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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Guardian Dragon-2013

The Guardian Dragon~

Well I thought I would try in find some more usually or more different dragons that you may or may not have seen on my continued love for the Dragon...
What did find about the dragon is, that in China they are concerned  along with the phoenix the most prominent of all Magical Creatures. I have found that in many Chinese and other types of mythology stories of the dragon and the phoenix. I am going to introduce you to the dragon known as the Dragon Guardian of the East-
The History of the Guardian Dragon~
Know as the long in the Chinese language, these creatures were often depicted with whiskers to show their immense wisdom and power. Chinese dragons are very kind creatures despite their great power and awe inspiring forms. In fact dragons are associated with the Chinese Emperor.  Even the color of the Emperor's robes is associated with the dragon. So you would imagine in those ancient times only the emperor and empress were able to wear the yellow robes signifying their royalty.

The life of the Guardian Dragon~   
In the Chinese mythology, A yellow dragon presented itself to the Chinese people with a scroll imbibed with mystic characters that are the origin of the Chinese style of writing. These dragons are known to live in rivers, lakes, oceans and other bodies of water so they can control the precipitation on earth.  The Guardian Dragon was found in the East and was associated with the seasons - spring being the color blue, the element of the water and the virtue propriety. 

I hope you enjoyed this dragon as all dragons.

As I do for my love for THE DRAGON!
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