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Friday, April 18, 2014

Water Faires around the World

Water Faires around the World
Water Fairy
 I have done many different fairies as of date. And there's still many fairies, that I have yet to find to write about for yu! This includes the beautiful Water Fairies. These fairies are usually depicted as beautiful
blue, white or transparent fairies with long flowing hair reminiscent of seaweed. However whilst all fairies
 then to be mischievous and the water fairies can be sometimes positively cruel. They have been known
to lure ships into dangerous seas and innocent men to a watery grave.
In the Greek lore, the fairies there is what they would call the Greek Siren. In the ancient times of the seas
were extremely dangerous and the life of a sailor or fisherman was a very lonely and hazardous one.
Water fairies are also often vain and enjoyed looking at their reflection in the water.
In some traditions they like to leave the water to visit local humans, sometimes to join in a party, at others
to ensnare a new victim. It is said that they can be recognised by their clothing which will always
remain damp.
Then there are the sea and river fairies of the Celtic.
Celtic Myth and folklore especially that of Ireland and sometime Scotland is very rich with supernatural
creatures and Fairies and Elves. Many of these are from ancient ancestry of long ago. Some say the the
Celtic Faeries were some of the first fairies and are still lives in some parts of Ireland and Scotland. These fairies are known as the Sidhe. 
Water Fairy
The Sidhe- The name Sidhe pronounced 'shee' refers to not one type of fairy, but to many different varieties of fairies. They are quite unlike our modern concept of a fairy. Although they vary considerably in appearance, the Sidhe are in general more like Tolkien elves than the Tinkerbell. It is said that the Sidhe are
Water Fairy
descended form the ancient race of Tuatha De Danann. These were the peoples of the Goddesses Danu who inhabited Ireland before the coming of man - the Gaels  sons of Mil, also known as the Milesians. They brought to Ireland four great treasures. These four great treasures were; 1.) The Dagda's Cauldron. 2.) The Spear of Lugh 3.) The Stone of Fal 4.) The Sword of Nuada. It was said in the legend of the Gaels, that they battled the Tuatha De Dann and forced them to retreat underground where they are believed to live in  hollowed out hills. The Sidhe are sometimes referred to as the people of the mounds. The Sidhe are also associated with metalwork and smithcraft as well as being the protectors of the hills and forests of Ireland. The Sidhe have various geographic tribes and are usually organised like an aristocratic court with a local king or queen.
Water Fairy 
There are many different types of the Fairy Sidhe with many shapes, sizes and powers too!
These include the daoine sidhe or daoine beaga as with so many of the Celtic Fae, they were rarely the diminutive winged creatures we imagine as fairies today.
Perhaps the most well known were the Welsh Gwragedd Annwn, of the Lake Maidens. Unlike many of the water fairies these were generally benevolent to humans. Another interesting variety of water fairy is the
Asrai. These are delicate creatures that can only exit in the water. If they are exposed to the air-for example when caught in a fishing net-the Asrai fairy will turn into a pool of water and slip away. Its easy to imagine a fisherman seeing something glittering beneath the surface of the water, only to find nothing there when the net is pulled up. Water fairies have also been associated with the changeling legend, which is the stealing of human children and taking them into the depths of the forests for their own.
As it goes for Water Fairies around the World, every body of water, from the smallest stream to the 
vast ocean, it has its own protective fairy, living below the surface being either good Fae or not so nice Fae. 
In Wales, fairy maidens called the Gwragedd Annwn dwell beneath the lakes, are exceedingly beautiful and occasional will venture ashore to take a male human lovers and husband to either, live on land and lake or to
Water Fairy
live under the lake. One such Lady of the Lake was called Vivienne or Nimue which appeared in the stories of King Arthur - Vivienne of the Lake had supplied King Arthur with his Excalibur the magical sword form the Other -world. The sea is as densely populated with fairies as any other place on Earth. In it s depths dwell mermaids and mermen, nymphs and other types of fairy creatures. 
These water spirits can control the weather and the water, raise storms, which can also have the power to cause shipwrecks or keep a ship safe too. In ancient times, it was the practice to placate the spirits of the sea with a sacrifice before setting out on a long voyage out to sea. Like all sea fairies they are personified as lovely and seductive also sometimes very treacherous too.These water spirit's can be either the well known mermaids which origins is the goddesses who rose from the sea, like Venus/ Aphrodite or even the fish tailed Atargatis and Derceto. The sea is associated with the Great Mother Goddesses whose names include Maia, Mary, Mara, Marian, Maria and Miriam; All these names are derived from a root word from the sea. 
Sea goddesses are usually also goddesses of love and the moon, drawing in the tides, rivers,
Jenny Greenteeth 
dew, fog, mists, and the flow of human life thru any type of water. Ancient mariners would have 
Jenny Greenteeth
a tattoo of a star to honour the Goddesses Benus as they steered by her Star. She was also the prototype of the huge sail ships figureheads. Some water fairies are unfriendly and very dangerous too.
Jenny Greenteeth lives in the River Ribble in Northern England. When green weeds are waving in the flowing waters, it is a sign that Peggy is lurking beneath the surface, ready to take another victim. She will haunt the stepping stones near Brungerley and every seven years she will claim a human life by grabbing some helpless
traveller and pull him beneath the water to drown him. Children are warned not to go near the water where this very unfriendly and dangerous fairy named Jenny Greenteeth lives, or if they do she will take them too.
Jenny Greenteeth is only one such fairy. There is much more to here story.. Which I do plan on doing more on her tale so please keep a look out for her post...Eh! hheheh. Another one is Peg Prowler who loves to haunt the River Tees. She is also green with long hair and sharp teeth too. If anyone wades anywhere near the water she will pull on their ankles then drags them down to their deaths. Peg O' Nell also demands the sacrifice of a life every seven years and will be satisfied with a small animal or even a bird, though if this is not offered she will! take a human life whether it be a child or adult human.
The Powers of Water
Water Fairy 
Water has often been considered to be actual living thing, or certainly to have the power of sustaining,bestowing and even restoring life as we know it. As well as being capable of taking it away too! Every ancient society honoring springs, water wells and water sources as sacred. The Celts and other sacrificed 
treasures of the lakes and river spirits. Rivers were worshiped by the Druids and were believed to each have 
their resident water spirits that required sacrifices to be made to them. The River Tweed is said to demand a 
yearly sacrifice, but the Till is more voracious. This is a poem of the River Tweed; 
Tweed says to Till,
'What gars ye Tin sae still?
Says Till to Tweed," 
'Though ye run Wi' speed, and I Tin slaw,
Whaurye droon ae man,
I droon twa'
Water Fairy 
Just as water takes the form of whatever it is poured into, the water faeries have the power to alter their shape to what ever shape they choose. If you anger them by polluting their water, they may appear as a hideous green toothed hags to drench you with a sudden storm, or even drown you beneath the crashing waves of either the ranging rivers or oceans . If they take a liking to you, they might appear as gorgeous golden haired youths or maids, wooing you with sweet fairy music. A 'protoype of water fairies is the Greek sea god Proteus , known as the Old Man of the Sea who is the most masterful at shapeshifter of all Nature. You may 
wonder why? Well its because he is able to assume any shape he desires. Most water fairies are said to be 
Water Fairy
shapeshifters, Perhaps because of the fluid and changeable nature of water itself, which is only given shape by the vessel that it holds it. Another item that Water is ruled by along with the water fairy is the moon. which pulls the ebb and flows of the tides and many water fairies are said to appear by moonlight. Under the full moon is the best time to contact them or even see them from a far. Our bodies too respond to the moons tides, as they are mainly made up of water too. We are influenced by the moons tides almost as much as are fairy friends. Lastly Water has healing powers;especially water that flows east to west is empowered by the rising sun at the vernal Equinox, May Day and Midsummer. Any stream that runs north to south has magick properties as does the place where the two streams meet, these were often the places for magic and otherworlds made contact. Pools and lakes are magick entrances to the other -world. Where three streams meet was always considered to be a especially potent place of magick where people would gather to drink the water as it would have strong magick properties
I hope that You all Enjoyed my post 
on the Water Fairies Around the World 
I am going to show some of the variety of water fairies 
that I found in this post at the end here 
love you all! 
My dear Friends and Followers 
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Water Faires  

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