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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'Wild Elves'-2013

The Wild Elves-
 Live as far away from Society & the other elves races as they can. They can be found nearly anywhere in the wilderness although they tend to dislike the cold and usually try to avoid it as much as possible. Wild Elves are much more bulky than the other cousin Elven races & they tend to be a whole lot stronger than them too. 
However many have more strength & agility then their cousin elf's, but they are unable to preform Magic~

In the circle of the Elven races Dark Elves being the exception even the mention of a wild elf is an affront to the law. The other races loathe the Wild elves - calling them abominations of nature and associating with one is - punishable by being exiled form the tribe or their home. Some are even imprisoned - such is the hatred between the two Wild elves are yet they are:  

Very good craftsmen & women - Are easily able to make their own tools and any type of weapons they may need out of the surrounding materials where they live at the moment... 
They do move around a lot.
The everyday Wild Elves comes in at an average height of 5'8'' but can be taller - Wild Elf's are not uncommon to be at 6' feet tall. Their hair usually comes in a wide array of colors, spanning from a dark brown, light brown, to red & dirty blonde to blonde, white, silver & black~
Normally the Wild Elves have either emerald green or hazed eyes - But there is an occasionally an Elf 
with Dark -Blue once in a Blue moon.

While the Wild Elves don't have the ability to use magic - They do inherited abilities from their parents, that most of their cousins elves don't have..
These abilities are~
They can communicate with a rather large group of animals, these can be either very large animals or the tiny animals. Some of the elves are able to be friend any type of  animal & control with their minds. Another common trait is being able to see in pitch blackness or darkness which is very useful in late night hunts - This is one & only common trait that they do have with one of their cousins the Dark Elves & Drows -

Wild Elves usually travel in packs of four to 25 at times. Some getting even larger than that  at times.
But that is a rare occurrence, nevertheless a Wild Elf never travels alone-
If one is see, a Wild Elves be sure there are more to be around ~

The Wild Elves attire is hardly glamorous, ranging from furs to grass skirts. It usually depends on the environment that  they are living at the moment. As they like to try their best to blend into the environment.

It is said that the Wild Elves are portrayed as not very intelligent but they can speak MANY!

Different Elven languages - Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Snow Elf, Drows, Forest Elf, Night Elf, Shadow Elf, Star Elf, Ghost Elf  & many more! They will use their cunning & shear wit to catch their prey  - Be it animal or ELF! 
Wendy ~

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