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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Purple Dragons

Purple Dragons

Are also known as Deep Dragons. Possibly because they are the least known of all the dragon family.  Most surface creatures have no knowledge of the existence of the Purple dragons. 
LifeStyle of the Dragon~ 
Many of those that have heard of these mysterious dragons of the deep earth dismiss such stories as myth or misconception. After all these dragons live deep in the depths of underground caverns and caves that no human or even the most experienced explorers have been in. They say that it is hard to say in the whether the purple dragons scales are either dark purple or black when they are so far in the underground of our earth. Although, the Black dragon is rarely found that far as the purple dragon so if you happen to come across a dragon deep in the earth an a unexplored cavern or deep hollow of some uncharted part of some mountain caves you could be sure that you would probably find the purple dragon if you see a lean but enormous body.

They have deep purple to midnight black scales. They find themselves to be the lords of all dragonkind believing themselves arisen and very intelligent too. These dragon are the ancients of their kind - It is reported that these Purple dragon of the deep will reach to some age's of over 3,000 years and some have live for centuries more.
It is said in the since the Purple dragon is so rare that when one dies that, any creature that could be sleeping within the vicinity ever afterward has fierce nightmares.
The Purple Dragon's Breath weapon can take on three different forms: 1) It can manifest as a cone of
searing energy 2) It can be a burst of blinding power 3) Lastly It can be a deadly blade of pure energy.  
Purple dragons live in caves, caverns, subterranean vaults and the Underdark regions-

Underdark-  The Underdark is one giant cavern, under the earth as we know and the surface elves. This one enormous cavern is rather many giant networks of caves and caverns. From what I've 
discovered,  it is not really possible to travel from one end to the other of the Underdark.
It is divided  into several domains that are similar to the continents of the world above the surface. While it isn't possible to travel from one end to the other of the entire cavern of the Underdark, It is possible to travel from one place to another within a domain. However separate  domains tend to have very few passages linking to them. There are major domains within the Underdark which I may cover as another topic in my blog at a later time. But I just wanted to give you a idea of the realm of the underdark in which the Purple dragon dwells and the drow.  

Where they remain safe from the sunlight - Which is harmful to them. You would probably never see a purple dragon in the daylight.
The only time that you might  ever get a glimpse of a Purple Dragon would be late at night, so you can his scales shimmer in the moonlight. But this would even be a rare but fantastic thing to see. Because they rarely ever come out of their enormous caverns onto the surface. So I give you the question? These fabulous ancient Creatures on the night? Who have lived for centuries - Do you still think there may be some hiding deep in our earth in uncharted caves, caverns and subterranean vaults or tunnels within the depths of the earth? 

The Purple Dragon can hear distant noises transmitted through the depths of the rocks and soils. They are accustomed to the ways of the sound - distorting depths of the deep earth. A deep dragon /purple dragon can catch the sound of the nearest cave cricket skittering up a wall on the far-side of the vast cavern in the depths of the enormous earth.

History of the Purple Dragon~ Because the Purple Dragon love to Explore - they can stray from
their own permanent Lair for great lengths of time. This could be up to 1,000 years sometimes. The older purple dragon with sufficient resources will seek ancient scrolls that will allow him to travel quickly between their lair and the frontiers of their subterranean expeditions. 
A Purple Dragon permanent lair is kinda like a honeycomb of rocky hollows connected by narrow winding tunnels. Many of the tunnels lead to dead end or elaborate traps set by the Purple Dragon. These traps that the dragon had set require a real fest of exploration for anyone new to the lairs to find their way out - that is if they find they're way out of an Purple Dragon lair , which is highly unlikely. 
I has been said that some Purple make their lair's in the highly structures of the previous Underdark residents, that is if the chambers and the connecting hallways are elaborate and fancy enough for the deep dragons taste. 
As far as the type of treasure the Purple dragon like it is a bit different than your typically dragon you could say. 
They like wealth and treasure but to them the treasure is rare maps and cartographic tools, especially tool with magic enhancements. The purple dragon also will prize items that allows them to withstand the effect of warm regions, which they encounter more often as they penetrate the deeper regions of the Underdark. ( As I had said before when I was talking about the Underdark it has many beautiful cities and regions within the vast underground.)
A purple dragon is a talented manipulator of other creatures. It can achieves control through lies,

misdirection, and direct mental domination. He might even seek control for the sheer delight in bandying its powers about. Other times he might desire a to form a bulwark of allies and thralls for security. An there is his curiosity about newly discovered tunnels & crevices that may lead to unknown areas deeper in the earth below, for which he would recruit bands of disposable explorer's   who would be useful in discovery purposes. But after as a good dinner! 
As much as The Deep Dragon enjoys controlling other creatures, what they most love is the thrill of exploration even more! I bet you would never of guess this in a dragon! Well dragons are very intelligent and smart creatures. In my opinion , I believed that this particular Dragon the Deep Dragon /Purple Dragon are still around but are deep in the depths of the earth hiding for our society of imperfect humans. 
Back to their love of exploration - The Purple Dragon feel that the surface of the globes of
exploration in next to nothing compared to the deep volume of the worlds interior, a space containing orders of magnitude and more possibility's of discovery of old ancient scroll and maps.
The Deep Dragon feel with such a vast space and wonderful mysteries in the depths of the earth, there is much more that awaits for discovery in the dark earth than the surface explores new lands. 
Whether the Purple dragon follows their ancient calling or the call in their blood,
 the Deep dragons/Purple dragons will always be in delight in exploration of discovery of mysteries in  the depths of the earth of treasures of ancient scrolls and maps than any other of their own kind. 
Especially if that exploration leads to a deeper into the earth - They relish the discovery of these place's even more because never\ before has it been Trod upon by any creatures or visited for centuries. 
Interesting Fact ~
In fact Purple/Deep dragons have allied with disparate allies & groups of drow many times over the
centuries. Purples have also allied with the undead sometimes laying clutches of eggs with wraith or shadow nearby to watch over the hatcheries of their own. 
This is another favorite of my love for the DRAGON!
I hope that you all enjoyed this new blog on another
beautiful Dragon too!
Please take note at the beautiful images!
They aren't mind. But the Artist are Amazing how
they have depicted these pic's...

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