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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smiley, The Blind Therapy Dog

Smiley, The Blind Therapy Dog~ 
that Lives up to his Perfect Name~
Good day my dear friends and followers, I found a lovely story for you all that will just make you smile no matter how bad of day you might have had. I even had a smile when I found this story. This is another of my AnimalFriends stories for you all and I hope that you all will enjoy the story. So have a sit with your favorite drink coffee or tea and let me tell you about Smiley the Blind Therapy dog. I found out that Smiley is a 12-year old Golden Retriever that was born with a rare condition that is linked to dwarfism that has given a few disabilities. In the addition of being born without eyes which left him with physical disproportions and his over sized teeth and his eye sockets that were sewn shut to prevent infections when he was a puppy has hence made him look like he's always smiling. That's how Smiley got his name. Smiley was
rescued in 2004 from a puppy mill by Joanne George. Smiley new owner, that rescued him has made Smiley and their family very happy. And Smiley is very happy in his new home plus he is a therapy dog is Stouffville, Ontario. So it was a happy day for both Joanne and Smiley back in 2004 twelve years ago. How in 2015 Smiley is getting so much love, support and from that
love and support he is giving back However, smiley had a very rough beginning when he was born in a crowed barn with more than 100+ other puppy's and dogs, and had a hard time even surviving during that time because of his disability. Probably hence no one wanted him in the puppy mill because of this disability. So in the early day of his life they weren't so happy. 

At the time when the puppy mill was heard about and then went under investigation for the very poor living conditions of the animals, there were many veterinary technicians who were working within the area. And lots of them Volunteer their services. There was one Vet. Technician that was there at the puppy mill helping the animals; where she found smiley. When she had found the pup, his ears were split and he had fresh wounds on his face. Along with Smiley, She took 10 other puppy's with her so they could be placed in homes. Joanne [was the Veterinary technician that found smiley at the puppy mill] was able to find homes for all the 10 puppies she brought home, however Smiley was a little more difficult.
The puppy would hide under tables and cower at strange sounds. But after 6-months of being  very patience with the puppy, Joanne realized smiley was the best with her! She had a Great Dane that would help smiley come out of his shell and gain confidence too. Smiley would begin to gauge his surroundings based off the energy of others and his best buddy the Great Dane.
Today the 12-year old golden retriever works at an Canadian first aid training organization, where he has become adaptive and versatile therapy dog and works with largely with children.
I have also put the link where I found this beautiful story so you can find out more about smiley if you wish.
So basically this is one of those happy AnimalFriend tales or stories that I love to share. I hope that you all love the story as much as I my dear Friends and Followers. From what I guess from this tale;  Joanne says smiley is moving a bit slower these days , however he came on her first date and he was the ring bearer at her wedding. Also when Joanne was pregnant with her first child, Smiley was with her every moment that he could help. Basically they saved each other. SMILEY HAS CHANGED THE LIVES OF HUNDREDS OF OTHER MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. HIS FUR MAY BE GETTING A LITTLE WHITER AND HIS STEPS MAY BE GETTING A LITTLE SLOWER BUT HIS TAIL WILL NEVER STOP WAGGING. 
Well I hope that you Enjoyed 
this story AnimalFriends of my Joy of


 Animals I love you all very much 

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