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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ghost Elves History Images & Story ~ 2015

Ghost Elves/History Images -2015
Ghost Elf 
The images   below are different interpretations, of
 All Ghost Elves Art Media.
 The  images you 
see are in the form of paintings,
Photographic Photo-Shop, Digital Painting 
and other Types of Media.
Most if not all, are from Talented Artist... Thank you to all the talented Artist, who have created all these beautiful images for all of us to Enjoy...If it wasn't for this amazing Artist I wouldn't 
be able to have these beautiful posts of Art for you all!
YOURWENDY."(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●c Celibate life♥´Magic Surrounds Us ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
I thought I would tell you a little bit about 
these amazing Elves first before I give you a beautiful
group of images of Ghost Elves
None of the images are mine

I thought I would tell you a bit about the 
Ghost Elves as I have done with the other 
Images of Elves that I have re-posted with
a bit of their background. 
The Ghost Elves are a sub-race of the elves
that have perhaps the most tragic of all pasts...
It could be also why it was so difficult to 
find that many images of the race too.
Centuries ago, before the Dark elves were 
banished from Toril, they viciously attacked
a High Elfin City.
Unable to stand up to the Military might of the 
Drow, the Ghost elves sent out a call for help.
But none of their elfin kin allies came to their aid.
In fact, that's the one thing the ghost elves have
never forgotten. Eventually, help did come in the 
form of a man name Thule. This man Thule
was not what they thought later. However he 
did offer to save them from the Dark elves but 
for a cause and it happened to be a high one 
that would plague them for the rest of their people
children's children for centuries. The return service that Thule required was horrifying. This is what happened; the leaders of the city, appalled by the slaughter of their people[Shadow Elves] agreed without a second thought. Not realizing what they agreed too. This is when the Man they called Thule then revealed himself to the Ghost Elves to be a pit friend of almost God-like powers     & whisked all the Ghost Elves off Earth and away from everything they ever knew. Thinking it would be a heavenly place as they are a peaceful people and kindly too. Not know that his this man home was a realm called the Nine Hell of Baator.
After the Ghost Elves were whisked off to Thule
Realm, they were made as slaves for centuries to the devils of Thule world. The Ghost Elves would have to work, fight in the cruel arena's battles. 
During their time on the foreign planet, cut off from the elfin bond with the land & almost 
completely destroyed of their spirits~
 Their appearance, had changed over the centuries of because of not being around their own kin & being around the demons. They had a glowing white/lite glowing green look to their skin.. Their eyes turned almost mirror like. In, time there was a ghost elfin leader that struck a deal with some of the demons from the hell planet and there was a couple in which the ghost elves made their escape through a series of portals. 
Eventually ending back in the material plane.
Their connection with the planes has replaced any connection they had with nature.
Their height and weight stayed the same yet over time on the demon planet they became very frail. The Ghost Elves would reach adulthood much quicker than before; now at only age 30 & would live to only about 100 years which is very short compared to their kin. This was due to the thousands of centuries on the demon planet. The Gray hair, white glowing hair or jet black hair was the normal now for the Ghost Elves.As I had said before the eyes are quite striking, they are like twin mirrors that lack a white iris and pupil.
It is said that the Ghost Elves are loosely affiliated with the united Galactic Alliance, however, they don't hold an official membership...
They also avoid diplomacy with all other kin 
elfin when ever possible since what has happened to them. They are not hostile but merely avoiding them do to what happen in the past.
These Ghost Elves have made many enemies 
with the devils on the planes though, who seek out and hunt down the Ghost Elves whenever the opportunity is there. Currently, the Ghost Elves have no known home. There is some speculation that they live in a hidden Ethereal plane. 
 Today it's said they still live on the Ethereal Plane. Their cities on the Plane are usually built deep in woodlands and are at least partially underground. This is due to their long captivity on the demon planet. Their eyes can't deal with sunlight. Also, do to the dangers their settlements attract other elfin society that have a more stronger martial bent.Even after a thousand years+ hasn't cooled down the anger of the devils humiliation they have done to the elfin treachery and even today they seek out the Ghost Elves.
This is why the Ghost Elves hide from everyone even their own kin. They feel they have been betrayed by everyone. They still have their elfin magick which is immune to magical sleep; they can glow with the brightness of a candle at will & can suppress it to; slip blinding power[easy for them to perform escapes; see invisibility; blink a blink spell; Ethical jaunt;Ethical shift too.
So I hope that you all enjoyed the 
story about the ghost elves sad by at least

they were able to escape to find a home for 
their people ... I hopeyou also enjoy the few
images that I was able to find 
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