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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Scarecrows Being Summoned By Who?

Scarecrows Being Summoned By Who?
There were notes on they like;
It would seem that in Japan there are lots of Urban Legends and this is just one, of hundreds in Japan
that I found. Throughout the summer I will be go through the Japan urban legends & many other type of tales for you all. It would seem that most folks focus on a few different spots within the spectrum of the small country of japan but very much populated.  There is also the ancient and regal samurai-style & culture of Japan Of course there is the lifestyle of the hustle and bustle in their huge cities like that of Tokyo. Now imagine hopping off a train some where in the middle of a rustic Japanese town which is bound with rich cultural experiences that you would never quite ever see anywhere else in the world. However, when you wonder throughout the rustic old Japanese town streets, something seems you! The people don't seem to move much. In fact they do move at all! You look at a man resting against a large tree, smoking a cigarette. When you finally realize that he's a scarecrow. As you walk down the street a little more and turn, there is a woman doing chores or at least you thing it is a woman & it turns out to be another scarecrow.
Person putting scarecrows everywhere?
Could be a scary Scarecrow too?
As you continue down the street and walk up to one of the old buildings, you discover it is an one-room-classroom-school-house. The teacher and all the students within the school house are all scarecrows. After seeing all of this you have had enough, so you quickly turn around an run as fast as you can to catch the train back away from the creepy place. However, sadly the train has already gone. Now its just you and those creepy scarecrows and who else is in this creepy town? Welcome to Nagoro Japan, where Stine is having a nightmare more pleasant than the sight before your eyes or what scary thoughts that might be going through your mind.
Once you do get out of the Creepy Scarecrow town. You decided to go to the hall of records, to see what is going on with this place and what you find is very odd & daunting. It turns out its all the work of one woman, Tsukimi Ayano. She has been making the scarecrows for over ten years+, partially as replacement for the towns dwindling population.
The more that you read, you find out that the current ratio of scarecrows to people that actually live in the town is 150 to 35, which is probably the ratio of the sleepless to restful nights of the average Nagoro resident has every year, thanks to the burgeoning scarecrow population.
It was 13 years ago when Ayano first made her scarecrow in her town after the death of her father, it was away of keeping his memory alive. She found that she rather enjoyed making the
Scarecrows and so far she has made over 350, though many of them have been lost to time.
Osamu Suzuki, another resident of Nagoro who has watched the villages population slowly drop over the years, said that the scarecrows are 'indeed something to bring back memories.' They will also create new memories that people won't soon
Forget, no matter how hard they try.

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the tale of the Scarecrows
It was just as fun for myself. I hope you all have a lovely day.
Your Friend Always

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