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Saturday, December 12, 2015

TreeFolk Urban Legend

TreeFolk Urban Legend
I have another great urban legend for you all my dear friends and 
followers. So Welcome to my humble blog and to the TreeFolk. It is said in the fairy community, all trees are truly magical and sacred to them. However, not all trees are sentient. In fact, only a few are found to be. These are the mythical Treemen/Treewomen. Treefolk, as they are called, can take on a humanoid shape and move around short distances from their tree, or in extreme cases, uproot & use their roots as a shuffling form of locomotions of walking. In their humanoid form, Treefolks are often described as resembling their tree---so that an apple treewoman might have green hair and brownish skin while an elder treeman might have eyes as purply black as berries. They can have trunk like legs, great branches for their arms and have wood for their skin.
An obvious expression on the Treefolk will compose of knotholes and strange permutations of the bark, is a sign that the tree many contain a spirit. Also, checking around prominent trees for their roots that are above ground; loose dirt or overturned moss are clear indicators that a TreeFolk was about.  Another Magical thing about these treefolks is they are more likely to grow in the center of fairy rings, to be a lone tree on a hillside or the oldest tree in a grove to grow beside a welling spring too. And lastly, they can be one of two intertwined trees or even up to five intertwined trees.
Some of these treefolks, in other laws of the fairy folks, are said to be humanoids all the time.
They can take on the shape of beautiful women, which can be very amusing for them as they like to get about mischief by making an unsuspecting human fall in love with them. They can only leave their tree for no more than a week.
After the couple is together for only a few days they will become very week being with their new love, so keep an eye out for any tiring friends of yours whom may be a bit on the magical side. One interesting fact is the Treemen hate it if anyone who cuts down trees. They will die if they are cut down, although some linger on as spirits to haunt those that caused their demise. They also have a fear of fire as it can do them great harm. They are very much like that of dryads nymphs. Oak, Ash, Single thorn, and the female Holly
Treefolk is thought to be protective by the fairy folk. Oak trees are particularly sacred to fairies and have the greatest likelihood of sentience. Of the protective Treefolk, the most powerful is the mountain Ash, also known as rowan. It may be considered protective because of its red berries which the female Holly shares. The Treefolk of these species are mostly to be the friendly type in nature. Holly treemen, by contrast, are somewhat malevolent. Also, the Hawthorn Treemen are considered dangerous too, especially when they are in groups of three or more. Although the Elder treefolks are thought to be more of the protective type, they have behaved ambivalently too. It seems that the Elder
Treefolk are quite common in the Fae world. If blood-like sap seeps from their wood when it is cut, it is thought to be proof of their sentience and spirit within.
The Hazel Treefolks are thought to be the wisest of all the Treefolks and can impart wisdom to those that eat their nuts from their tree. It is said in legend that if one eats the flesh of an animal that has eaten hazelnuts from a sentient tree it is enough to gain the wisdom from that treefolk. Just like that of the Hazel Treefolks, the Apple Treefolks are thought to give power and youth to those who eat their apples. Also, if you sleep under an apple tree of an Treefolk it can be a dangerous thing, however as one risks being carried

 away by the faeries.
I hope that you all enjoyed my post 
on the TreeFolk Legend. Truly I believe
that they are still in the deepest forest around
the world as the Fairies are Too! 
Your Friend Always 

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