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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Yuki Onna - The Water Begger
Good Afternoon my dearest Friends & Followers and welcome to the last of my post's
of the Yuki Onna of Japan. I will of course do other legends of Japan but I think I will move on from
the legend of the Yuki Onna. The last of the legend Is the Yuki Onna - The Water Begger.
My you all my dears that there may and probably are more of the legend of the Yuki Onna,
its just these are the ones that I could find. The image Is that of the old style of Japan. I will try to find others if I can. The Water Beggar - Yuki onna Travels on the wind, and will appear on days with a light snowfall. She walks through the small towns swinging a white Gohei wand shouting 'Please give me Water - Hot or Cold!' to anyone she meets. If you give the Yuki Onna  Cold water, she will swell-up is size. If you give her hot water, she melts and disappears all together. So the moral to this legend is, if you ever incounter the Yuki Onna - The Water Begger, it is always best to find Hot water to give her so that she will melt and disappear. This way no-one will be harmed. If she is given Cold water well, you never know how much she will swell-up in size. It could be just a little or huge and then the entire town could be in harms way.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my posts on the Yuki Onna. I will find other interesting legends of the
Japanese folklore for you later.

Love you my dears Your friend always

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