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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Orange Dragons

Orange Dragons-
Represent vitality, movement and all forms of activity. The colours is good for sexual energy. The
same energy used to stimulated creativity. He rules the skin, reproductive organs, organs that are connected with movement of the body fluids that increase circulation to. 
This dragon moves about taking in the beauty of life surrounding him and blending into his surrounds and at other time will become part of nature.
The History of the Orange Dragon~
Orange dragons are one of those quite rare species of the dragon too. And they are quite a powerful breed which alot of folks may not know of this special quality about them. They have been know to even exist today but are well hidden.
They are a very wise and noble creature, that seek to maintain a perfect balance between good and evil and have deemed themselves protectors of this balance in the world. Although they are the most powerful dragons - They do not  boast about it! 

They prefer only to live peacefully in their Volcano lairs until the time comes when the balance is threatened - when this happens they will stop at almost nothing to restore Peace.
The life of the Orange Dragon~
`At birth, the orange dragons scales are dull yellow or a peach in color. They will turn to a dull orange at the end of the young age of the dragon and will turn the bright shiny orange once they have reach a young adult. 
The orange dragon can speak their own language plus 20% of of them will be able to communicate with any intelligent creature all over the world. 
Orange dragons will make heavy use of their magic talents in battle. Especially their elemental fire spell, but will usually begin combat by using their disintegration breath weapon to try and ward off their attackers and spare their lives, which has proven to be very effective tactic. 
Special Breath Weapon abilities~
Orange dragons have two breathe weapons~
1) A Cone of magma can get up to 80ft long - 10ft wide at the mouth of the dragon and 50 to 60 ft wide at the end of the breath. The magma expelled by the dragon will continue to burn for additional two to three rounds depending on the age of the dragon. 
2) The second breath weapon is ~  
a cloud of disintegration gas that is 50ft long - 40ft at the mouth and can spray up as high as 35ft - 50ft high. The cloud is a spell and its devastating effect of gas only to non - living tissue.
Orange Dragon's Lair~
The orange dragon's will almost always live in Volcano's. They preferred active ones over dead
ones. These dragons will usually create dozens of tunnels surrounding their volcano lair. A fair amount of these tunnels are most likely filled with molten lava. These dragons will horde their treasure there and will always magically protected their lair with a spell. It will also keep large lava flows in between the tunnels and in the lairs entrances. This is done so that no matter what direction you try to access the dragon's horde, you will need to bypass a large quantity of molten lava flow, this of course is usually more than enough to safeguard its treasure. 
Orange dragons are usually very protective of the lairs, but if there is no sign of an immediate threat or they hasn't been anything stolen they usually will allow the trespasser to leave. 
Orange Dragons Offspring~
 Orange's are excellent parents and are very protective of their young ones. They prefer for their
young to stay in their lair until they reach Jr. age. 
Friendless with other dragons~    
Oranges have a fondness for humans too - But not in the way that the Silvers and White dragons do.  But they do have a connection with humans, so you are probably wondering what they do with the humans? Well on rare occasions they have been known to take human riders and aide humans on adventures for a time if they deem their cause worthy and it doesn't upset the balance of the world.
Orange Dragons are very wise and live only to server the balance the earth.
I found the Orange dragon fascinating, when I first started to research the dragon I really didn't have any idea what the Orange dragon was about. I thought at first he was just a fiery dragon that loved to live in a volcanos and protect his treasure. Well I was way off as you all can see from what I've posted here.

I also found a very interesting bit of history about the Orange dragon that I would have never guess this to be true about the Orange Dragon, He has many similarity to the Chinese Orange Dragon. At a later date I might do another post of this similarity or just about the Chinese Orange Dragon.  
Note the amazing Photo's are not mind...
Do enjoy them though, they are quite beautiful! 
For my love of the Dragon!
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