you would
like to share here on my blog someday
I love you all very much my dears
and until next Sunday I wish you all very well

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