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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boudicca - Celtic Warrior Queen

Boudicca's - Celtic Warrior Queen
The Celtic were a race of tribal warriors whose history and influence can be traced back to 1200 BC.
to a period called the Bronze Age. 
They established themselves and their diverse culture all over Europe and into England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. They had no real central government, in each of their tribal bonds, only their customs and religions, which included earthbound deities, demons and Sun Gods. 
It wasn't uncommon for Tribes to go to war against each other in the period of 1200 BC.   
Each Tribe was ruled by a King and his Queen. It was written in Roman history which stated that women often rode into battle alongside the men. It was Herodotus, an Greek Historian who named the warrior race the 'Keitoi' a name that was later shortened by the Celts.
The Celtic's and the Romans were at odds for centuries. Ever since a great Celtic army sacked Rome in the year 390 BC. 
This animosity followed the tribes even after they left European continent and invaded and established themselves in Britain. 
When Julius Caesar conquered the island in 55 BC, Britain officially turned to a Roman province. All British subjects falling under Roman law, for the next centuries and their relations between Celtic tribes and their Roman conquerors remained peaceful for a time. But like all good things in the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar - Peace did not last very long.  
In the Age of 43 AD., the problems and the peaceful times were coming to a end. 
The Roman colonisation escalated  in 43 AD. and the settlements and garrisons were established all over the countryside, including London or "Londinium" as it was known in the ancient times of latest invasion of a rich and powerful Celtic Tribe called 'The Iceni'. 
This Powerful Celtic Tribe called 'Iceni lived in the territories that are today called the counties of the Norfolk and the Suffolk. 
The King Prasutagus, ruler of the Tribe Iceni, and agreed to become a Roman ally but only if he was allowed to retain his territories. Following the King Prasutagus 's lead, several other Celtic tribes agreed to this same arrangement of their own Celtic tribes.
But as all this is going on, the most powerful of all the Celtic Tribes Kings dies suddenly. This was the  King Prasutagus ruler of the Tribe 'Iceni' - And his grieving Queen Boudicca and their two daughters, Comorra & Tasca.
This is when The Celtic Queen Boudicca - Started her legacy as the Celtic Warrior Queen-
When the King Prasutagus die, he had also written a will stating that half his kingdom and his wealth would go to Rome and the other half would go to his beloved Queen Boudicca and his two daughters as their rightful inheritance. 
But the Roman officials ignored the King Prasutagus wishes to his grieving Queen Boudicca and his two daughters. 
So the Roman officials ignored the King's Prasutagus written will of wealth, land and his kingdom and demanded that the Queen Boudicca hand over all wealth and territories.  When she refused, they proclaimed her as a unfit Roman ally and the Roman soldiers were ordered to arrest and flog the Queen Boudicca and brutalize to rape her two daughters.
Once she was released from the Romans and her daughters were returned to her side, Boudicca was not content to sit back and allow the atrocities to committed against her family to go un-answered. 
So this is when the Queen Boudicca became the Warrior Queen legend that was able to rally up an army of over 100,000 for her cause of saving her homeland tribe.
The Queen Boudicca rallied the support of her neighboring tribes, the Trinovantes and also a few other Celtic Tribes from the Northern areas, who thus far refused to blow to the Roman rule.
Within a very short time the Queen Boudicca was able to amassed an army of over 100,000. Her first target was the Camulodunum. A Garrison, relieved of the Roman Soldiers and theirs. 
Boudicca & her forces spared no one & she ordered the city and the temples to be put the the torch.  A Roman Torch. A Roman infantry of 5,000 was sent to deal with the upstart of the Queen Boudicca but they were also annihilated to the last man-  
Queen Boudicca's Bloodily rebellion moved on to her next targets which were - Londinium and Verulamiun and the surrounding Roman settlements, which were all systematically sucked out and burned to the ground.
While the Queen Boudicca continued her revenge against the Romans and the Current Governor, Suetonius, Galvanised, and army of 10,000 Legionaries  from the Roman army was marching to an area where they would have a tactical advantage over the Queens rebels. This would force both the rebels of the Queen Boudicca and her force's into a dense forest. 
The Queen Boudicca Rebellion began to fail~
The Boudicca Warrior was certain they would once again prevail over such a small Roman force - not only quickly but completely, but this would be her last conquest in battle with the Roman Empire. The last battle was a ragged one and it lasted all day. Boudicca would send wave after wave of her rebels against the Suetonius & Legionnaires. But it wasnt' working this time. The Romans were successfully repelling Boudicca rebels and herself. 
Eventually the Queen Boudicca and her remaining forces amidst their own trapped and their terrified families. 
The Romans began their own Slaughter of the Warriors, Women, Children and the elderly in which the carnage from which few would escape. It to was as bloody of a force as the Queen's was when she had her revenge against the Romans. 
But the
 Queen Boudicca and her daughters
Queen Boudicca and her daughters did mange to get away.

Queen Boudicca taking poison as a way of suicide 
The Great Celtic Queen Boudicca decided that rather than being taken back to Roman and than paraded before the Romans's Emperors as Political Prisoners - They choose to commit suicide.
So This is how the life of the Queen Celtic Warrior and rebel ended. 

The End of a Great Celtic Warrior Queen 

The Great Celtic Warrior Queen Boudicca
The Queen Boudicca was a great Warrior of her time and a great leader of women . I picked this 
image to show her beauty and strength that she had both as a mother, wife queen , warrior and a lead of a entire tribe ( country that was her King's) and she nearly was able to conquer the Roman Empire, which I feel that make Boudicca a powerful woman in history and one to not ever to forget. 
I hope like the beautiful images of this Grand Queen
Note: these images are not mind..
 These Artists  have depicted this great Warrior Queen  with great honor. 
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