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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Green Dragons-2013

Green Dragons-

 Few dragons are utterly reviled among the humans or elves as the Green dragons - also known as Forest dragons too. History of the Green Dragon~
Although Green dragons might not be as powerful or as destructive as some of their kin, they are innately & instinctively deceptive. They lie as easily as people can speak & they are very good at it. They love intrigue & prefer to achieve their goals through guile and double - dealing over any other means. As the Green Dragons would says, 'any brute can hunt - but it takes skill and intelligence  to trick one's prey into offering itself for dinner. Adding this attitude to a Greens belligerent nature - To  a Green Dragon a weak creature is either prey or pawn. And nearly all creatures are weak in the eyes of the Green dragon. This makes the Green dragon a loathsome and conniving beast in the eyes of many. 
The Life Style of the Green Dragon~-Green Dragons are among the most likely to interfere with nearby human or elf communities. Some Green dragons terrorize their neighbors into obedience - others play & experiment with the local political & mercantile interests. A Green Dragon might use bribes & intimidation to gain the cooperation of a few selected members of a community - then he might see how much authority he can obtain by proxy before other humans or elves have discover it mission of over taking the town.

-Greens might not have lofty goals for this sort of manipulation, they enjoy the process and the practice for its own sake.
-Green dragons might negotiate peaceful co-existence with their neighbors as long as territories as resources do not overlap - Anyone entering such an arrangement, however, should do so with great care - For the Green dragon will take a devilish delight in finding loopholes in such agreements.
-Green dragons prefer sentient mammalian prey over any other kinda prey.
-They live in a terrain often that's a canopy of vegetation of Thick Forest & Tall Tress to hide in the contour of the earth - Their lairs are in areas of the thick vegetation - they prefer temperate & cold forest to a steamy jungles and non forest lands - The Green Dragons are particularly in favor of the woods with large & imposing trees - The older and massive the better. Greens might accept a smaller woods, and less desirable one -  as an alternative - as well as jungles & overgrown bogs.
Bogs are found wherever there is high rainfall, which is typically in the rainforest where the Green Dragons live. They are also known to be in many part of Western Ireland. They are called blanket bogs because of their appearance. From a distance they appear homogeneous and they hug the topography like a blanket. With almost 1 million hectares of Ireland completely  by blanket bogs, it is far more common than the small scale raised bogs contrary to popular belief - blanket blogs are essentially are essentially a man made feature, if  environmentally and aided somewhat by the climate. 
Back in the days of the Dragons the Bogs were like a lake that had been completely filled with the surrounding landscape, wood deposits, peat grass, large trees, etc. Nothing really would survive in the bog. If anything got stuck in there well it would sink to the very depths of that bog to rot with everything else. My guess why the Green dragon liked the bog, was because it would supple food meaning animals or even humans or an unlucky elf stuck in there.

When a Green dragon cannot find a suitable forest or woodland, it might settle for an area of rolling hills by using the slops & valley for concealment in the same way that its  cousin kin use the forest & trees. 
-Green Dragons prefer caves in a forested with hills & cliff-sides for their lairs. Where they cannot find such convenient openings. They might topple the mightiest of the trees into great heaps and make their homes in hollows of these wooden hills. Some Green dragons even layer these large trees inside their lairs to give them a Fae touched.
The Green Dragon traits are Manipulative and deceptive. They enjoy intrigue & tricky. Their habit is mostly forest & Fae woods. They are in general evil and mean. And the Breath weapon is Poisonous Gas.
The Green Dragon is quite beautiful but is quite deadly. So always remember your dragon kin. And their traits it could save your life!!!
Note: the beautiful images are not Mine.

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