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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fairy Altar's

    Fairy Altar's-

    You can set aside a small table top, corner dresser top, etc. For Fairy altars. On this altar you can place a basket and in the basket you could have tiny fragrance flowers [that I've mentioned before in other posts that faeries like] statutes fairies, sweet breads, herbs and sparkle items too. Make it pretty, but make it like a home as well. You could add sand at the bottom of the basket and a saucer that has water for a tiny pool for your fairy friend...Remember to always keep your fairy altars clean! You should clean them every day and change the water and the food too. A rose oil burner can be great too. Fairies like bubbles too, so when you are in your garden, [Buy one of those cheap bubble bottles (for kids)] sit in your garden and ask the fairies to join you and just blow bubbles. Watch the bubble and just relax. Don't just blow them all out for the heck of it! Smile and have fun doing it. Enjoy your garden and your surroundings, The nature around you too. Don't be nervous because there is no reason to be the fairies may sense your anxious too.
    Fairy Gardens-
    With your fairy gardens, you can plant the garden for them or just have a small area just for the fairies within your garden. The type of flowers that you might want to put in this garden, would be: Bluebells and Roses are two favorites of fairies. They also love water element, like a pond,waterfalls,or just a saucer place in the garden on a tall pot,rocks or piece of wood. You can crate a wonderful pool in the middle of your garden if you like- Just dig a small hole and line it. Place rocks around the edge of it. You can replenish the water each time you water your garden or add a pump system to it. It really depends how much you want to get into it. With these few changes the fairies will love your garden! Let small parts of your garden grow wild if you have the space! This means by letting it get over grown and tangled with weeding it, so the fairies can feel safe and hide in your garden. Also it can be for the wild fairies who don't like to come out as much.[But if you live in a apt. I do understand this kinda thing you can't do!because I to live in a apt. I do understand!]
    Fairy Magick-
    Fairies can be very helpful in Magick, as they have a lot of power and they are certainly not ignorant when it comes to using it. Fairies know a great deal of Magick and glamour themselves, so if you can get them to trust you/they can be a great help Wendy

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