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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ryujin Dragon God of Japan-

Ryujin Dragon God
of Japan

The Ryujin Dragon God of Japan, also known as "Owatatsumi' was the tutelary deity of the sea in 
Japaneses Mythology. A tutelary spirit or Paton deity, that served  as a guardian of, or entity to watch over
and protect the Japanese people. This Japanese dragon symbolized the power of the ocean, and had a huge mouth & was able to shape-shift into a human shape. Ryujin lived in his most beautiful palace under the sea, built out of red and white coral, from his palace Ryujin would control the ocean tides with his magick tide jewels. 
He had Sea turtles, rare and beautiful fish , and many different  jellyfish that were often his servants of this 

Ryujin the Dragon God was the father of the beautiful Goddess Otohime who married the hunter prince Hoori. The first Emperor of Japan. Emperor Jimmu, is said to have been a grandson of Otohime and Hoori's. 
Thus. Ryujin is said to be one of the ancestors of the Japanese imperial Dynasty. Ryujin was also called 
"Luminous Being' The Japanese dragon god of the sea. Living in Ryugu his palace at the bottom of the 
sea. The dragon daughter Otohime [Toyo-tame] was married to prince Hoori. The sea-king Ryujin God was 
depicted with a large mouth and Turtles are regarded as his messengers.

Toyotama-hime (japanese for Lumimous Jewel, also known as Otohime, is a goddess in Japanese mythology, and the daughter of Ryujin , the god of the sea, She married the hunter Hoori and gave birth to a son, who in turn produced Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan. After giving birth The Goddess turned to the dragon and flew away into the sea.

Whether it was because of his familial relation to the royal family or a patriotic loyalty, we will never know, because it was centuries ago. Also the fact that Ryujin was a fierce protector of japan.
According of legend, the Empress Jingu was able to carry out her attack into Korea with the help
of Ryujin's tide of jewels. Many centuries ago the Empress Jingo panned an invasion of Korea.

 The Great Ryujin god Dragon of Japan, many centuries ago, the Empress Jingo 
planned an invasion of Korea. She prayed to Ryujin and sent the beach God Isora to his temple. There he
was given the Tide Jewels for the empress. The Japaneses fleet then set sail toward Korea and the
Korean fleet sailed out to confront them. When she saw the approaching fleet, Jingo quickly threw the Low
Tide Jewel into the sea so that the tide receded at once and the Korean fleet was beached. The Koreans all 
Jumped out of their ships onto the mudflats, but at that moment the empress threw the High Tide Jewel and a tidal wave drowned the men. The tidal wave carried the Japanese fleet on to the coast, into the harbor and to victory. 
Later Ryujin personally presented the Tide Jewels, on a beautiful pink shell, to Prince Ojin. Empress Jingo's son. 
As annual festival, called Gion Matsuri, at Yasaka Shrine Celebrates this legend. "Dragon God Faith" is also a form of Shinto religious belief that worships dragons as water kami. It is connected with their agricultural rituals, rain prayers and the success of fishermen of Japan.
 The Ryujin Dragon is also connected with the peoples agriculture's because of it's characteristic's as a water kami. Prayers for rain were performed at the rivers, swamps, ponds and deep pools which were regraded as the abodes of the Ryujin. Agricultural rituals, such as prayers for rain and rope pulls  were carried  out 
using a straw rope shaped like a serpent-like dragon.
As a water kami, Ryujin was connected with the kami of thunder, who brings fourth rain and lighting. 
It was thought that a tornado occur when the Dragon Kami ascended from heaven. Further more, umi no kami [kami of the sea), thought to reside on the other side of the ocean and to rule over the sea, is connected with water kami belief and is frequently used as a synonym of The Dragon God Ryujin. Fishermen will pray
to the dragon kami for an abundant catch and calm seas. They will carry out festivals for the Dragon God Ryujin, and celbrate as the kami of the sea and the kami of the dragon palace. These festivals are called 
Isomatsuri -meaning beach festival. and Shiomatsuri- meaning tide festival.  
The people of japan with their strong belief of the magical powers of the Dragon God of the Ocean gives them all hope and in some way that from their actions they are calming the serpent of the sea so that they will have plenty of good food /fishing for centuries to even today.
I hope you Enjoy my
 New for the love of the Dragon!
The Ryujin Dragon God of Japan...
Your Wendy- loveyou all!! :o)

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