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Saturday, January 12, 2013

'Do Fairies live at the bottom of your Garden?' -[First Post I wrote in my Blog 1/12/2013 2am]

"Do Fairies Live at the bottom of your Garden?"

I've always believed in fairies myself. And even more so in the recent years because of my health. I have a whole different look on life, then I might have, oh about 8 years ago now. Hmmm I didn't realize that its been that long. Well I do believe that I have fairies that live in my garden. I have taken pictures of different orb kinda shapes that I can not explain. And I feel an presence that I cant explain. The story that I am going to tell you is about a true experience that I found from a friend. I hope that you all will have a open mind to the possibilities of other life forms, both Now and in the ancient times when they were first here on this planet.  

A recent discovery would suggest that they probably did or still do. What appear to be the mummified remains of an fairy had been discovered in the Derbyshire Countryside. The fairy's remains were 8 inches - complete with wings, skins, teeth,  and flowing red hair. All which was examined by a anthropologists and experts who can confirm that the tiny body was a genuine fairy remains. X-rays of the fairy's remains revealed an anatomically identical skeleton to that of a child. But it was clear that the skeleton was NOT! of a child! The bones were hollow like those of a bird making them particularly light. The puzzling presence of a navel in the stomach area of the fairy suggests that these tiny beings were able to reproduce and have families. The interesting thing was - there was an absence of reproductive organs inside the fairy when they found the tiny being. 
Now this could be a number of different things - One - could be that during the hundreds of years they were in that mound they just naturally went away in  time. Two - well the other idea would  be that fairy's just didn't need those reproductive organs and that's why they were absence when they took the X-rays to see skeleton examination. Other than that they are very much like us humans.
At least as far as their tiny bodies go. There is still a lot about the fairy's magic that we don't know about.

The remains were discovered by a local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, while walking his dog along an old roman road situated between the Derbyshire villages of Duffield and Belper. The area has long been shrouded in mystery with tales of ghostly highwayman and strange dancing' lights on warm summer evenings.  [Below is the accounts of the man who found the fairy]

"I was walking along the lane at a point which passes and old iron age barrow - burial mound- when my dog began to bark and rather strangely. He was backing in the direction of the barrow and would not go anywhere near it which was strange as we walked past it almost everyday. I was curious and approached the mound to see what could be disturbing him and it then, I noticed something odd... The side of the barrow had a fissure as if a section of the ground had subsided or opened up. The crack measured about 2ft long and 1ft wide and looked to have been formed recently as I had never seen it before.I knelt down and looked inside the dark hole. The hill seemed to be hollow like a cave as I could feel a cool draught against my skin. I used the small led torch on my car keys to see if I could see anything in the darkness. It was at this point I saw something that startled me, 2or 3 feet in front of me. I could see a human like form only this was much smaller. My initial instinct was to call the police as I thought it may be the body of a small child but as I looked closer I could see that this was not the case. I was too small and more importantly, it had what appeared to be wings! Not wanting to touch it I used a stick to carefully drag it out and pick it up in one of the dog's poo bags (empty of course)".

He immediately called his wife stating he had found something 'Unbelieveable' and asked her to bring a camera and a box immediately. " When I first arrived I could hear the dog barking from some distance, I had no idea what he had found. As I approached the barrow I could see my husband crouched down looking at something on the floor. "What have you found?" I shouted?" "See for yourself," he said. I looked down and saw a tiny but perfect mummified human body with hair, dark brown skin and more disturbing Wings! "I know what it looks like," he said, "but how can it be? And there's not just one! I've had another look inside that hole in the ground and there are more!" 

The body was taken home in a biscuit tin and kept in the garage overnight. The following day the local police were informed and the remains were taken away for analysis ~
As a local expert on the paranormal I was approached by the police for my advice. Although this was kept rather quiet to avoid ridicule and press attention. I was taken to the location by the man who originally discovered this amazing find. On closer inspection the barrow appears to contain more than 20 fairy's bodies all in varying states of mummification. 
The dry cave like interior has preserved the remains to such a degree that some bodies even have tiny finger nails and eye brows. I have returned since then to document the find as much as possible. On one particular occasion I  was shocked to discover that some attempt had been mad to reseal the barrow but by whom? It certainly wasn't humans so who? So It gives  you the reader something to thing about. 

The site appears to be a burial ground for fairy folks and the exact location of the find has not been revealed and no further remains have been removed from the mound. It has not been substantiated how long the remains have been there's although the state of mummification would suggest more than 400 years. The countryside could be strewn with hidden burial mounds which have lain undiscovered for centuries.  Cryptozoologists who have examined the remains, suspect they have evolved to suit their surrounding so well they would be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Their wings and skin pigment would  camouflage  them extremely well and they would most probably live in the tree tops, rarely venturing down to the ground level.

In the winter they would probably retreat underground into caves  - The question for all is do Fairies live in your Garden? But you must remember one think, that the remains that were found in Derbyshire have laid there for thousands of years.
by Unknown author...

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