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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Story of the Koi Dragon

The Story of the Koi Dragon
The legend says that  a certain Koi had the strength, courage, and
perseverance to climb a certain waterfall. When the Koi reached the top of the waterfall exhausted, yet having reached its goal, the Koi was then transformed into a dragon. The Koi dragon is one of the Mythical Characters in the Japanese culture which is not actually a dragon. It is a Japanese fish [Koi fish], which has the power to turn into a dragon. The Koi dragon started to swim off as a fish up a river and then when it reached a certain waterfall it tries to cross it. If it is able to cross the waterfall, then it will transform itself into a dragon and thus it is known as the Koi dragon.

This legend of the Koi Dragon is most readily
found in Japan, there are many different versions of the legend of the Dragon Koi. The one I just told you above have been just one of many. Of course, there is the one of the Koi dragon who decided to swim upstream to obtain enlightenment. This legend Goes-As a Koi travels on its journey, moving against the heavy current of water, it encountered many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. During its journey, in the heavy current of water, it became stronger and confident,
despite the unrelenting of the pulling of the downstream of the river. The Koi continued to struggle onward and upward to the mighty Waterfall. Once he crests at the top he is transformed into a flying dragon, free from the bondage of the relentless river. This is of course one other version of the Japanese folklore of the Koi Dragon!
There is also a story in Japanese legend called the Legend of the Rainbow River; This story is very similar to the other stories above,Yet a little different in parts. The legend goes That every thousand years the courage & strength of a choose Koi, makes a perilous and difficult journey up the Rainbow River.
They say in the Japanese folklore that out of perhaps a million Koi, only one who is dedicated, strong,and confident to be able to swim against the very strong current of the Rainbow river, towards what was known as “The Dragon Gate” will leap from the water once it has made its way up the waterfall and then will be transformed into a dragon.
I hope that you all like my new Dragon! For my Many Posts! I have done in
My Love For The Dragon! This one is the Koi Dragon!
I am hoping at some point to have images for yOu All my Dear Friends and Followers! It just might take a bit. I hope until the time you will Enjoy my stories! Love you all! Your Wendy -oooo)


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