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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Think like a Hummingbird-

Think like a Hummingbird-
Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating and flashy fliers you'll ever see. ´¯) ¸.☆´¯) 
(¸☆´ (¸.´´¯`•.¸¸.☆
☆• ☆...ŁƗǤĦŦ & ŁØV€☆ • ☆ 
I've loved hummingbirds for a very long time now. And I've had an wild humminbird that has lived on my porch for the last 7years. Did you know that hummingbirds can live up to 17years of age! And if you want to attract them and keep them coming around like myself, you might not be sure how to get started. After all, there's  so much info out there. This I do know! And It can be a little overwhelming what to do and what things you should do?
So I thought I would provide a little inside on these amazing tiny feathered gems."(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●c
Here is a little bit of my own advise on my own 
Rosy! I hope this will help you All!
1-Use the colour red! It really does work! In north America, the flowers are best adapted for these feathered gems pollination that are bright red blooms with a tubular shape. Of course that isn't always the rule, there is also the Red Bee Balm too. I have found over the 7years of growing these beauties that the hummingbirds of the north American cant' stay away form them when the bloom starts in late summer to ending in late october. These Bee Balms [which come also in other colorus too like that of white, pink, purple, lavender and many others], can grow to be 6  feet tall on thin stakes
Hummingbirds will instinctively watch and look for Red things and investigate them too!
Even research has seen these gems  make detours to check out the tail-lights of parked cars and even someones sunburned nose! Theres no question that planting Red flowers will help bring these gems into your garden.
2-We don' t need Fancy Food in the Feeders. I am sure you all have seen in the stores, in hte plant department for birds/hummingbirds where they actually sell hummingbird food. Well, there are companies that sell hummingbird nectar, but please don't buy it. And don't ever use it for you tiny feathered gems. I have never used the stuff! Myself. You see, If you look on the ingredities it will say bad red dyes and other kinda chemcials that are in the mix. What you can do which is much is much healther and i find easier  is just make your own like I have for years!
Hummingbird food-
Measure out: 1 part [cup]white sugar to 4parts[cups]water.
mix it thouroughly.then boil the mixture for at least 1min. 
This will remove all the impurities it might have in there, plus it will keep longer too! and not spoil. 
When the mixture cool what i have done is put it in either plastic or glass container and the put in the refrigergtor and this will keep even longer until you need it. 
Note; NEVER! add HONEY! to your mixture it will very much harm your wild hummingbirds. and no red food coloring either the clear works just fine.. I can promise you that!
3-Keep it Clean. What I mean from this! Your Feeders! You have to keep an eye on the sugar water that is in your feeders for growing Mold! Why!f Because mold can be very dangerous to your featherous gems.
If you are going to put our feeders it is essential that you keep the clean and to replace the food mixture regularly. In hot weather I would change you feeders at least 1-week. In the cold times of the year I would do it when the mixture starts to look cloudy. What you want is the nice clear clean look. Thats why you don't use Red Dye. [Note; I know in one of my older posts I used to use the red food coloring but i have since know better not to use it and that  is why I am re-doing this post]
4-Always put your feeders out where you hummingbirds cand find them! Hummingbirds are always looking for some kinda food source and when the winter comes depending on where you live, in resent years I have noticed hummingbirds have stoped the huge migrtion to the south and have deciede to stay behind at theyre summer homes even in the coldest winters. This would be many of the peoples homes of backyards and lotsssssssssssssss! of apts porchs like myself! So What you should do is find the plastic sort of humming feeders with red on them and these work great during these months. 
5-Sty alert and be Patient. If you are a first time hummingbird watcher and putting an feederin your backyard home or apt porch. Hummingbirds are quite amazing creatures and they will find your feeders . Just watch and see. It may only take a few days. They  may zip up to the feeders for a quick slip, many times before you ever catch them in the act. But keep watching you will love it as much as myself. When I started over 7years ago. And now I have a wild hummingbird that talks back to me called Rosy.. If you have a look in other much older post you might find an image of her I have taken many images of her. I hope to show her again. 
I hope that you all like my post and it will help you all find you hummingbirds . love you alll so very much. my dears -ooooxxx) Your Wendy. With love and joy my dear Friends and Followers.
Life is grand ~ooo) .*¨*•.¸¸ ? Ş€ŇĐƗŇǤ ŁØV€ 
...............(¯`V´¯)& ĦỮǤǤŁ€Ž
.........*"˜?~.)/*?.¸¸ ...


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