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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Green Lady of Caerphilly Castle

The Green Lady of Caerphilly Castle-
Green Lady
A waiting for her lover
I thought I might do a little ghost storey for a change I hope you don't mind
 if I mix it up sometimes my dears!I have always found ghost stories the real ones! 
 so fascinating too! The Legends says she is the spirit of Alice de la Marche of 
Angouleme, France. A niece of Henry ll and the disgraced lover of a knight by the 
name of Gruffydd the Fair. They called Alice the Green lady because she 
died of a broken heart after her beloved Knight Gruffydd the Fair was hanged.Of course
he was a lover and she was married  to Earl Gilbert de Clare and the nice of King Henry ll so it
was quite a disgrace with all was discovered about the to lovers. But all the same Alice -The Green Lady
loved her Knight of Gruffydd the fair to the End and to her death. 
They say locals even today on a moonlit night she will appear on the walls searching
for her lost love. She is known as 'the Green Lady', because of the ivy that spills over the
castle walls or maybe she wares a green dress because of her husband's envy. She was once
the Princess alice de la Marche, niece of King Henry ll and the wife of Earl Gilbert de Clare. 
Caerphilly Castle as it is Today
She was also the lover to Tew Teg Gruffydd the Fair, Teh Welsh prince of Brithdir. Which was
a Disgraced and banished , they say that on moonlight nights her ghost can be seen walking the castle
hallways searching for her lover.  
The Green Lady of Caerphilly Castle of Wales. Located in Mid-Glamorgan, Wales. Caerphilly Castle was built in the 13th century by Gibert de Clare her Husband. When the castle was constructed, Gilbert ensured it was surrounded by water ans an added layer of defense. He had noticed the significance of what water can do for defenses in protection of a Castle in 1266, during a very long siege at Kenilworth Castle in 
Caerphilly Castle as it is Today
Warwickshire, England. So when the construction of his Caerphilly Castle occurred, it was during a time of constant war time and struggle between England and Wales. And who was going to get control of  Wales the titles of nobility on both sides of the border. Its architecture was during a period associated with Edward l with that type of design of castle in that period. It is said that in its grander and even today the Caerphilly Castle resides as the largest in Wales and is home to a restless spirit the Green Lady. I have seen another images on my searching that have actual ghostly images of probably is the ghost of the Green Lady, but all are copyright so I am so sorry I could not proved one for you...  I thought you also might like to hear a more detail account of what happen to the lady Alice too. 
"Gilbert the man who built his Caerphilly Castle was married to the beautiful Princess Alice of Angouleme, 
Castle Caerphilly 
a lady of refined tastes and passionate nature, who came to resent her husband's warnings dispassion.  
So one day, Gruffudd the Fair, Prince of Brithdir, paid a visit to the Caerphilly Castle. Alice became 
enamored with this handsome and amorous Welsh prince.  It didn't take that long for the two, to become lovers. Which was quite foolishly and very risky in those times. One could have their head cut off eh! Well if 
seemed that the Knight Gruffudd was feeling a bit guilty and had to get the guilt of his chest so he confessed 
their passion secret to a monk. Which unfortunately was a friend of Princess Alice husband Gilbert, who ended up informing Alice's husband of her affair with the Knight Gruffudd. Well as you properly have figured out these didn't go well for either of the lovers/ and a deranged Gilbert sent his wife back to France/ while ordering his men to find the Knight Gruffudd. Learning of the betrayal of his confessed of the monk, thinking that his secret would be save he caught up with the monk and hanged him from a tree at a site which is now is called, 'Monk's Vale." But It didn't stopped Gilbert anger for his beloved wife affair with the Knight Gruffudd it only made it worst of him. As so as this men caught up with the Knight Gruffudd he too was dangling at from the tree.
Not knowing when he, Gleefully sent a messenger to France to inform to his wife Alice that her lovers execution was Ade. She was with such shock of the news that she dropped dead on the spot , where they had tolded her of her avenging husband message and from that day her ghost has haunted the ramparts of 
Caerphilly Castle ever since that faithful day. She is seen sometimes in a resplendent richly woven green dress for Gilberts envy and still waits in silent solitude desperate to be reuntied with her prince lover the knight Gruffuddd whose flatting and attentions fate her death and still long denied her love... 
Oh I love a good love story! Even if its a ghostly one! hheheehhhe
I hope you Enjoyed my stort story of the Green Lady

Love you all my dear freinds and Followers 
and if any of you get to Wales and to the area of 
Caerphilly Castle drop me a note and let me know if you 
happen to have seen Alice the Green Lady of 
Caerphilly Casltle 
love you all very much! 
Your Wendy
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