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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lung, Wang, Long Wang Dragon of China

Lung,Wang,Long Wang Dragon of China
This is the name of a dragon in the legends of China. The Lung, Wang, Long Wang is the Dragon King who is also known as the Fire Dragon. Lung Wang, Long Wang was the Dragon King from China, but he also at times represented as a human body with the head of a dragon and horns that resembled those of a stag. 

There have been other depictions of this famous dragon of china,
showing him with a fish's body with the legs of a tiger an dragon head. Lung,      Wang, Long Wang is the controller of the waters of the seas,
the lakes and the other inland stretches of water, where he is responsible for storms and water spouts.
Lung, Wang, Long Wang also is responable for directing other dragons such as Ao Kuang, AoPing and Pai Lung. Love you all -ooo) Your Wendy

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