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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


In this post I am going to bring you
Another tale of urban legend in Japan.
The Village is called Inunaki & they say that
the hills of the Inunaki village have eyes. So one
Should be very careful when you venture to 
The notorious Japanese village that is full
of urban legends & superstitions alone.
It seems that if you have the guts to 
enter the Abandoned villages, you will see
busted-up Collections of rural shacks &
believe it or not the village bears a sign
at the entrance. What this sign says is 
that the laws of Japan do not apply here
at the Village of Inunaki. You are
all probably wondering what could 
possibly be the reasons that this village
would not have the same laws of Japan?
Well, supposedly, its inhabitants indulge
in very bizarre practices such as incest,
cannibalism and lastly, there were no 
electronic devices aloud or that even work
in the area of the town.
Few, if any strangers or visitors would
ever return from the village of Inunaki.
As I have said in Japaneses Urban Legends
Is the most notorious of all Japanese legends.
So much that even the communities that 
lived closed by the area & political groups 
in japan have made
An effort to make sure that no folks ever
stumble upon the lost village just from the 
creepy superstitions alone. It is said that
Inunaki village was abandoned around WW2
& was never touched since that day.
That hasn't been occupied by anyone
other than curious visitors for 73-years.
There is no electronic devices on the properly
that will work. And when curious 
visitors come their phones won't work on
the trails that lead to the village of Inunaki. 
It was abandoned since WW2 and since 
then as far as anyone knows knowone
has lived there since. Living anyway!!!
The authorities of Japan have put several 
signs all over the trails saying that if 
any of the tails happen to lead to the 
Village Inunaki it is not their responsibility.
Basically they are saying you are taking
your own risk by walking the trails to the village & the tunnels as well.
All laws of japan and human decency does
not apply here'. The reasons why is because for centuries, even before WW2 the Inunaki Village was rumored to be a village completely composed of  murderous cannibals, incest and many horrors that were said to have been committed there. Not a pretty place to have around your country. I could understand why the people of japan would want to cover the village away in the urban legends even if some say it was truth legends.
'The laws and constitutions of Japan do not apply here' Electronic devices are said to be useless here as well. Many curious folks who have gone in search of the village of Inunaki have never returned or seen again!
I hope that you find this 
next Urban legend interesting
I included a few video's that 
I thought would help put some
clue to the legend of the Inunaki Village
love you all very much 
your friend always
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