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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Quadruple Amputee dog

Quadruple Amputee Dog-
This is Brutus happy & a new home with people
that love him and care for all his needs.
I found this amazing story about this Quadruple Amputee dog named Brutus
who got full prosthetics on all his limbs so he could walk again. Now he can have a life
that will be full of love and fun because of a few loving people who like me loves Animals.
I found this wonderful story on the Huffington Post and I put the link and who wrote the beautiful post at the bottom of this in case you want to find out any more info about the story.

I am just writing about my thoughts and love of the story. I did find out that his name is Brutus & when he was just a little pup, he didn't have a very good start on life. It seems Brutus was from what you could say was a puppy mill/breeder for Rottweilers.  The first part of this story is quite horror so if you are like me take care when reading this part. They said that he was left outside in the frigid temperatures of Colorado I think but don't quote me on that my dears. I just read through the post and I think it might be the state that the puppy was in the terrible frigid temperatures in the puppy mill/breeders. Well, it seems that Brutus ended up getting severe frostbite on all his paws. Sadly it seems he wasn't rescued before this horrible acted was done, leaving the puppy severely injured. As for how badly the pup's paws were damage; I found that through to article they meaning all four paws were taken off except for the left forelimb, which luckily had a bit of residual padding on it. The pup was cared for and rescued from the horror of the breeder's.  I couldn't find any info if the breeder's were shut-down and taken to court for the abused of the pup and probably many others too.  But at least Brutus was in the care of his rescue family briefly for awhile when he was a puppy. He was adopted by Aquilina. I think so after that & she is the one that help get the artificial limbs for Brutus after she saw that he was having a hard time getting around the yard and inside the home. So it wasn't  too long after that she got a hold of a group that develops animal prosthetics in Denver. She also got a fundraiser going that was very successful too. Some time later which is very exciting Brutus was able to get some of the harm that was done when he was a pup with the botched amputations of his paws, with surgery. And later received his artificial limbs so that he could walk regularly for the first time. He even attends physical therapy for animals to help him get adjusted to his new walking happy life with his new prosthetics.
I did find that Brutus is slowly getting used to his new prosthetics and
in time he should be a star showing that even Animals can bet the odds
with disabilities & humble beginnings that most would think they
would not make it out alive. I loved this story and I hope 
that you all will to. For the love of Animals and to help stop
the abuse of All Animals I hope that you all will read my thoughts 
on this wonderful story and go to Kimberly Yam who wrote
the original story. I have the link to that has a lot more info too.
I have always loved Rottweilers and so has my husband...
I pray that so pups ever have to go thru the pain that this guy went 
through but it has made him so much stronger because of it, I am 
sure of this. And Brutus has helped so many other dogs&cats with
disabilities no matter what they might be...
    I hope that you all enjoyed the post 
on Brutus for my Love of Animals...
Love you all my dear friends & Followers 
Have a great week ahead and a great Monday

The images are from the post on Huffington Post too. So they are not Mine! by Kimberly Yam
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