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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crow Spirit Black Panther Woman

My Name "CrowSpiritBlackPantherWomen"
 It came from a combination of two spiritual happenings for me. Years ago when we moved here. I
used to walked every morning and every evening around the parking lot of a small quaint group of stores. Each store was an individual building and set up in a circle area with a nice little park in the center. I would walk usually around 8am. after Christy went to school and John was off to work and it was always so quit and pretty at that time of the day. I used to go back in the evening around sunset and it was really pretty then with the sun setting and the old fashioned lamp posts with their lights coming on.
I used to being walking the beginning of March and usually walked there until the end of October (too cold for me during the winter months).
There were crows around our house and around this group of stores but this year there was one crow
that would purposely watch me as I walked every morning. He would fly to the peak of this one roof and as I circle the parking lot he would fly to the other bldgs roof at the other end always keeping me in sight. Back and forth he would fly all through my walk and I always walked for an hour both mornings and evenings. He did this every single morning, day and afternoon. And week after week. 
One morning as I was just passing one of the exits, the Crow started making a terrible noise and flapping his wings from the rooftop. Since the stores were closed and no cars in the parking lot. I wasn't sure what upset him so much and all of a sudden he swooped down and headed right in for me. 
I had to get myself up on this little grassy hill so he didn't actually hit me and just as I got up on the
hill, a sport car came speeding around the bend where I had just been walking and would have been hit me dead center if that Crow hadn't been watching out for me and forced me off the parking lot.
I could actually feel the wind from the car, it was that close when it passed me and the guy driving never even stopped. There was no way I would have survived being hit at that speed and dead center.
Because of the traffic from the main highway I never heard that car coming from where he was and never expected him to be where he shouldn't have been.
After that I started dreaming of a Native American Man with a crow Headdress always standing behind me, Guarding me, watching out for me and at times I could feel his arms come around me and feel the crow headdress on my own head as if he was laying his chin on my head much as a father would do when protecting his child. So that is where "CrowSpirit" came from - he is my Guardian 
and Guide.
The Black Panther Woman ~
Is my Shapeshifting name and who I am - who I become in animal form. I have in the past been
seen in this form by friends who believe in this ability. I hadn't thought of it before but these were usually very active times, when I worked for two separated chiropractors. One co-worker said I use to come to her house and lie on the back of her couch and the first time I was there, she even walked up to me and stroked my head and back. 
She said she knew it was me as soon as she looked into the eyes and called me by my name. The chiropractor I worked for there said he always know when I was restless because he could feel the next morning in the office when I had been there the night before in that form and even found some black cat hair once. 
The other Chiropractor's office I worked at later on, had a substitute chiropractor for almost a year after the owner had a car accident and couldn't work. It turned out that Karen (the substitute chiropractor) and I hit it off immediately but shapeshifting didn't come in the conversations until we showed up for work one morning and we were both exhausted and almost at the same time, we both said, "We can't be out running around like that on work nights" and then we just stared at each other.
It turned out that while we slept in our beds, my Black Panther and her Wolf met up and we had a great time running and racing through the woods and fields. We both starting laughing and for both of us, we remembered it so clearly and agreed that we would only be doing that on the weekends.

This is how my Dearest Friend  I became to have the name "CrowSpiritBlackPantherWoman."  

This is a True Story, from my dear friend own words. She told me this story many months ago. I love her dearly & I will always will. We call each other Spiritsisters. She will always be my dearest friend and Spiritsister Gail Costa with love -oxoxoxox)

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