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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Test of King Arthur

The Test of King Arthur~
The Test of
King Arthur
Good Afternoon my Dear friends & followers, for todays post I bring you a story of Gawain and Dame Ragnell. Basically its was the tale of King Arthur and his test in order to honor to Camelot. The Tale starts when one day a hideous hag came to the gates of Camelot in order to test the honour of King Arthurs Court. The hag came to challenged the King to engage into a game of a riddle test.
The King would have one year to answer her riddle, but if he failed he must grant her one wish. Of course being a good King, King Arthur agreed and then asked the hag what the riddle was; She said, 'What does a woman want most?" After that, the hag left and promised to return in one year for the answer. So for the next year Arthurs knights spent the next year scouring every corner of his Kingdom for an answer to the riddle.
However, how hard they looked, they had no luck for their king.
When the year ended, the hag returned for her answer. Of, course the King had to admit he had failed and asked the hag to stated her wish.
"I ask for a husband," said the hag. At that point the King felt honour - bound to marry her himself. His Knights were horrified and his first knight Gawain stepped forward to offer himself as the hags bridegroom in his uncle's place. King Arthur readily agreed and Gawain and the hag were married.
Then on Gawains wedding nigth, as he approached his new bride with great reluctance he discover only to find his newly wife had become a beautiful princes. The hag was no more, at that momment the hag explained this to her new husband Gawain what had happened to many years ago.
 She told him her name is Ragnell and she was under a terrible curse. "I can be beautiful either by night or by day but not both. The rest of the time I must appear as the hideous hag that you saw at our wedding early today. So after that she gave her husband Gawain a choice wheather he wanted to have her to be beautiful when they were alone at night or when they were with his friends & the whole court during the day?"
So Gawain sat on a chair for quite some time that night thinking what to
do, but in the end he just couldn't make-up his mind.
So Finally Gawain said to his newly wife
Ragnell, "You must do whatever you will my love!' with that, Ragnell said in delight, ''you have broken the cure!' she exclaimed joyfully. Now I can and will remain a beautiful princess for all time!
"That was the true answer to the riddle
to what a woman wants most is her own way! And from that day one the two lived happyily ever ever!
Well I hope that you all enjoy the tale of King Arthur Test and the love affair of his young nefew who lifted the curse from the princess. I love you all very much my dears friends & followers...

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