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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Drinks For July-2015

Summer Drinks for July-2015
Up in Flames - Summer Drink
Good afternoon my dearest friends & followers, gosh its so hot here in 
Washington State almost 90' degree's and climbing. They say that it will get to the mid 90's today. So I thought I would give you all a great summer drinks, I myself can't drink them but they're fun to look for all of You! I have to drink non-alcoholic so that's pretty much non-alcoholic beer/wine. 
I hope you like the fun drink I found for you all. It is a layed drink so it is a bit more difficult to make but very cool looking and it sounds very good too. Once you get the layering technique down [a baster works perfectly], you'll be hooked on these kinda layering drinks and the gorgeous flavors and stunning colors. Of course, you can always try these without the alcoholic so that you can make fun drinks for your kids or for folks like me that can't drink... Heheheh. 
The drink will make a 1 2.25 oz shot. 
So it's a quick cool drink I will be adding another drink that is a bit bigger too.
What you will need;
1/2-ounce ginger liqueur
3/4-ounce fresh orange juice strained to remove the pulp.
1/2-ounce pomegranate liqueur
1/2-ounce vodka [80 or 100 proof based on preference]
[Additional 100 proof vodka or other high proof clear liquor for 
the fire part of the drink]
Now to put the drink together-
1-Pour ginger liqueur into the 2.5 oz tall & skinny shot-type glass.
2-Rest spoon inside glass with convex surface up and tip resting on inner side of glass.
3- Now very carefully & slowly pour the orange juice onto the spoon so that it runs down the inner side of the glass in a gentle stream.
4- The slower this happens the better the separation of the color layers in the glass. 
5-Mix pomegranate liqueur and vodka together and pour into the glass 
carefully using the same process as the orange juice.  
6-Pour a thin layer of the high proof vodka onto the surface of the pomegranate layer slowly. Then dim the lights & light up your shot. If not brave enough to drink it on fire just blow out the flame before drinking it!
With this drink, you can either sip it or drink it like a shot.
[Notes; The best separation of the layers is by using a 30ml syringe to drizzle the liquids down the inside of the glass[or you can use the syringe of the cough syrup of a small child that will work very will too. It is recommended using this method for crisp layers/ To find the syringe you can typically find them at medical supply stores]

Singapore Sling-
As promised another cool drink for the hot summer. The Singapore Sling was looking very good and refreshing. So the Singapore Sling was a kinda prototype to the Tiki drink and much like its offspring it has a lengthy list of ingredients too. But if you take the time to assemble what you need in the drink, you'll be very happy rewarded with an herbal, sweet-tart and refreshing cooler drink that has a seductive reddish color too. This is one drink to truly enjoy in, the hot sultry summer days and nights. If it's the humid heat or dry heat it's a great reliever for those hot summer months.
Serves 1
2-ounce of London Dry Gin
2-ounce unsweetened pineapple juice
3/4-ounce fresh lime juice
3/4-ounce Cherry Heering 
2 teaspoon [ 1/3ounce] Cointreau
2 teaspoon [ 1/3-ounce] Benedictine
1/4 ounce of grenadine
2 to 4 dashes of bitters to taste 
Soda water
As far as getting it together I couldn't find that I hope with the 
ingredients that you are able to find how to put it together. It has been
a very hot day with a headache all day with the heat.
I love you all very much my dear friends & Followers 
I wish you all well 

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