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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Mystery of Jack the Ripper-Video's Too

Jack the Ripper
My Mystery of Jack the Ripper. It has been a mystery for centuries.In the fall of 1888. All of London was in terror. The London Police with a human kidney fragment sent through the  mail with a letter, saying I quoted “I sent you half a kidney I took from one woman… And the other piece I fried and are…!” the writers turned address from Hell!
It was the fall of 1888 and all of London instantly knew that,
knew that the gruesome mission came to ‘Jack the Ripper’, who had just slashed to death his fourth know the victim, 43 year old Catherine Eddowes.

All four women who were slashed to death, were Pathetic  Prostitutes. Aging and worn, force to work by giving up their own worth/ply  by the degrading old trade in the slum district, know as the White Chapel. 

A vertical cesspool of the most wretchedly impoverished  people, it
had  narrow streets and alleys that led through a filthy maze gin shop, brothels and opium dens. Fewer than half the children survived to age 5years old. If they did up to seven of these children were packed into each tiny room of this garbage strewn  warren. To fend off Starvation in such desperate circumstances, many very young women had no alternative but to become streetwalkers. Such women became , for unexplained reasons the prey for the RIPPER!  Who was never

Death in the Foggy Gloom!

The first victim was a 42year old Mary Ann “Polly” Nichols –
whos’ throat was slit on the night of Aug 31, As she lay dying in a grimy little alley, her killer processed to rip open her abdomen with his 10inch knife. Of course, one will never know if she was still alive when he continue to butcher the woman as she lay dying .
Eight days later ‘Dark Annie’ Chapman 47 years old already weakened from tuberculosis was dispatched in precisely the same manner with the same type of instrument.
Now the people of London do recall an earlier murder of a WhiteChapel prostitute. Since she had merely been stabbed to death, the London police didn’t see any connection to the other deaths/ and thought it probably would be a connection. But the public, though otherwise and raised a up-fright out crying that put tremendous pressure on the police to send in reinforcements to the slum districts. Private detectives and civilian volunteers eagerly enlisted in the WhiteChapel Vigilance  Committee that was set up by all the concerned London business interests of the City of London.
The mounting fear in London came the exposer of the dark side of
the Victorian Life! Comfortable members of high society who had long ignored the cruel conditions that was forced upon the poor.  In an age when sexual matters were not ever mentioned, much less discussed the so-called proper people of the high society of London, had turned a blinded eye on the city’s numerous streetwalkers as they were called back in the 1800’s in London.
However, attention  continued to grow on the killer, who had
written his first letter bragging about his crimes in RED ink probably blood and signed it with the name he bestowed on himself as "jack the Ripper'. His very taunts upon the London police, that they would never catch him even to this day seem well founded, although there were patterns in his crimes that became evident! Later on in the 20th & 21th century that would lead them to the true identity of 'Jack the Ripper'.
The medical examiners of the victims determined that he was a left-handed person and knew a good deal about anatomy. He was obviously skilled in extracting human organs with quite precision. Some would say that he had to have some medical background in medicine or surgical too. These were some newer theories that were springing about the cities of London.
Gradually, it became clear that the murders were committed in
the hours between 11pm-4am. But for the London Police this wasn’t nearly enough evidence. Investigators took to hounding innocent people merely because they were common criminal themselves, this meaning that they were known publicly as: known sex offenders, or mentally ill, Surgeons with bad recorders and butchers [at just your local meat shops] it was like a witch hunt of the 1800’s.  Of course, all of the harassment was proven to be fruitless.
The murders continued and we’re getting more daring and hideous. Apparently interrupted just after cutting the throat of
Elizabeth- ‘Long Liz’ Stride, age 45years. The Ripper fleetly vanished into the night alley way of fog/vapors shortly after midnight on Sept. 30. Leaving Elizabeth dead body, but at least unmitigated. She was found clutching a bunch of grapes in one hand and sweets in her other. The witness who had stumbled upon the scene heard footsteps, but failed to catch a glimpse of the killer. Deprived of his familiar pleasure killing of women, The Ripper struck again in only 45mins. His target this time was Eddowes, whom he killed and disemboweled by removing her kidney fragment and sent it through the mail. Astonishingly, a watchman on guard only several yards away heard nothing? Humm… Somehow, on a busy Saturday night in a teeming slum, with hordes of Extra! London Policemen of duty and Vigilantes all primed to nab The Ripper! And of course the killer who got away Again! Had blood, presumably all over him!
The Royal Suspect…
For six weeks after the double murder, the Ripper didn’t make a move. Meanwhile, the Police were pursuing an interesting lead. On the night that Stride and Eddowes had been killed and the officer that had detained an elegant attired gentleman seen talking to a prostitute near Whitechapel.  When questioned, the well-spoken suspect turned the police department into, what he called the dingy district. He then passed himself as a physician and convinced the police to let him go. Suddenly rumors were spreading-was the murder a member of high society who, had gone mad by some craze compulsion to be obsessed  with what they called the slum district in the 1880’s at the time? We never really knew because of the way the evidence was handled in the day! For nearly a century one popular suspect was under the theory of being the Ripper! This was ‘The Duke of Clarence’, the grandson of Queen Victoria. However, at the time newspapers never published such speculation since the Duke was the eldest of the heir to the throne, “Edward, Prince of Wales” who later reigned as King Edward Vll. Yet it was known that the duke suffered from a form of mental instability. Those who support the theory that he was ‘Jack the Ripper’ pointed out that the duke was institutionalized after the last murder after the last murder, never to be sent free again!  He died in 1892 and it was a Suicide.  
The most hideous of the murders took place early in the morning of November 10, at 3:45 pm. That day, the neighbors heard
screams from the room of Jane “Black Jane” Kelly, who was only 24years old of age. When the landlord’s servants edged inside at daylight to see what had happened to her, it was clear that the Ripper had taken advantage of the privacy that Kelly could afford in her private quarters. This was the worst of all the murders because he had lots of time and clearly privacy with no one around to hear her screams. [Note the details of this murder and contents are very descriptive and gruesome because of the nature of the matter.]’Jack the Ripper’, had painstakingly after brutally murdering the young woman, he then, proceed to eviscerate her body. First, by removing the human heart and kidneys, which he laid the body parts neatly about the room. Of course, there was much more to this scène, but I thought this was quite enough to show the monster that he was!  This brutal and bizarre murder was the last of the officially murders of JACK THE RIPPER.
Within weeks the London police had closed the case without an explanation to the mystified public. Private members of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee were told that the murderer had confessed before drowning himself in the Thames.  Although to this day the suicide note has not ever been show publicly nor has its contents ever been revealed. Many suspected that officials were perpetrating covering up the whole manner to protect either the duke of Clarence or a rogue police officer, which they never found or were protecting too.
As for the drowned man, a suicide was indeed pulled out of the Thames river after the murder ‘Mary Black’ Kelly. On December 3, Montague John Druitt, a struggling lawyer who had become obsessed with his mother’s mental illness, killed himself by drowning. His suicide note has never been published and could well be the confession cited by the police in closing the case.  Since John Druitt came from an aristocratic family in the medical profession, Druitt was well connected in England’s Upper-class society having attended a prestigious boarding school. He had a high fellow membership in an elite club, The Apostles, came from the nation’s first families. All that knew the lawyer  agreed that he detested women.
On July 1 1888, Mrs. Druitt was committed to a clinic for the mentally ill. Her son visited her there regularly, perhaps increasingly fearful of his own mental stability. Whether he went there from his law offices or from a boys boarding school where he had to seek out a living as a physical Educational instructor.  Druitt would have had to pass through the Whitechapel district to reach his mother’s clinic.
Did Druitt fears and hatred for women combined – produced this monster who they all called ‘Jack the Ripper’? By October his brother William was noticing signs of mental strain and aberrant behavior, and then on November 30, Druitt was summarily dismissed from his school job. To some theorists, it seemed likely that the Apostles used their high social position to protect the good name of one of their own. Perhaps, they encouraged Druitt’s suicide or even banded together to kill him. Thus, putting an end to this barbaric and insatiable addition. Then, according to this theory this group of high social Apostles convinced the authorities to suppress the real truth of the story and then of course the closer of the case.
In the conclusion of “Jack the Ripper”, there really isn’t a conclusion.  He is suspected of over 14murders; the unknown assailant was perhaps guilty of only 5 during his three-month reign of Terror. The killer fascinated with blood, the human body and how it works, choosing victims so that the crime sites form a cross on the map of Whitechapel, It seemed the killer had a distinct hatred for women [poor women that had to use the older form of work in history]. Jack the Ripper will probably never be identified, much less understood why he did what he did?  It has been over a 125 year now since the very first murder in London of Jack the Ripper who has never been caught or found. It’s now 2014 I wonder will this case ever be solved.

Well I did find some new news on the Mystery of Jack the Ripper I have put a few links for you to check out for yourself...
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Well I haven't come to his post in quite 
a while and it seems to be quite popular too.
I have a few video's that I have found that you
might find interesting about the true Idenity of
Jack the Ripper  

Jack the Ripper Is finally found!

New Evidence on the case of 
Jack the Ripper 
The video above is not the true person
This video shows who it true was..
I am also planning to do a new post on the 
new Evidence too!

I hope that you find this new Evidence
as interesting as myself.. I thought it would be
fitting for the month of October Halloween...

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