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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pai Lung White Dragon

PAI LUNG White Dragon~
For all you who love Dragons.....
And for my Love for the DRAGON....

In this post I will go over the legendary Dragon Pai Lung.  In the traditions and legends of China where this Dragon origins began; Pai Lung is also known as the White Dragon - was also an Dragon King notable for being the only known White Dragon at the time. 
The Legend tells how a young girl anwers her door of their home one night to an old man, requesting shelter from a very violent thunder storm. When the older gentleman is found gone the next morning, the young was found to be pregnant. Her family figured it could only have been the older gentleman the other night requesting shelter-Being that it was in anicient times her family was outraged at what had happened to the young girl and ejected her from the family home. 
When the 'Child' was born it appeared to be no more a ball of white flesh, which the family threw into the water that was near them. The young girl had fainted from the terror and she never recovered consciousness on that faithful day. 
But the people of her town revered her as the mother of 
Pai Lung. So when the young maiden died, she was buried with honor and her grave became a shrine. Pai Lung  The White Dragon had a temple dedicated on Mount Yang Suchow in Kiangsu, where a tablet records of the legend of the White Dragon - Pai Lung still lay....
For my love  of the DRAGON!

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