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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Unari Elves-2013

The Unari Elves
These Elves are quite unique. They are a mix of the elf and the magic of the Unicorn, who's origins
are attributed to divine interventions. 
They share the elfin passion for song, dance and poetry, as well as maintaining close ties to their woodland heritage with the animal. The Unari Elves are a peaceful clan of elf's but not pacifists and will take up arms to protect those things that they hold dear to them.
Personality ~
The Unari Elves are a passionate race and are born performers. They like to do nothing better than to entertain an audience and move others elves or humans to the point to great emotion. They are far more excitable than their cousin elfin and are nearly always the eternal optimists. They know only selflessness and have a very giving soul.
A Unari Elf companion would not hesitate to sacrifice himself/herself or and Innocent and would travel to the next life with a contented smile in his/her face to help this person in need.
Physical ~
The Unari Elves are not much taller than their elfin cousins . They typically stand about 5' to 6' tall
and weight up to 135-pound to 250-pounds.
The Unari Elf male are noticeably larger than the female and both sexes are covered from Head to hoof in very soft white fur. Their hair is typically ranges in hues from silver to white to gold. Most all Unari Elves kept their hair in long flowing manes. Men usually have short beards on their faces-
A Unari elves legs are jointed just like that of a horse and move and like that of a horse too.  
Yet their face is similar to that of all the elfin cousin's. 
Though, their faces are a little bigger & longer than most elfin clan's, they still have the same pointed
ears and facial features as their cousins. They also have a ivory horn that projects from their forehead that is no more than 3 inches long, but this all depends on how old they will get. Some Unari elf's  can grow ivory horns to great lengths, it just depends on their heritage of the Divine origins of the Unicorns and how long the elf will live. The Unari foals mature at the age 60-years old and can life quite long into many centuries depending on their life-style and environmental conditions.
 They take great care in their grooming skills over the hundreds of centuries. These Unari elves have been known to live very long and happy lives due to their good grooming skills of caring for their ivory horn and the beautiful white, silver or gold flowing manes that they constantly brush and keeping their tails braided and clean. They are even known among the kin to be particular about grooming and keeping their manes and tails very clean and always braided neatly. They also enjoy clothing that is very loose and has flowing lines. This is probably do to the fact that they are half horse/unicorn. They also like bright and cheerful colors too.  
Relationships ~
The Unari elves get along well with all elf's and can be usually found among them for they are highly
valued as performers and entertainers.
These Elves and half elves share a certain bond for they are both half-breeds. They suffered the same predigest as it is still in the year how 2013- 
I found the Unari Elves fascinating and so refreshing. It was wonderful to find these elves that were both a peaceful, passionate, love of song - dance and poetry. And that they are a kinda divine elfin clan you might say..  In the earlier part of the blog I've mention that they are very selflessness and  giving souls . And would give their live freely to save another whether it being elfin or human.

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