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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Green Man

Green Man-
I thought I would go back to my Love of the Celtic World with the Legend of the Green Man.
I hope that you all will find this post interesting too my dears friends and followers too. The
Green Man has many different legends but, what I have found mostly about him was he was a
pagan deity who roam the woodlands of  the British Isles and all of Europe. He usually is
depicted as a horned man peering out of a mask of green foliage, of the sacred Oak Tree ( As I have said
many times the Oak trees are sacred to the Fairies and many of the Magick Creatures of the enchanted world). It is said that the Green Man is know by other name such as 'Green Jack, 'Jack-in-the-Green, Green George are just a few. He represents the spirit of the trees, plants and all foliage of the woods and forests and is believed to have rain making powers to foster livestock with lush meadows and valleys too.
The Green Man is frequently depicted in medieval art, which includes church decorations too. He is called
Green George mostly in the spring Pagan rites and is represented by a young man dressed head to toe in
greenery, who will lead the festival procession. Sometimes in other festivals the Green Man is called a effigy of him and is drunken in a river or pond to ensure that there will be enough rain to make the meadows,valleys, and forests are green. It is also believed by some that the Green Man shares an affinity with the forest-dwelling fairies since green is the fairy color. In some of the British Isles the fairies are called 'Greenies or Greencoaties'. In this myth of the Fairy Children they will appear as two fairy children - a brother and a sister who have green skin and claim to be a race with green skin.
There's one thing that I've already learned from this post and that is about the colour Green! I had
know idea that the colour green has been known through the ages as the colour for the Fae...
It is said that Green was so universally recognized as the colour of the Fae, that many in Scotland
refused to wear the the colour on any of their clothing, because it might invite anger or curse from the Fae
folk on their families down thought the generations of Scotland. I don't know if Ireland felt the same or if the Britain's were also the same about the colour Green but it sure is interesting.  What the Scott's were commonly worried about were the Fairies called the 'Greene's and 'Greencoaties. These were the common
euphemisms used in Britain for the Fae.
Green was a color shunned by many as also being associated with the evil fairies and witches? But Why GREEN? I asked this question too while doing this post. It didn't make much since to me because in my mind GREEN IS THE COLOUR ASSOCIATED WITH NATURE, MOTHER GAEA, MOTHER EARTH, RIPENING OF LIFE, FERTILITY, FORESTS, WOODS, MARSHES ETC.. SO WHY? I HAD TO FIND OUT. From what I discovered at least in this information that was saying that the colour green was that of shunned to be with the evil fairies and witches (and witches are not evil in my opinion).

The reason I found was during the formation of Christianity when it first came about in the very
very early days Christianity came to man. To them, nature was seen to exist for the pleasure and consumption of man It was a thought that put fear into many which later on, gave nature the view point as being evil. And anything associated with nature was seen in a similar way. That green
represented the power and fertile life of nature slowly came to be associated with evil, and thus Pagan, forms
bent on the torment of mankind. Thus fairies, who were mischievous entities of the underworld, and part of the old race which inhabited many parts of the world prior to man's arrival, became if not outright evil, close
relatives of evil. I don't really believe all of what the early Christian's said or believe but its interesting read and kinda said what humans did in the early beginning of our mother earth Gaea. Its a wonder that the fairies hide from all of Us! But over the years they have discovered that we are all aren't kind are for-fathers...
But over the decades the colour green has become a symbolic as well as with the symbolism of new
growth and the greenness and its association with the fairies. But it is also this very link that mankind has lost over the centuries which has been re-established through the Green Man, the Wild Huntsman and other legends to connect with our Fae people... I myself really don't know if it will every be truly the same and if the trust will ever be regain again. But they are out there and slowly gaining new trust will a hand full of humans like all of you that have started to believe and have a kind heart for the Fae.
The Green Man is typically about a human size, though when they are older with all the greater elements connections of weather over many many years of protection of the forests they can be much smaller in stature. Their skin is always green though the shades of green may vary, and they are always covered head to toe even sometimes the face and hands in green foliage. The plant covering is commonly leaves,
with the occasional thorns, vines, roots or even petals too. Their eyes are always green or some earth tone
color like that of brown tones or gray. And naturally, a green Mans hair is always some shades of green.
That's is if they have hair. It is not uncommon to see the hair of a hehehee Going in their bathing suit!
Green Man replace by leaves, and occasionally thorns, vines roots. In additional a  Green Man can sometime be seen with branches protruding from their bodies; they may even have a pair of branches growing from his forehead to resemble a pair of antlers. What they ware as clothing is only leaves, branches, roots petals and other plant matter for clothes or if they decided to even wear clothes at all Eh!
A Green Man's mannerisms can vary just as any creature of the woods.  Some of these Green Men are quite philosophical and very soft-spoken, fond of poetry and literature; others are hearty and very stubborn, fond of sports and rough-housing; others are very flamboyant and charismatic, with a flair for the dramatic and still other can be very loud, outspoken and quick-tempered, easily prone to violence or even mischief too. There is one personality trait that always remains the same with all the Green Men personality's and that is their deep love and respect for every aspect of Nature. The Green Man is deeply passionate for the great outdoors and the wilderness is their favorite place to live and explore.
They deeply relish in climbing the trees, swinging on branches or vines, hiking, climbing mountains, roaming in
the meadows and valleys, swimming and being around animals too. These Green Men will even make their homes in the tree tops, in the middle of branches or even in a large-enough hollow. And they defend the wood  of their forest fiercely, especially their home tree. They often feel the need to personally deal with any who will defile it with littering their forest, out of control fires , deforestation or the like of both.
They are very much a solitary creatures.
Well I hope that you have Enjoyed this Post on the 
Green Man. It was interesting for myself And 
I hope to find more stories for you all 
To Read Too
I love you all very much!
My dear Friends & Follower
Your Wendy 
Much love to You all!

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