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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Joukahainer-Frost Giant of Finland

Joukahainer Frost Giant of Finland-
The Joukahainer is the name of a Frost Giant in the mythology of

Finland. Joukahainer were vast beings who had developed from the melting of that great icicle in the furthermost part of the world. He inhabited the icy wastelands of the north until the culture hero by the name of Vainamoinen swam ashore and started to clear the land where the Great Frost Giant lives, with planted food and crops too. This of course enraged the Frost Giant of Finland, who came to kill the hero Vainamoinen who had swam ashore to start to clear the land for food for his people. But Vainamoinen was well versed in the magic. Which he used against the great giant of Finland by holding the rainbow as his bow and shot hawks as arrows, then the arrows came  at the Great Frost Giant Joukahainer it turned the

Giant into a vast pillar of ice that was condemned to melt into the tundra beneath him. 

But before Vainamoinen shot the Magick arrows, holding the
rainbow as a bow, the Grand Giant of Finland bellowed out a plea,  before the fatal shot, that he would promise to give Aino, his sister, as  a Vainamoinens wife if he would let him go free!
However, there was a bit of a problem with that idea! Aino was horrified with the idea of becoming Vainamoninen's wife so she killed herself before the marriage could ever happen. This didn't stop Vainamoinen quest for a wife in the land of the Ice Giants in Pohjola. But it seems that no-woman would have him for a husband.
It seemed that wasn't the worst of his problems, It seems that the Frost Giant Joukahainer was after our hero again, blaming him for the death of his sister. The boat that Vainamoinen swan out to, was destroyed by the Joukahainer Frost Giant and then left out to drown in the frozen seas to die, but luck was on our hero side. He was rescued and Joukahainer returned to his icy castle in the far north. 
This is a legend of the Giants that I found in a great Book I hope that you will  like this my dears... Wendy -ooo) 

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