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Saturday, September 17, 2016


Summer Aug River Otters 2016~
Well, I know that I haven't been around of late. And I've have tried to be a good
blogger as putting new post for you all my dear friends and followers however, life happens.
My life has been a bit difficult these last couple of months. In fact the entire year has
been full of ups & downs. That's is why I haven't been on my blog that much this year. Also I not so sure I like what is going on with the new look with the G+ page but that is out of my control...So I
am hoping for a much better year for 2017.
But I did have a lovely Vacation with my family in Northern Calif. In the Redwoods. My Parents and
my sister, brother and everybody lives there so now every summer I get to go home to my family
which really helps my soul and my heart for missing my family so very much.
This post on my Vacation is again at the Sequoia Park which I truly love going to
every summer. I have left the website so you can see the zoo, where I go if you would like❤ Its called the Watershed Hero of sorts. It another of my favorites the underwater world of the very playful
river otters that you can peek inside their world as they swim and play. These amazing creatures do flips and turns in the water that are truly wonderful to watch.
I have always love the otter since I have been in my late twenty's in college. When I lived in northern California in the Redwoods. I would go to the beach all the time with my dear Katie who is now my spirit dog when every I could to watch the otters at Trinida Beach near the Pier. They loved swimming around there. And I would see many times a mom with their pups too. However, there was the great Exxaon Oil Tanker that had spilled during that time which was heart breaking to see on the news.... And I had to do a drawing about something that truly sadden me and hurt the environment.
but that oil pasta painting I will only show if you want me too.
So on to the happy River otters of the Sequoia Park Zoo. An little history on how the Otters came to
the zoo, was around 2011 when they received the exciting news that they had been awarded the grant to proceed with the next stage of 'the foundations of the Native Predators exhibits in the form of the
Watershed Heroes project - the River otters! This project brought the River otter back to the zoo!
It is a wonderful exhibit for both child to adult meaning that it starts with an open space for children to play and to explore with a real watershed and investigate of the salmon images in the shape of a salmon run beneath the children feet. As you go forward there is a tumble of logs that looks like what would be a shelter for either river otters or a salmon run where they would have to jump over to spawn. To me it looked like a lot of drift wood make into a art piece and a waterfall coming down for the children to play and to learn too. It would have been great when my son was young. But even now at 16years old he enjoyed the underwater exhibit as you walk pass to where the otters are into a area made to look like how they live. the deep river part where you can see through which my son and my self loved. And the other part on the top that is dry for them to lay in the sun . I believe there was 4 otters ...And they come from the northern Coast.
My family and I had a wonderful time watching the otters at the zoo. And I believe the Birds and the Otters, Red Panda, a few barn animals were are favorites... Watching them swim around was so fun
I got some great photos and videos too. I will try to put the video's on too! if it does work I will put them on my G+ page. This was my vacation at the zoo with the River Otters
Love you Wendy...

I hope that you all enjoy the birds from the Zoo
as much as my family did...
I will be trying my best to add more post of my vacation
of the Zoo and other parts of my vacation too.
Love you all

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