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Saturday, May 21, 2016


This photo is what brought my heart
to do this post Seeing this man [Osman Abu Laban]
center who lost four of his beloved relatives on
the EgyptAir plane crash, after prayers
for the dead at a mosque in Cairo on Friday
Sadly we have yet, another Airliner down with 66 souls/and the grew, with no reason why other than the scary thought that it might be terrorist. And the love-ones that have once again lost many family members, that have to go on some how? Someway? It seems to be a growing trend around the world that has to be STOP! To many souls have be terrorist in the skis, airports, & in public places where we should be save. I feel for these people in the plane. The terror they most of felt before they relized that this is it. Then the families that some have loss up to 2 to 5 members of their family. We must work together as a nation. Help the other countries with their Airport Security. It seems that other world countries don't have the Airport Security that some of the bigger power house country has and that has to be fix if we are to stop these terrorist. I feel the only way is to work together as a nation of people around the world to stop these terrorist so this I pray doesn't happen again.
My dearest friends & followers I really don't do these kinda post very often but the photo of the man just broke my heart, the sadness that I felt when I saw him with a friend trying to comfort him and the caption of the loss he had suffered from this act of Terrorist just made me want to tell his story and all the people of Cairo who are suffering now! Wendy....
This is what they know as of now...
On May 19 radar contact was lost with the EgyptAir flight MS804, traveling from Paris to Cairo over Egyptian airspace. Panos Kammenos, Greece's defense minister said: "The plane turned a 90 degrees left and a 360-degree turn to the right' before falling more than 20,000 feet [6,700m] then disappearing from radar. 
Looking for Clues-
They are in the process of looking for any kinda clues that may have brought down the EgyptAir Jet down. Mostly for clues to whether it was terrorist that brought the airliner down. Investigators have been poring over the passenger list and questing ground crew members at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, from which the plane took off.
More Clues- the aircraft had been cruising at a normally speed in clear skies at a nighttime flight to
Cairo early Thursday when it suddenly lurched left, then right, spun all the way around and sadly plummeted [this as ranged for 20,000 feet to 38,000 feet or 11,582meters]into the sea, never issuing a distress signal. Probably because they didn't have a chance too. They were trying their very best to control the plane so that it wouldn't go down into the sea.
There is a huge search of many crews that are scouring for further wreckage of the aircraft. Experts of course of stated their opoion on the matter. However their answers will come only with an examination of the wreckage and the plane's cockpit voice and flight data recorders, commonly known as the black box. However this might be difficult since some have said the plane has gone down in a area of the Mediterranean that is over 10,000 deep and is very hard to get to by ships.
There are Planes & Vessels from Egypt & five other countries looking-
This countries are: Greece, Britain, France, United States & Cyprus.
This counties are continuing their search in a very wide area of the eastern Mediterranean on Saturday, a day after the Egyptian military found debris from the passenger jet in the sea 180 miles [290 kilometers] north of the Egyptian port city of Alexandria. It will be a bit difficult as I had said earlier because the waters in the area are up to 8,000 to 10,000 feet deep [2,440 to 3,050meters] and the pings from the black boxes can be detected up to a depth of 20,000 feet [6 kilometers].
Then on Saturday the Egyptian military released a few photos of the debris they found from flight EgyptAir 804 - It would appear to show the heavily damaged remains of plane seats, life jackets, one seemed undamaged, pink blanket or sleeping bag. Later they issued a video that showed more debris that included what appeard to be a piece of blue carpet, seat belts, a shoe and what looked to be a white hangbag.
As of now the Egyptian Authorities believe that it was a act of terrorism. There are may theory's but the fact is that 66 souls have be lost plus the crew. And the families that were waiting for them at the airport, well they never came. So If I was them I too would believe it was a act of terrorism Sadly because this has happened to many times and to blame it as a equipment failure is just will I have no words for that statement.
They are having a look at the Paris Airport, Many of the passengers were mostly Egyptian queued for the afternoon EgyptAir flight to Cairo with flight crew and pilots passing through the security post to have their luggage canned. Checks were thorough but there were no overt signs of extra security in the waiting area as the passengers boarded normally. Note: a team of French security officials did enter the plane and walked through the aisle before take-off.
In Paris, the French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Saturday that he and other officials including the representatives of Paris Aeroport, the French prosecutor, EgyptAir & the Egyptian Ambassador to Paris - had met with about 100 family members to express 'Our profound compassion' over the crash.
Sadly more garbage keep pops up adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. Showing that it is true that the EgyptAir flight MS804 went down. Nearby, another passenger seat from the plane, Scraps of metal, scattered personal belongings and then finally the grim discovery of human remains.
The question still remains...
What Happened? Why would a plane with good safety record and experienced pilots fall from the sky on a clear spring night?
No bulk wreckage has been found, & the parts of the aircraft most likely to provide clue for
investigators - including the voice and data recorders - are also the ones most likely to quickly sink to the deepest parts of the seafloor. And as they have all said sadly it could be up to 20,000 to 38,000 feet deep which makes it very hard to get too.
It would seem this times were very important to the flight-[by Mr. Mann]
-At 2:26am a message indicated that the right cockpit window had been opened-This could have been done to vent smoke, or something else could have caused the breach.
-Over the next 2mins there were two smoke indications-one in a bathroom & another in the
avionics bay, the part of the plane where much of its electronic equipment is house.
-These message don't necessarily mean that there was a fire, it could also have been prompted by rapid decompression of the aircraft, which can produced by condensation that the plane's sensors could have mistaken for smoke.
-At 2:29 there was 2 more alerts having to do with the plane's flight control computer systems
 -These last 2messges were the most troubling they said. Why, because of the rapidly degrading of things.
-1 There was a problem with the autoflight control computer-The plane would have been flying near its maximum speed and the elevation at that the time.
-2 the last message had to do with the spoiler elevator controller, which essentially controls the flaps
responsible for the pitch and roll control.
This is also the moment the plane left the Greek airspace at 2:29 am The Greek controllers lost the plane trace just inside Egyptian airspace about halfway between Crete and Egypt. Around this time is when the scary stuff happen for the people of flight MS804. Around this same time the plane made that scary 90-degree turn to the left and then a full circle to the right, After that all we can do is estimate the dropping precipitously to 15,000 feet to 38,000 feet then again to 9,000 feet before it disappeared from radar. The crew never gave any indication of a technical problem or other difficulties on board, even during the final fatal minutes when the plane itself was transmitting data indicating a catastrophic failure. however, as I said earlier in my post they may had no time too! the crew was probably trying their best to help the passengers and the safe their lives over a message.
There are so many theory's of what may of happened. I pray that we will find out for the peace and mind of the families of the loved ones that were loss in that flight.
They are saying that the most valuable part of finding out what happen might be far more difficult to recover since the plane probably sunk to the seafloor very quickly. Another Idea is, if the debris is scattered over a wide area on top of the ocean & the pieces are relatively small, it would suggest that the plane broke up in the air, supporting the theory of an onboard explosion. However, if the debris field is concentrated is a relatively small area, that world indicate that the aircraft hit the surface of the water largely intact. The planes' two flight data recorders or as their called the
Black Boxes, if they can be recovered world also provide important clues. They have indicated that the flight crashed halfway between Crete and Egypt which could mean it landed on what scientists refer to as the Mediterranean Ridge. What this means...
The ridge has been pushed upward by the African plate of the earth's crust sliding under the Aegean Sea, deforming and crumbling the seafloor, Said Scientist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University who has studied the Mediterranean seafloor. The Scientist says the water there is about
1.5 miles deep, and picking out wreckage at the bottom from among the bumps, which are perhaps up to 50 to 100 feet in size could be very complex.
So, if the plane crashed farther to the south, the wreckage would lie on a smoother plain at a depth between 1.7 and 2mile deep, said Dr. Ryan. In that case the search would go faster - and the much desired answers to what caused the crash could come quicker.

Well, I hope for the sake of the people who have lost
so their loved ones that the wreckage is on the easier area
in the Mediterranean seafloor so that they at some point
can have peace. This wasn't the easiest post to do
but then again sometimes I feel I just have to do these
for my love of people all people of all faiths
I love you all my dears
And I am so sorry for you dear friends and followers of
Egypt,Greece &France

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