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Sunday, October 20, 2013

German Faeries/Tales

German Faeries/Tales
Germany has adopted
many Mysterious, Legends
and Myths for centuries with 
their fairy tales. One
of the most known of the 
German fairy tales, were the 
Grimm Tales.
 Inspired by linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm these 
collections of "Marchens".
translated as 'Fairy Tales,  also meaning
Fables or Legends from across the German
countryside were was published between 1812
& 1815. 
These Grimm Fairy Tales quickly spread worldwide, they have always 
delighted both child and adults alike for almost 2centuries...

The German Elves have influenced much of 
European folklore and German Literature. 
Below are some of the Examples of the influence that
the German folklore had...

Alvan's- Are nearly invisible. These German

fairies are without wings. They live by
the Elbe river which is sacred to these fairies.
They cherish the night time blooms

Dwarfs; These bearded and aged in appearance by the time 

they are 7-years of age. Are very kindly but self conscious and 
Shy because of their deformed appearance. They can be found in the mountain areas of Germany and in Scandinavian mining for precious metals. 

Elves/Elfin-Alben; These creatures are quite pretty in their

origin Germany folklore & are associated with wide and beautiful nature like thick forests /and clear crisp rivers... 

Merfolk; mermaids and mermen


Moss People; These are beautiful Fairies, with human like tiny

body's. And the most beautiful butterfly wings. They hide in moss and dark wood foliage.

Loreli; In German legend there is a similar creature to the Greek Siren who  lives on the rocks of the high banks of the
Rhine River and by

her singing these bird-sirens will lure the sailors for the sea to their deaths. 

Kobold; These tiny faeries are small goblin like fairy's

Spirits who can be both helpful and mischievous. 

Here are a few fairies for you all to enjoy....

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