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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers -welcome to my humble blog. I found
and other legend of Japan. I hope you find it interesting. It's about the 'YUKI ONNA-THE TALKING SNOW WOMAN... This tale is from Ibaraki &Fukushima. This Yuki Onna has a peculiar trait that
keeps her very different from the other Yuki Onna legends. And that is that she needs to engage her
victims in conversations in order to attack them. She cant attack without this trait, interesting Eh! I though so myself in the legends of the Yuki Onna. What this Yuki Onna -Talking Snow Woman does exactly is this...When she would meet someone on a very dark snowy night, which there are many in some parts of Japan. She would call out to them, probably is an sweet voice so that she wouldn't scare the victim away. Now, if the person answers her with greetings she attacks. It would seem that her method of killing is quite specific too! However, if anyone who ignores her the killing is quite different she then grabs and throws the victim into a nearby ravine. Now, if you answer her calling unless you are from Fukushima or Ibaraki prefecture in those cases the Yuki Onna only will attack those who ignore her. As for what she does to her victims that she attacks when the come to
her, I wasn't able to fine this information but I do have a good idea of what she does like the other non-talking snow ghost woman of the forest of japan legend. And that might be frezze them to death with taking their energy within the victim without them even knowing it. It would also seem a
similar Yokai in Fukui is called the Koshimusume-越娘-the Cross-Over-Daughter.
Another tale or Title for the Talking Snow Woman is said to be 'The Five Battledores of the Yuki Onna-A Tale of Ghostly Revenge-
So have said that the Yuki Onna is not a Spirit of Snow, but the ghost of a woman seeking revenge. It would seem that in legend that the Yuki Onna is the Ghost of a woman who was deceived, and then lead into the forest. Once in the forest she was murdered. After that she manifests into the Yuki Onna in order to get her revenge. Another legend comes from the Chikamatsu Monzaeom's Bunraku puppet play... Yuki Onna Gomai Hakoita-雪女五枚羽子板-Also known as 'The Five
Battledores of the Yuki Onna.
Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the tale of the
Yuki Onna -the Talking Snow Woman another of the Yuki Onna legends of Japan...
Love you all my dearest Friends & Followers
Your Friend Always

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