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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Years Day!2017
Good morning my dearest friends, followers and viewers. Its
January 2017 Oh my! Its the new year already. It went by
so fast! I thought I would give you a little bit on what
I plan on doing this year...Plus show you all my humble beginnings with my first post below...I have lots of idea's, plus I am going to
explore one of my passions, which is climate change.
I'm going to do some of what I done before, plus I will do more on the garden tips too. Folklore, dragons, faeries, elves, and so much more...Too. So stay tune for 'DragonsFaeriesElves&theUnseen for 2017...I hope to see all of you. Love you all your friend always


I will never forget the first time I saw a hummingbird in my Garden almost 10-years ago. It was a amazing tiny bird to watch. Little did I know that I would be a hummingbird lover and have a Garden just for Hummingbirds ten years later, with a little wild humming bird that I call Rosy that is either an Male Ruby - throat or an Anna's Humming bird.. Since I have had a hard time getting so close its hard to tell. but it really doesn't matter because the tiny little hummer has stayed with me over the last 5 winters. And is very vocal too. He has a favorite tree that he sets up high in to protect my garden, which he now feels is his garden. I have over the years been able to communicate with the tiny & quite beautiful hummer. He is also quite a proud bird too. Being that he is a male he loves to show off  his beautiful. 

I've taken many photo's over the years but I believe in my heart his is my favorite one. it shows how delicate yet how strong he is. I often think that I should think of a different name for him. Over the years, there have been more and more female hummers that have come to stay here over the winter months. And when the spring comes I have more hummingbirds with of course my strong male Ruby - throat hummer. I call Rosy. So What would be a good name for my tiny bird and his many girlfriends I guess you could call it. He is quite the handsome little bird. And very proud too. I do know one thing  is  that my tiny hummingbird and his lady friends have and well always give me great pleasure every day. I am truly blessed by Gods little creatures ...

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