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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hello, my dears, it's 27 degrees outside and it's freezing.... Here in 
 Washington Kent. I just wanted to let you know about my hummer Rosy. Yes, he is still at my porch side, protecting it as he always does even in this freezing temp's. I saw him this morning after taking my son to the bus stop. 
If any of you have hummers in this kinda conditions make sure you put thick socks over your feeders! Because the food you have made for them will FREEZE!  
I have posted this in my earlier ones about hummers and stories about my Rosy, but I just wanted to help all you folks that might have a few hummers that have stayed over the coldddddd! Winter and so you can know how to keep them safe and have food for them all the winter. The feeders that I use during the cold winters like this are the plastic or metal. And I check on them every day. When the temperatures get down to the 20's and teens you have to check to make sure that your food nectar has not frozen on them.  You must remember that this is their only source of food during this time.
If you need the food recipe that I had posted before- and you might have missed it my dear Readers- Here you are -o)
4 cups of water
1 cup of white sugar
1 teaspoon of Pure Orange Extract

Boil the 4 cups of water first, then add the 1 cup of white sugar till dissolved. Let boil for 1min, then cool after cooling add 1 teaspoon of the pure orange extract. Then put in a plastic container to keep in your refrigerator till needed. 
I hope these tips will help you all with your own hummers in these cold winter months. Wendy..

Saturday, November 9, 2013



It was an Early November 4 an I happened to be looking out my sliding glass window when I heard my Rosy [My Red-throat
a hummingbird that I've had living on my porch for the last 6years] making lots of sounds. I was amazed at what I was, so I just had to share with you all my readers. I  have had my Rosy a male Red-Throat hummingbird live on my porch for the last 6years and has been quite territorial over my porch area. I never knew how much until today! When I looked outside my partly opened sliding glass door. When I looked outside, it was amazing to watch these two males ~ I'm guessing Male Red-throat's another like Rosy flying around in ways know other birds could ever do and at the same time making this sound like they were talking to each other in their own language. This is my guess. That my Rosy is telling the other male to take a hike or else!  It lasted about almost 3mins between the two tiny hummers. They would dive bomb up and down very fast within and 1/2 inch I would guess between them. Although it could be even closer. Dive bombing with each at the sidewalk then all the way up to the feeders -facing each other with their beaks almost touching. Still moving their tiny wings very fast, it was as if they were having a heated argument about who was the boss of the porch area - food, and the female hummingbird that I saw in the tree close by watching all of this. It was so amazing to see these tiny birds still in flight yet moving very fast at the same time - beak to beak making this sound that only these types of hummers can make. They kept at it in front of the feeder for at least a 1min. Then after that, they kept up all over the porch area zooming fast speed to the right to the left to the sidewalk then up to the feeders then they would stay stationary for a bit and like talk again ~ Like who is going to be the boss or king of the porch! They even looked like they were fighting with each other, I have never seen such a thing but then again it is the survival of the animal kingdom. I couldn't even tell which one was my Rosy. 
They even looked like they were fighting with each other. I have never seen such a thing but, then again I stayed and watched till they finished because I was concerned if one of the hummers might get hurt. But thankfully after watching them from inside my apt. It seemed that the hummers were coming to an end to their I guess conquest for the porch. 
I watched one quickly fly away for now - And the other flew to a branch that was quite close to the porch. I opened the sliding glass door slowly so I could get a better look, but didn't want to open the door for he might fly away. He was calm but his feathers were quite buff out and he seemed to be breathing very hard. But he had his domain back. 
And it's been like that ever since. I have since found out my friend that it was, in fact, my  Rosy that did win the battle. We have since then had many chats. I hope that you all enjoy my Monday morning and I hope you're all have a lovely day and enjoy life and the nature around you.  
Wendy ~ Rosy



Friday, February 22, 2013



I will never forget the first time I saw a hummingbird in my Garden almost 10-years ago. It was a amazing tiny bird to watch. Little did I know that I would be a hummingbird lover and have a Garden just for Hummingbirds ten years later, with a little wild humming bird that I call Rosy that is either an Male Ruby - throat or an Anna's Humming bird.. Since I have had a hard time getting so close its hard to tell. but it really doesn't matter because the tiny little hummer has stayed with me over the last 5 winters. And is very vocal too. He has a favorite tree that he sets up high in to protect my garden, which he now feels is his garden. I have over the years been able to communicate with the tiny & quite beautiful hummer. He is also quite a proud bird too. Being that he is a male he loves to show off  his beautiful. 


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