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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Good evening my-dearest friends, followers, supports & readers. Today I'm going to bring you the tale of the Dove. I was going to do this post during the Easter Holiday but I got a bit busy. However, I loved the tale of the Dove so I decided to write it out tonight for you all.
The Dove is considered sacred & magical wherever the Dove is known around the world. In general, the Dove symbolizes your soul. It's also seen as a messenger between God & humans. Among the primal traditions of the world, the dove is described as representing peace, innocence, gentleness, timidity & chastity. Although in some areas it can represent lustfulness. In virtually everybody's tradition that knows of the dove, it's considered sacred to creating the Great Mother or the Queens of Heaven. In Babylonian and Mesopotamian the traditions of the dove symbolize the Goddess Ishtar and in Christian belief it's the symbol of the Virgin Mary. The Phoenicians saw the dove as a Companion to the Moon Goddess Astarte, while the Goddess Syrian Atargatis bore a Sceptre with a Golden Dove on its tip.
In the mythology of ancient Egypt the Dove is associated with the tree of life. It is portrayed sitting in its branches or carrying the fruit of the tree in its beak. It also has a special affinity with the olive trees & to this day the image of the dove carrying an olive branch is almost universally recognized as a symbol of peace.
In Japan- the ancient legend describes the dove as a messenger of war and sacred to the God of War. This is symbolism reversed.
In Classic Greek- during the time of the Olympians  & Titian's, Zeus the oldest son of Cronos was hidden from his father by his mother Rhea. The Doves kept Zeus alive by feeding him as a infant-child to young adult ambrosia. The dove is also sacred to Adonis, Bacchus and Aphrodite who is often shown in a chariot drawn by doves.   
There was an Roman writer, by the name 'Aelian who stated that the white turtledoves were sacred not only to Aphrodite & her mother Demeter, but was also sacred to the Fates & the Furies, which shows that even the sacred Dove of peace & innocence could be considered dangerous when it served such destructive forces. Another tale of the Dove is one that lived in the sacred Oak of Dodona who gave the oldest oracle of the God Zeus. It apparently spoke with a human voice & the priestesses of the sacred site was known as 'Doves'. It seems that there were other sources that said that the oracle answers were conveyed not by the voice of the Dove, but in its flight, which could be read according to the circumstances. Yet another version to this tale, attributes the oracle to the sound of the rustling of leaves caused by doves sitting among the branches of the sacred oak... 
The Turtledove was domesticated by the Hebrew people. They happen to be the only ones that the beautiful and sacred creature would allow to approach them. It was said the reason why! It was  according to the Law of the Moses that only the Hebrew people could have contact with the sacred Dove of God.
Doves are the most mentioned bird in the bible & were considered to be particularly sacred to the Hebrew people. In the old Testament tradition the dove represents freedom, escape from tyranny, simplicity harmlessness, innocence, meekness and constancy too!
In the New Testament the Dove is represents the holy spirit. In Medieval tradition times it is perceived as bringing the sacred water into the vessel of the Holy Grail.
In Babylonian Chaldean, Greek and Hebrew Traditions the dove is also associated with the story of the Great Flood in which it appearance symbolized an end to the inundation and a return to
normal life once more- For me the Dove has always meant blessing

from God and to all people, that believe their own God that they find peace all over the world. I hope you enjoyed
my post of the Dove.
love you all my dears
Your friend always

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