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Monday, June 9, 2014

Laminak Faeries

Laminak Fairies-
Well I have found another type of fairy but I don't know if
I will be able to find a image for you my dears friends and followers.. These fairies are very rare, live underground in beautiful castles.
Although I thougt you might like this one that might give you and idea of
what they might look like...
First of all, I found that the Laminak Fairies are said to be not much different than
the Celtic faeries of Scotland, Ireland,Welsh and Cornish faeries. In fact the legends are often
very similar. This for me personally is rather odd, because the faeries of the land of the Celtic's is very
different to most fairies in my research that I have done over the years. These Laminak faeries origins are from France and Spain which if you think about is very different than that of the Celtic plans of the lands of
Ireland, Scotland, and Welsh too. As you read on you might see some other comparison that might not
Truly be that of the Celtic faeries, but this of course is my own opinion.
As I have said before the Laminak faeries live underground in castles in Spain and France. The
women fairies will appear if you see them a beautiful women that are eloquently dress-
Like the sirens of Greek Myths, the Laminaks sit by the shore combing their long hair that is almost as light
as the sun with a comb. There are some people that believe that the Laminaks sit on the other side of the
rainbow and that the rainbow itself  was created when these beautiful Laminak faeries comb their
very long sun like hair. These beautiful faeries are generally very seductive and know how to
tempt the human men. Some have said: if you gave them gifts they would happily accept them and in
return they would help you with any type of work that was needed. This of course would not be the
beautiful women with the golden hair, but would be the general group of the Laminak faeries that they would get as the helpers to work. What these Laminak faeries would do is help the farmers tend the fields, then in return the farmers would provided them with food- So at night the Laminak faeries would plough any part of the fields that the farmers had left unattended. Then Laminaks who only worked at night, but as soon as
 they saw that dawn was coming they went back down into the underground castles.
The Laminak Fairies are also known to be very good a building bridges and even church's in ancient times.
 Most of the Laminak faeries as the Legends goes, long to possession humans. So what they will do is climb down the humans chimney and shapeshifter than carry off the humans infants unbaptized infants for their own - but never injury them. These faeries can also bring good luck to the house which is quite frequent; as they are fond of cleanliness which I found to be very odd and kinda creepy just for the fact that they often shapeshifter to steal human infants, but they'll also give your house good luck by frequently cleaning too.
That just seem to wierd to me as being a nice fairy. Although I did discover there is an catch to these faeries
in them cleaning you house eh! You have to always speak out these chores that you would like to be done and give the orders in word exactly the opposite of their meaning for them to do the cleaning..  Once you have figured this out if you want to give them a payment of some kind they will never take it because they will defauded the payment which was to have been power over some human soul at the completion of the work.
Well My dears this was a very interesting and rather odd and 
kinda fairy that I don't think that I myself would want to 
run into personally. As with all creature of the Fae there are 
the darkside shades of gray and the good side I would 
call these faeries a shade of gray myself personally
as in any culture you have that so why wouldn't 
you have the same in the magick world.
I hope you Enjoyed my lasted story 
I love you very much .. So sorry it took me a bit to get back
into writing again  I wish you all a wonderful week ahead 
Your Wendy.
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