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Sunday, February 15, 2015


The Beautiful Dryads Nymphs
of the Trees
Dryads were the beautiful Nymphs of the trees, groves,woods and mountain forests. They were the ladies of the Oaks, Pines, Ash, Apple and
Laurel Trees. For those known as the Hamadryades Nymphs 
of the Trees, these nymphs sprung up from the earth at their birth, to which their lives were closely tied to the type of tree they were born too. While the tree flourished, so did its resident nymph, however, when the tree died so did the nymph within the tree. There were several classes of the Dryades that was associated with a particular type of tree in the ancient times of Greek and other cultures too.
The Meliai Nymph tree's
1-The Meliai were the Nymphs of the ash-trees. They would spring up from Gaea the Earth when she was impregnated by the blood of the Castrated privates of Ouranos. The men of the Silver Age would marry these Nymphet's - in the time before mortal women were created and from them all of mankind was descended, of course this is all a matter of opinion. 
2-The Oreiades were the Nymphs of the Mountains conifers. The first of these were offspring of the five Daktyloi and the five Hekaterides.
Subsequently generations were descended from these elder Oreiades Nymphs of the mountains and their brothers the
Satyrs the brother of the Nymphs
Satyrs - These Mountain Nymphs that lived in the forest of the ancient Greece were primarily found high in the mountains nearest to the gods,
since the majority of the lowland forest had been cleared cut for farming at that time by the humans. It was therefore natural for the Greeks to think of the Dyades as Mountain-dwelling area's. 

3- The Hamadryades were the Nymphs of the Oak Trees. These Nymphs Trees were usually were associated with the river-side trees and sacred groves too. 
Nymphs in the Apple and Fruit trees
4- Then there were the Maliades, Meliades or Epimlides which were the Nymph's of the Apple and all the other fruit trees. They were also protectors of the sheep in ancient times too. The Greek word melas form which their name derives means both apple and sheep. 
5- The Daphene's were the Nymphs of the Laure Trees, one of a class of an rarer tree-specific Nymphai. Others included the Nymphai Aigerioi(black poplar), Ampeloi(grape vine), Balanis-ilex Karyai(hazel-nut), Kraneiai(cherry-tree), Moreai(mulberry-tree), 
Pteleal(elm-tree) finally the Sykei(the fig-tree). So another 
way that the Dryades Nymphs were believe to be were
Nymph of the meadow
divinities of nature. The early
Greeks would see the Nymphs of the mountains, trees, springs, rivers, grottoes, oceans, fountains as some kinda manifestation of the divine deity of nature of life. Even though many times they were not visible to them they felt they were divine embodiments of nature.  However, many times these beautiful creatures would show themselves it just depended on who the mortal Greek men or women were. There was another part of the Nymphs of the Gods, the were also regarded as the salutary and had beneficent powers of nature. They were both divinities of nature, joy, delightful, and  could also be an terror to mortals if nature was not being take care of in the way they believe that should be divinely right.
Hamadruade of the Oak forest that will
give you quite a fright 
say that the Nymphs of the forest, groves and glens were believed to sometimes appear to have fun in frightening solitary mortal travellers if they felt the forest has not been taken care of properly in their eyes. So one should never travel alone in the forest. And never go to deep in the forest either because you may never find your way out! Also the Nymphs of the Trees and even the Hamadruade of the Oak, will frighten many of mortal in the deep forest. The Nymphs of the fruit trees can sometimes move around will do the same.

So you must take care when you entire  the forest , some 
of the Dryades Nymphs are friendly but others are 
very protective of the forest. 

It just depends where you
 happened to be in the forest or mountains.
I hope that you Enjoyed the post on the
Dryades Nymphs of the Trees & Mountains
I love you all very much my dear
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