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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Enchanted Tree

Enchanted Tree
Written by Wendy Yukihiro
   There once was a young boy Kai who love playing outside in his large backyard. In the center of the yard was an enormous tree with twisted ivy that crawled all around the base of the truck. The ivy crawled all the way up to the huge branches above. It was a grand old oak which had been in the family for centuries. Kai loved climbing the grand old tree because it was easy to climb with all its twisted branches at the lower part at the base of the tree. There was an old step ladder that was nailed into the tree, but Kai only used it when he wanted to get to the higher branches, which was quite rare.
Kai found plenty to do with the lower branch's and all the thick ivy. No one ever noticed the small opening at the base of the tree. Probably because it was covered most of the time with the thick ivy. The ivy would only open up the area where the small opening was once a century to the family members of the old Oak. And it was upon that year.
One hot summer afternoon Kai noticed there was some
movement in the Ivy...
     It was late in the day and Kai was having a snack under his favorite tree in the backyard. He always had his favorite toy that, he called blue monkey. Kai noticed something move  within the base of the tree. So he decided to investigate. Kai grabbed his blue monkey under his arm and headed toward the thickly covered Grand Oak.
     At first Kai didn't see anything but thick layers of ivy, but out of the corner of his right eye he saw something move. He headed toward the movement in the ivy. To his surprise, there was a small opening in the bottom of the tree. It was just big enough to crawl through. With blue monkey tucked under his arm Kai crawled inside the small opening to see what could be inside. Once Kai was completely inside, the openly disappeared.
     The moment he entered it felt like a small space with not much room. Suddenly, Kai could feel  a cool breeze whizz by his face. He discovered that the inside wasn't as small as he thought it was. In fact it was quite an large space inside the old Oak Tree! The surrounding walls were as smooth as glass. Everything glistened and shimmered. Kai thought he might be in a mysterious ice castle that had been hidden there for Thousands of years. Well he didn't know this but he was far from the truth. Kai touched the glassy walls just because he was so curious. They felt very cold and almost wet. Suddenly something was moving beyond the glassy walls. Startled, Kai asked out load, “What's that?”
     Kai, still holding his favorite friend under his arm was a bit frightened by the hold experience, but just when Kai's anxieties went rapidly in a state of dread a bright green door appeared with beads of water dripping down from it. Kai's curiosity got the best of him, so he decided to have a closer look. When Kai step toward the bright green door, he felt a fine mist of water.
     He stood there for a few minutes enjoying the cool misty water that was spraying on his face. Kai thought he heard an eerie sound coming from the odd door. Kai being the curious boy that he was reach for the strange doorknob.
“It won't open,”thought Kai, twisting the doorknob back and forth.
     Then Kai saw a golden key stuck up on the wall. There were some words next to it. But it seemed they were in some ancient language. The words were engraved on a solid golden plate.

                      Key Given to Children Only

     Kai decided to give the key a try anyway,so he reached for the key and it slide quickly into his hand. It seemed heavy and fit snugly as he put it into the glowing key hole. The door almost immediately began to glow brilliantly as Kai turn the golden key. As he turned the key, his hand began to slip through the door even though it was still close!
     Kai was being pulled through this strange door by some unseen energy force. This seemed terrifying for some, but for some reason Kai didn't feel nervous or even afraid. Kai felt cool and wet like he was inside a waterfall. He realized he was underwater. How could this be, Kai thought to himself. He wasn't a very good swimmer. Besides, “How are we going to breath in here?”
     Bubbles were coming from his mouth and nose. Kai soon realized that he cold breath quite well underwater. By chance Kai had put his hands on his neck, when he did he discovered he had two small gills on either side of his neck below each ear. This startled Kai but at the same intrigued his curiosity to what was going to happen next? Kai didn't realize that his favorite toy blue monkey wasn't tucked under his arm anymore. He was to busy enjoying this new enchanted world of water. Kai started to swim, which he was amazed he could do. This was really the first time he actually could swim and he was swimming in what looked to be deep water. As Kai continued to swim along, he started to notice that he wasn’t alone. There were many different kinds of strange and creepy looking creatures swimming within only a few yards away from him. As soon as these peculiar sea creatures came, they all vanished in the forest of deep seaweed that was about a half a mile from him. Kai was very relieved, but he was still curious what else he might encounter.
     Suddenly Kai was surrounded by a huge cluster of iridescent jellyfish that were floating all around him. These eerie jellyfish had very long flowing tails that were pure white but their bodies were glowing colors of deep blues and greens. They were bouncing off him like colorful balloons. Then Kai saw something he thought could never be! In the middle of the cluster of jellyfish was Blue Monkey!
His favorite toy had actually turned into a real monkey and was swimming around the jellyfish. His friend, was now Real  and was having a great time swimming with some new sea creatures that he had made. It was all Kai could do to keep up with his new friend. Kai, watch his new friend blue monkey for awhile. First he watch him swim to the bottom where there were these huge red starfish crawling over the most colorful coral. There were funny little clams that were very busy wiggling about in the white sands and graceful dolphins gliding by, looking amused at Blue Monkey. I don't think they have ever seen a monkey swimming about in their ocean before.
     Two Large golden seahorses appears and slowly floated down in front of Kai. The water around them looked like liquid gold. They both had big smiles on their faces.  
“Want to come along for a ride? We will take you on a great journey to the Emerald Castle. Your little Monkey can come too!”
     At that very moment Blue Monkey appeared, jumped on one of the fancy golden saddles that were on the back of the Seahorses and said, “Jump on the other one Kai. I'm ready to check out that Castle. How about you?”
“You can talk, you are real. This place is Awesome!”
“Yes. I'm Real Kai. Now lets go.”
     Kai and Blue Monkey looked at each other, nodded yes and as Kai jumped on the other Seahorse they heard a voice say, “Hold on tight boys, Here we go!”
     Kai and Blue Monkey were strapped in their saddles with golden ropes. They were going very fast, so fast that water bubbles were pasting their faces making them squeal and laugh. Soon they came upon a large group of Sea lions.
“Look Monkey, I think they're looking at us. They are doing somersaults and back flips too. That looks like a lot of fun. How about we go over they and give it a go.”
     Just then one of the Sea lions stopped by, swimming about and then asked, “ Wanta try a black flip or a somersault with us?” 
“Sure! Kai jumped off his golden seahorse to give it a try. He found it to be quite easy to do. He watched Blue Monkey jumped off his seahorse to joy in on the fun, but when he tried lets just say he wasn't as skilled in doing water somersaults. Poor Monkey would ended upside down with his feet kicking as fast as he could. He was going nowhere. Although many of the sea lions were gently nudging and trying to help him over and over. By saying, “Lets try again,” and the sea lions would say, “Follow me.”
     This time Monkey would be able to do the most difficult somersaults and back flips without getting stuck upside down. It was great fun having his favor toy now his live friend a real monkey and a enchanted world of water where both he and Monkey could swim together with all the fun creatures of the sea.
     The were having such a great time that neither of them noticed that they were being watched by two enormous eyes. About ten feet from them was a forest of seaweed, which was off a deep cavern. The cavern was a least 10,000 feet in depth. In the thick seaweed was the two large eyes that were watching Kai and Monkey.
Behind those large eyes was an massive great white whale. The whale was enchanted. This meant she could turn invisible if she wished and all you would see is her luring blue eyes.
     Suddenly all the Sea lions scattered and Kai and Monkey noticed the enormous forest of seaweed. There was movement within the vast stalks of the seaweed which made the two friends a little nervous.  

“Don't be frightened,” said the Seahorse,” It's our Queen, the Great White Whale. She won't hurt you .In fact if you show her kindness she might bring you to the Emerald Castle.”

“Really!” that would be so cool,” said Kai.

     Out of hiding came Snowflake. The monstrous yet kindly whale smiled at them. She was beautiful against the deep blue salt water. Kai and Monkey smiled back, as friendly as they could, they were just a bit nervous still. Even thought they were told they had no reason to be afraid. Then in a quiet but deep voice the Magick creature spoke.

“So I've heard that you two would like to come to my Castle and come to visit. It's a very special place, deep within my ocean here in the Enchanted seas. I haven't seen a child in these seas in almost 100-years. Its is quiet delightful that the 
Oak Tree still opens her door to those who are special and                                                                                                         still have the gift of imagination. That door you found young man doesn't open to just anybody, it chooses who may come into my world. So it is nice to meet you Kai and of course Monkey. You two will be my honored guests at my castle tonight.”

“Lead the way! “said Kai.

“Jump on your Seahorses and follow me, “roared Snowflake.

     As Snowflake turned her huge body around and started swimming away. Both Kai and Monkey jumped onto their golden saddles and head after the beautiful white whale. They quickly caught up with Snowflake and were right next to one of her large blue eyes. As they swam along one of her eyes wink at them. This startle them both and they almost fell off their Seahorses, but they hung on. It wasn't long before they saw a green glow in the distance. Soon the green glow began to take shape. It was a stunning glass castle with hundreds of 
diamond shaped window. The windows were flooded with a brilliant green glow, that made the surrounding coral below seem to dance. Snowflake guided them into an enormous double gate at the front entrance of the castle. As they approached the two gates slowly started to open. There was a very handsome merman on either side of the gates. They were starting to enter when the castle and Kai noticed a soft blue light that was coming from inside. He was so curious what they were going to see when they enter the castle. Suddenly Kai heard a faint voice calling him.

“Kai, where are you?”

     Kai didn't know quite what to do. He wasn't ready to go home yet. They were almost inside the Enchanted Castle, but he knew that his mother calling him.

“You must go home now,”

“But how? And why Snowflake? I didn't get to see your Castle! I so much wanted to see it and I know Monkey did too.”

“You can come again another time and getting home will be easy.”

“Ok, but how?” asked Kai.

“Take out the golden key that you have in your pocket,” said Snowflake.

     Kai dug into his pocket and took out the key. It shimmered with flakes of colors of gold and many others in the water.

“As you can both see, said Snowflake, “this golden key is very special, Only children can use it. When return to your tree in the backyard put it back where you found it. The next time you want to use it the key will take you to a different place.”

“Can I come back to see you again?asked Kai.

"Of course, but you must say a special rhyme.”

“Its easy to remember”, said Snowflake.

“All You have to say is...”
“Magic key in my hand,
Let me visit Magicland.
A Great White whale friend is she,
who lives far beneath the sea.”

“I will remember.”

     And with the golden key in his hand he closed his eyes, picture the great oak tree in his backyard, but before he did all that, he gave a hug to Snowflake and Monkey. Because who knows if he will get back to this in enchanted world.

     Then as quickly as he got to the Magick world he was back in his backyard. With his Mother waiting for him on the back porch and the golden key was still in his Hand!

I hope that you all Enjoyed
My Story Enchanted Tree.. 
It is was inspired by my son when he
was a young boy. 
YOUR WENDY Huggsssss
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