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The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince~
The Dragon Prince
I have love this story for many years. And I just found it again and thought I would share this story
with you all. It is a beautiful story, that I wish in this story that I could have been the princess. If I was,
I know for sure it would have had a very different ending! So here is the tale of the Dragon Prince!
Note- I have tried to find the author of this beautiful story but, never did. I wish I could have but I did find
a similar venison of my Dragon Prince that I have the link at the bottom of the post for you all. I am going to also add a bit of history on how the The Dragon Prince Stories came about too. So sit back and Enjoy a good story for today's post~
The Dragon Prince or Princess and Dragon has been a common tale in most legends, fairy tale's, Northrop Frye, Myths, chivalric romances and other stories of of dragons/maidens. Each of these story's I've
found always seemed to involved an upper class lady, usually of high-ranking nobility, a princess, or even an  beautiful maiden of a town. These dragons could be either very dangerous or very kind. They were were saved by Gods, knights or just hero's. She may be the first lady endangered by peril or could be that she is not of high-ranking birth, it could go either way. It is common in these legends that the princess will marry the
one who kills the dragon who safes her - the dragon-slayer. Then there are the motifs of the hero's who will
Andromeda Chained
to a rock by Gustava Dore'
find the princess, who is just about to be sacrificed to an dragon and then saves her, the false hero who takes
his place, and the final revelation of the true hero is then identified  - the True Dragon - Slayer will then appear. Then there are the quote the 'princess & dragon' scenarios. These type of stories are given more weight to their popularity because of the imagination in the stories. For example the stereotypical hero is given
the feel of the dragon-slayer even though they may only had a few dragons to slay in the tales/legends they are in like the Brothers Grimm tales.
Then there was the earliest tales of the Princess and Dragon in the Ancient Greek times of Perseus, who rescued the Princess Andromeda who was chained to a rock on the ocean shore from Cetus the Sea Serpent dragon. And
God Susanoo killing many head dragon
to protect his seven daughters 
there was also Heracles who rescued the princess Hesione of Troy from an similar type of Sea Serpent Dragon too. Even is Japan they had their own legends of Dragon Prince/Princess and Dragon too. It seems that The God Susanoo encounter two Earthly Deities who have been forced to
sacrifice their seven daughters to the many-headed monster.  How the legend of Yamata no Orochi ended to save these seven daughters from the many-headed monster was Susanoo was able to kill the dragon monster after getting it drunk on sake rice wine. Although it didn't say how the God Susanoo was able to get the Dragon to drink the sake without getting killed himself but, of course he was a god! Of course we can't forget the tale of Saint George and the Dragon. How this tale began was when a dragon was making his nest at the spring which provided the main city at the time its water. Consequently the people of the town had to temporarily remove the dragon from its nest in order to
collect their water for daily use. To do so, they offered the dragon a daily human sacrifice. How they got their offering for the dragon, was by a drawing of lots daily. Eventually this is how we got the lottery today.
St.George and
the Dragon
However one day the lot as they called it happened to fall on the local princess. Of course this would change everything. They wouldn't want their princess of the monarchy to be a sacrifice! It was OK if the local towns girls were the sacrifice but, the princess not going to Happen or at least the King had tried his very best. So this is what happened in this tale of the princess and the dragon. The local monarchy had begged for her life with no result. This of course was her mother the queen and father the king. So the princess decided to offer herself to the dragon just like all the other girls of the town, not known that Saint George was traveling towards their town. Once he did arrive, Saint George did indeed save the princess and defeated the dragon. There are many different version of this tale. That I have noticed reading about it and it seems that the people of the town for some reason after Saint George killed the dragon abandon their ancestral paganism and convert to Christianity which I truly don't understand at ALL! How can killing a dragon be a reason for changing a religion! This seems very odd and unethical to me to change you religion over a dragon! Also being that I love dragons and all couldn't they find
a way to attract the dragon to a nice cave by a river so that they didn't need to kill the dragon. I mean if you think about it really the dragon was there for a while by the watering hole nesting not bothering any of the towns people until they need water. They could of thought of some better plan!
The Rescue of Agelica 
The rescue of Angelica by Ruggiero, and Orlando rescuing Olimpia. The monster that menaced Olimpia reconnected to the Greek myths; although Ariosto described it as a legend to the characters, the story was that the monster sprung from an offense against Proteus. In neither case did he marry the rescued woman to the rescuer. Edmund Spenser depicts St. George in The Faerie Queene, but while Una is a princess who seeks aid against a dragon, and her depiction in the opening with a lamb fits the iconography of St. George parents, the dragon imperils her parents' kingdom, and not her alone. These were the many different ways that the tales of the Dragon and the Princess have been depicted throughout the ages. And the Dragon Prince. I thought it would be interesting to do a bit of history on the story before I write the complete tale of the Dragon Prince. I hope that you find it interesting... Now below is the complete story of my favorite THE DRAGON PRINCE ~ ENJOY...
Below is the link to this story an many others Enjoy mydears...
As I had promised - My most favorite story... 

In the High Middle Ages, the most renowned competitions of poetry in all of France were held at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Once a year, celebrated troubadours gathered there to show off their art and a winner of this poetic contest would be announced.

On one occasion, the winner was an unknown and very handsome young man. He refused to give his name or say where he came from, despite the entreaties of Eleanor herself. There was a strange aura of mystery surrounding the anonymous troubadour. Together with his kindness and beauty, this soon made him one of the favorites among the ladies of the court. 
Griselda, a young and wistful maiden, the youngest daughter of the Lord of Foix,fell passionately in love with the stranger. Moved by the maidens entreaties, the troubadour agreed to marry her in secret and take her to his home. He made on condition; Griselda should never try to see him other than when he chose and she should never try to discover his identity. The lady, deeply in love, promised to comply with this strange condition. It seemed little to ask in exchange for being able to remain with her loved one. 
One night, the young Griselda had fallen asleep in the arms of her beloved in Eleanor of Aquitaine's Castle, where she lived. Suddenly on opening her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar room. It was a luxurious place, adorned with silk and precious stones and beside her lay her husband smiling benignly at her.
'You are in my mansion, which belongs to you," he said. "You may give orders to my servants and do whatever you please. There are stables with fine horses at your disposal and hunts men and hawks for hunting. You may come and go as you wish. You are my lady and my wife. And all that is mine is Yours. There are maidens ready to serve you and to carry out your every whim, dancers and musicians to entertain you and jewels and silks to adorn you. If you need anything, tell me and I will give it to you."
"I only wish for your love my lord," replied the young woman, bewildered. 
"That is good, my love, but do not ever forget your promise."
Griselda, full of happiness, demonstrated her compliance by flinging herself into the strong arms of her beloved husband. For a while this gentle lady kept her promise and believed she was in paradise. 
Her troubadour - Knight husband, who was kind and passionate ,spent most of his time with his wife. 
Occasionally, he would disappear into a locked room, but Griselda faithful to her promise, did not ask him any questions. 
Unfortunately, her curiosity gradually got the better of her and one day she decided to find out the secret of her mysterious Knight.  She crept up to the door of the forbidden room, which he had left ajar. And spied 
through the opening. Aghash, she watched as her husband turned into a huge dragon with golden scales and powerful wings.
She could not prevent a cry of utter horror escaping from her lips.
The Dragon Prince, Thus revealed wheeled around and saw his horrified wife in the doorway.
Deeply hurt by her broken promise, the Dragon Prince bade his servants to remove Griselda immediately to the court of Aquitaine and never again did he return to see her again. 
The lady Griselda could never forget her beloved and not a day went by without recalling the months of supreme happiness and bliss beside the disguised dragon had given her.
Penitent and full of grief, she wrote down her adventure, which is how this famous tale The Dragon Prince - That is the way the story has found its way to us...
S€ŇĐƗŇG' ¥ØỮ ŦĦƗŞ ĦỮǤ.•-:¦:-`•.¸ŦØ Ş€€ ¥ØỮ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ¥ØỮŘ ĐΔ¥*`'`« ҉ »~"˜ `.¸Ɨ HOPE ITŴƗŁŁ β€ ŞỮŘ€ ŦØ Ř€ΔĆĦ ¥ØỮ
(:♥(◡‿◡)♥i❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤◄*☆*°°﹒☆҉☆¸ \( °‿°)/ ☆҉☆¸.✿¸¸.•´¨¯`'•⋆❥⋆❀´¸ ✿ღڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪے❤
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Amaterasu Goddess of the Sun
Good Afternoon my dears, Readers, Friends & Followers. I hope you all are having a fabulous Thursdayafternoon. For today's post I thought I would bring you to the world of an Japanese Sun Goddess and the Ancestress of the imperial family. There are many myths & legends that surround her form the cor of he indigenous faith Shinto "The way of the Gods''. I give you AMATERASU-
I have had this Myth/Legend tuck away for some time and I almost forgot I had it, but you know when you go through your stuff trying to find things; well this was one one of those days.. So I hope you Enjoy the tale as much as I did when a wrote it about a year ago. I will of course fix the tale as I post it for you all. 
Amaterasu Goddess of the Sun
Amaterasu was born when Izanagi - One of the first Japaneses Gods. She - Amaterasu was given the sky to rule as her domain and her duties also included weaving the robes of the Shinto Priestesses. Her brother Susanowo was made responsible for populating heaven with a new generation of Gods. At his request, Amaterasu broke his sword into three pieces, chewed them up and then breathed out a mist from which three Goddesses emerged. Then Susanowo asked her for the five strings of jewels she was wearings he cracked then between his teeth, then breathe on them and produced five Gods. The oldest of the Five Gods was considered to be the first of the Japanese Emperors. I hope I haven't lost you all I know that it is a bit confusing, but it will get better I promise:o Susanowo was so elated with his deeds that he lost control. Darkening the sky's with storm clouds and caused untold havoc on the land below with the humans. In spite of Amaterasu' entreaties, he wrecked  all the rice-fields of the Japanese people below, up-rooted trees and ruined their sacred temples. 
Amaterasu Japaneses Sun Goddess
The Japanese Shinto Sun goddess, ruler of the Plain of Heaven, whose name meant 'shining heaven', was   central figure in the Shinto pantheon and it seems that she was part of their Japaneses Imperial family too that, claims to have descended from her. She is the eldest Daughter of Izanagi and she was so bright and radiant that her parents sent her up the Celestial Ladder to the heavens, where she has ruled ever since.
Sun Goddess
looking in the glass
Then there her brother the Storm-God; Susanowa, who ravages the earth with his enormous and terrible storms of wind, rain, lighting-storms and much more. So Amaterasu- the Japanese Sun Goddesses retreated to a cave because her brother Susanowa was so noisy. Amaterasu closed the cave with a huge boulder, too stop the terrible noise that her brother Susanowa was making while she was on earth. When she disappears into the cave it deprived the entire world of light and life. When this happened Demons ruled the world/earth. The other gods used everything in their power to lure Amaterasu out of the cave, but with no
After the Japanese Sun Goddess
comes out of her safety of her
cave the gods grabbed her and
then she returns to the sky...
avail. Yet they finally did prevail and it was Uzume who was the one who made it happen! How? Well this is how it all happened in the legend - Its seems that the laughter of the gods when they watch Uzume comical and obscene dances aroused Amaterasu's curiosity! So when Amaterasu the Sun Goddess emerged from her cave a streak of light had

escaped [note a streak nowadays people would call dawn or sunset]. So the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu apparently saw her own brilliant reflection in a mirror, which Uzume had hung on a nearby tree that was very close to the entrance of the cave in which she was living. So when Amaterasu drew closer to the reflection of herself in the mirror to have a better look, the Gods had grabbed her and pulled her out of her safe cave. Doesn't sound very kind to me but then again these gods of all cultures have different ways of doing things. So as the legend goes once she was pulled out, the Sun Goddess then returned to the sky, and then brought the light back into the world. It seems later being that she's a forgiving Goddess, she created plenty full fields of rice, which was called inada, where she cultivated rice for her people. She also invented the art of weaving with the loom and taught the people how to cultivate the wheat and silkworms into beautiful fabrics for clothes.
It is said in the Japanese legend of this beloved Goddess Amaterasu that she has a main sanctuary which is on the island of Honshu. This temple apparently is pulled down every twenty years and then rebuild in its original form. Inside the inner sanctum is a represented  of the Goddess holding her mirror. I guess this is a great importunates to the Japanese culture. It just seems odd to me to tare down such a sanctuary of a great and kind Goddess every 20years but, then again I am not of the culture so
Amaterasu Japanese Sun Goddess 
I don't know their customs. Well to sum up these post I would say that the Goddess Amaterasu of the Japanese culture and Mythology was a beautiful and compassionate woman/goddess who ruled both by the sun and the heavenly fields of rice that she feed her Japanese people. She also was the supreme deity who was the divine ancestor of the Japanese Imperial family. Besides being the Sun Goddess having the responsibility for illuminating to entire world, she was also an accomplished weaver, with many attendants who had joined the goddess in weaving the stunning satins, silks [from the silk worms that she taught the Japanese people], and beautiful brocades for which japan is quite famous for. Uzume was a lesser goddess who was responsible for laughter and revelry. Although she did have her good points because she was the one that brought Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess out of her deep depression and I can understand that completely personally for that I would give the goddess Uzume many good graces.  So I guess I should give some acknowledgement to her brothers her goes; As your probably already know the grace of Amaterasu and the 
greatness she was as the Japanese deity who along with her brothers , ruled the eight million gods of Japan. It seems that she and her brothers, the Storm God, Susano-o, and the Moon God, Tsukiyomi, shared the power of governing the universe.
It seems that her brothers or at least her brother Susano-o God of the Storms was very jealous of his beautiful, powerful and popular sister Amaterasu. So much so that one time Susano-o slaughtered a young horse which was apparently a sacred horse of his sister Amaterasu. Well to show how vain and jealous her brother Susano-o was it was said that he threw the poor young colt bloodily body into the weaving room where there were many ladies working on looms on precious fabrics of fine silks. When the dead body of the young bloody colt was thrown into the room it seems that it was a mess of frighten attendants, looms flying everywhere and even in some legends it was said that that Amaterasu herself was wounded when her brother attacked her with a shuttle and some of her attendants were killed too. This was the act I found that but the graceful and kind Goddess into a deep depression and grieving over this violation act of her brother against her and her attendants. Its seems that is why she crept away from the heavens into a dark cave on the earth, into the high mountain and refused to return to the heavens again. However without her there would be no Sun, and rice fields lay dying in the endless night, while the people of
Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu
japan grew hungry every day on end to almost to starving. So in the legend of this tale Hundreds of the Gods
 and Goddesses would come to the entrance of her cave high in the mountains every day and would beg Uzume the Goddess of Mirth that came up with a plan, like I have said above in the tale, The Gods help by rolling a large bronze mirror in front of the entrance of the cave and the rest you know.. Now there is another myth and this one involves Amaterasu brother , the Moon God Tsukiyomi. What happen here was, her brother had killed a goddess that he felt had insulted him. Apparently The Goddess Amaterasu was so angered which didn't happen that often but, since her brother had taken a life, she told her brother God of the Moon Tsukiyomi that she never wanted to see him ever again. which happened because if you thing about it She is the goddess of the Sun and he is the God of the Moon so they are always at different times on the sky. Amaterasu to please come out, but her grief was so huge that even with the Hundreds of Gods/Goddesses that came to her entrance of her cave could not move her with their pleas. It was
So that is the legend and the Myth of the Goddess of Sun Amaterasu and her brothers and Uzume who 
helped the Goddess Amaterasu out of her depression with the power of laughter and dance.
I hope that you all enjoy the legend of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu 
S€ŇĐƗŇG' ¥ØỮ ŦĦƗŞ ĦỮǤ.•-:¦:-`•.¸ŦØ Ş€€ ¥ØỮ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ¥ØỮŘ ĐΔ¥*`'`« ҉ »~"˜ `.¸Ɨ HOPE ITŴƗŁŁ β€ ŞỮŘ€ ŦØ Ř€ΔĆĦ ¥ØỮ
(:♥(◡‿◡)♥i❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤◄*☆*°°﹒☆҉☆¸ \( °‿°)/ ☆҉☆¸.✿¸¸.•´¨¯`'•⋆❥⋆❀´¸ ✿ღڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪے❤
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Tips From the Garden-HummingbirdTips

Tips From the Garden~

For today's Saturdays Gardens Post I thought I would pull out my handy
 bird book of secrets to help you all with your hummingbirds that you might have in your
 backyards and porch's with the fall season. Many of these jewels of the
 sky may be getting ready for their Southwestern migration route; for example despite
 the Ruby-throat hummingbird tiny size
 [4inches length; wingspan 5inches; weight 1/10 oz],
 these jewels of the sky will migrate more than 1,850 miles
 from the Eastern Coast of the U.S. - crossing 600 miles of ocean gulf of Mexico
 to spend the winter in Central America.
The Ruby-Throats return to their breeding grounds just in time
 according to same location they have always used to nest their young.
 The Ruby-throats that live in the southern parts of the United States
 begin their return of migration as early as February.
The Hummingbirds that live further North Time -
 will return to coincide with the flowering of their food plants.
 For me~ I have the Anna Hummingbird which I call Rosy.
Anna Hummingbirds are very common in the Pacific Northwest to British Columbia.
Some of you probably already know about my Rosy
The Anna hummingbird that has made his home
on my porch for the last 5 to 7 years. He did at one time migrate south in the fall, but now
he has stayed throughout all the seasons even when we have those few snow winters and that terrible
ice storm too! For those that aren't familiar with the Anna hummingbird - I thought I would give you all
a  brief summary about my Rosy. These Anna Hummingbirds are kinda a chunky or sturdy hummingbird
looking pretty fine with their bright metallic green backs and gray underparts.
Males[Rosy] have rose-red crows and throats. Basically their entree head, but the back part of
their head is covered with the metallic rose-red color that shines brilliantly in the sunlight.
Females are a little plain, but still beautiful. They usually show a small patch of the

metallic rose-red which is a small patch on their throat and tend to be more dingy gray
underneath than other hummingbirds.
These hummingbirds are more vocal that most other of the hummingbirds, the male Anna's
has a rather unmelodious song that is a series of repetitive scratichy notes which often
delivered while perched on a favorite tree or branch that is close by a
garden that he has decided that is his. And he will protect it from all other
hummingbirds that try to come in.. Only females are allowed, I have watched this with
Rosy and it very interesting to watch. One afternoon there was another male that came
by and I tell you my Rosy was not going to let that male say without letting him know
who's the boss of this tiny garden.
For his courtship display, the male Anna's hovers in midair, delivering his
buzzy song, then flies very high and then plummets towards the female.
At the end of the dive, he abruptly pulls up and makes a distinctive loud popping noise.
Some individuals Anna's will start nesting as early as December.
On a personal note I have yet to find my Rosy nesting area
around where I live and where he nests with his female partner in
December but, if i do you all will be the first to know because I will post it for you all...
Now for those Hummingbird tips~
1- You can use your coffee grounds from your coffee maker at home to help with
Ants.  Cut small pieces of  colorful fabric into square pieces. Then put a small
amount in each square pieces of fabric and tie with thick yard or string. After that
you just hang them around the feeders. The aroma will rid the area of Ants.
2-If you happen to have a pond in your backyard or on your small patio with a waterfall
that even can produces a light mist. I have read that hummingbirds
love to whiz through the mist and drink from the pond. So if you have a way of
putting a water element in your garden however large or tiny this is a great tip for
your tiny hummingbird friends.
3-If you plant lots of the Pink Chenille near their sugar-water feeders, as well as
Amaryllis, Bee Balm [red are are the best], Oriental Lilies and Hibiscus too.
It seems the hummingbirds love these and you with have great luck with these
flowering plants that will work either in an backyard or Pots on a patio too.
4-Another hint is hanging your hummingbird feeders in the Shady areas of your yard or
patio, which makes the homemade nectar stay fresh much longer when its in the shade
than in the sunny areas. Also by hanging your feeders where you can
reach them easily makes for fast and easy cleaning too.
5-Another tip for the garden is Morning Glories, Four-o'clock,
Gladiola's, Perennial Sweet Peas, Lantana and Turk's Caplilys they all are
great for your hummingbirds...
6-The Gold-Flame Honeysuckle Vine will attract loads of hummingbirds.
they prefer they nectar producing in these flowers to the sugar water bird feeders
7-Great tips for cleaning your hummingbird feeders~
In a larger pail with a light laundry detergent and water [follow the manufactures
directions for the proportions], immerse the dirty feeders for about an hour
then brush them clean and rinse well. I use white vinegar as a finally rinse.
It works very well for the problem spots of mold.
8-Finally I thought I would give you my homemade recipe for my hummingbirds
If you don't already have it hear it is again:
Its 1cup white sugar to 4 cups of water
*First put the 4cups of waters in a heat safe pot on the top of you stove,
when it comes to a boil add the 1cup of white sugar, stir the sugar until
it is all dissolved.
*Mix for 1min to make sure all the white sugar is dissolved.
*After the sugar is all dissolved take the pot off the heat to cool
*Once the mixture has cooled get a container ready to put the first patch into
the container and then repeat the process over till you have a full container of
sugar nectar for you hummingbirds. Keep in  your refrigerator.
If you want I added a teaspoon of orange extract to the
container after it is full and shake well. It give the nectar a unique taste
that my hummingbirds love..
As far as the food coloring it really is up to you some say it will
harm the hummingbirds beaks, others say they don't really need the color to
attract them to the sugar nectar. Then others say the food color is
not good for their health. So I will leave this one up you yur hummingbirds.
But I will give you what I have done over the years. At first I always used the Red food
coloring in my special homemade nectar. Then I read all the things above; so I
tried it without the food coloring for a couple of months ..
Well lets just say I am back to  using the red food dye that you use in food
that we eat ourselves. During that period my Rosy kinda left for a time.
Now he's back. so there you go.
Well I hope that You like my saturday Garden post
Tips From the Garden Have a lovely Saturday 
S€ŇĐƗŇG' ¥ØỮ ŦĦƗŞ ĦỮǤ.•-:¦:-`•.¸ŦØ Ş€€ ¥ØỮ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ¥ØỮŘ ĐΔ¥*`'`« ҉ »~"˜ `.¸Ɨ HOPE ITŴƗŁŁ β€ ŞỮŘ€ ŦØ Ř€ΔĆĦ ¥ØỮ
¸¸.☆♥(◡‿◡)♥✫¨´`'*°☆.❥•♪♫♥.(:♥(◡‿◡)♥i❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤*☆҉♡☆❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤◄*☆*°°﹒☆҉☆¸ \( °‿°)/ ☆҉☆¸.✿¸¸.•´¨¯`'•⋆❥⋆❀´¸ ✿ღڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪےڰۣ✿✿ڪے❤
`"(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●Celibate life♥´Magic Surrounds Us ☆҉☆ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... ☾ ❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ƸӜƷ•❤❤❤☼ღ(◕‿◕.•*""*•.¸ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... (◕‿◕)¸.•*""*•.¸

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Mother trying to retrieve her baby
from the Changelings 
She never had so sweet a changeling;
And jealous Oberon would have the child
knight of his train, to trace the forest wild;
But she perforce witholds the loved boy,
Crowns him with flowers and makes him 
all her joy;
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

For today's post I'm going to bring you through the tale and legend of the Changelings...
Changeling Infant
It seems that the tale of the Changelings started in Europe, Ireland and I think Scotland too? And from what I understand from the legend of the Changeling is that 'You should never! leave your newborn baby alone even for a instant.' From what I have learn of the legend of the Changeling is, if an mother of any part of the world turns their back on their new born sleeping in their cribs, for just a few seconds they will not find their precious baby in the crib, but a different baby much different and sometimes sickly and ugly too. They could also be misshaped and often even elderly looking too - 'Fairy Child - Changelings'. There are other accounts when the human mothers find these fairy baby's dead in their cribs; badly shaped log or even a block of white/brown or black wax with a baby blanket on it.
While all this is happening, the tiny mortal baby has been spirited away by the Faeries, Elves, Trolls & other underground Fae creatures. Of course there is the most notorious of all child abductors and that would be, Titania Queen of the Fairies. The risk of an changeling coming into your home are particularly strong during the first three days of your baby's life. [This is when a human infant must be watched day & night 24-7hours a day]. And to a lesser degree for the first six weeks of the human baby's life. It is said that the human infant isn't safe at all until it is baptized or the church baptism. Another way to protect your infant is you must always have a burning light/candle near them, even in broad daylight. Why? because the underground Fae creatures are afraid of the light!
Human Mother with her Changeling infant
There are other tales of Changelings that I found ~ A bit on the grisly side than the others I though in my opinion. In Germany the changelings are quite sickly, wizened, they are commonly known to have shrunken legs and a abnormally large head for a baby. Plus these changeling Fae baby's will never gain the power of speech or displaying frighting precocious language skills. There's more! The changeling baby will also howl incessantly and feed ravenously; meaning these Fae babies will suckle so greedily says one tale that they will
empty the human mother of breast milk and move onto the nurse maids - up to five to satisfy the changeling hunger. A Scottish tale is a bit more grisly. In Scotland a changeling if hungry for the human mother's milk it would bite and tare the human mothers breast so insatiable for its hunger that the mother would bleed from its suckling so hard. It seems that these Fairy Changelings would in turn make most of their human mothers bleed at every feeding and after most would howl inhumanly day and nightly, so these changelings were a threat to the entree human family and their existence too. Another interesting note about these infant changelings is that they never grow-up! So Changeling the baby of the Fae interesting! Well now I thought I would put my opinion on this legend... I am sure that 110% of the legend is true, but I can't believe that all the baby infants of the Fae, meaning the fairies,Elves,Pixes, dwarfs, and all the different races of the elves and faeries too would have these grisly 'Fairy Infants' that they would give-up for a Human Infant! I could see this in the trolls, and other unearthly creatures that live in the darkest deepest caves but then again not all still would give up their Fae Baby's. Like the Drows and the Dark Elves! They too are a very proud race of Elves. So of course there were some that did steal human baby's for their own and then put their changeling Fae baby's in return. But in my opinion it wasn't always the case.
Bridget Cleary & Michael Cheary 
I did find a case that was documented that you might find interesting. On the bottom of these post is the two links too the storeys that I found...
The Story that I found was about an Irish woman by the name of Bridget Cleary.  Briefly the tale of Bridget was about a young Irish woman that was killed by her husband for peculiar reasons. The motive of her husband was, he believed that his wife had been abducted by faeries and left a changeling fae in her place. He had claimed to have killed only the changeling not his wife. It stated that Bridget was burned to death alive. Bridget was born around the year 1870 in Ballyvadlea in Ireland. She had married Michael Cheary in August of 1887 and  the couple had met in a small town of Ireland called Clonmel in August of 1887 where he had worked as a cooper and she served as a dressmakers apprentice.  After the two love birds married, she had returned to her hometown of Ballyvadlea to live with her parents, while Micheal continued to work as a cooper in the town of Clonmel Ireland. Note it didn't really say why they lived apart in their first part of their marriage, but maybe that's how they did things in those days? Anyways, during those days apart, Bridget became more independent by keeping her own flock of chickens and even selling eggs to her neighbours for a little income. Of course this was somewhat unusual for that era and the location in Ireland, being a professional woman. It seems that Bridget even obtained a sewing machine and was well known as a dressmaker and hat-maker too. The couple seemed to have been married eight years and had no children by the time of Bridget's grisly death. And it doesn't say how long they were apart in their marriage either too. It seemed that  the after most of the family members had died  no know wanted to live at the house where Bridget once had lived. Why? Well because it was on the site of a fairy ring of course. Do you want more to this tale? Well I have more..Bridget was reported missing in March of 1895. Appallingly she had been ill for several days, although her specific diagnosis was never discovered. It seems that here mysterious illness lasted for more than a week and than March 13, 1895 - a doctor came to call her at her home. It seems that Bridget condition was considered sufficiently worst, so bad that they had a priest stop by the next day to administer her last rites. Now this is very odd to me what could have made her so sick? So I guess several of her friends and her family came by to see Bridget over the next couple of days thinking it was her last days before she was before she would die. There were a few home remedies that were used hoping to safe her from dieing, but of course things got weird. Instead of being sad of the last rites from the priest and seeing their daughter and wife peacefully slip away into the divine heavenly way.. No didn't happen that way Bridget's father and her husband Michael accused her of being a Changeling sent to take over Bridget's body. Why? Well these were some of their reasons; She was in her very ill condition mind you! Carried before the fireplace to cast-out the Changeling and Urine was thrown on her. These were only two weird things that I could find that her FATHER & HUSBAND HAD DONE TO HERE IN HER VERY VERY ILL STATE OF MIND, SOUL AND SEEMS CLOSE TO DEATH.
Then on March 16, the small town in which she had lived was beginning to wonder what happened to Bridget even the local police began looking for her. Of course her husband still hold to his guns claiming that his wife was taken be the faeries, and he appeared to be vigil about his statement, but we all know what happen don't we. Because on March 22, Even with the witness statement that were gathered over the week before - Bridget Cleary's burnt copse was finally found in a shallow grave on March 22. And there were 9people evolved and charged in her death and disappearance; which included her husband Micheal. She had died a painful death by burning to death by the hands of nine NINE!!!PEOPLE... Well I have had about enough of this. I just can't believe that 10people would do such a thing... Don't people believe in the good faeries what is happening here? Anyway there it is if you want to read more the links are on the bottom of the page. I will be including some images of bothe the happy and not so happy legend of Changeling

I hope that you found this legend and storey intersting..
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