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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fairy Dragons

Fairy Dragons
The fairy dragon is one of its species that has been very difficult to find any information. But I've

been search for a long time now and I finally found the truth about the fairy dragon. So I hope that you will enjoy this post as much a I did when I my research for looking for the history of the 
Fairy Dragon...
The Faerie dragons are quite small, they are actually the size of your average house cat. ( you may wonder why I compared them to a house cat? Well you will see why later on in my post).
These amazing dragons are tree dwelling creatures and commonly live in the old growth forest. The Faerie dragons generally prefer the ancient forest that have been abandoned by elves. Probably because elf's generally take great pride in Nature and the World that they live in. This includes the forests & deep woods, even if they abandoned the ones they had lived in at one time. When they do leave their homes, they are generally Grand tree houses that link throughout the forest high up in the highest parts of the trees - plus a little bit of magic too! 
These faerie dragons are nimble little creatures and are very protective of their homes. Which is usually hollowed out tree trunks in the abandoned forested that the elf's who generally leave great tree houses that are quite beautiful. These tiny fairy dragons have also found homes in Grand abandoned elfin cities too. Sometimes there have been sightings in these place but this is very rare.
They are quite beautiful in appearance too. Usually having beaming wings that are dark on the outside and on the underside their wings resemble exactly like a butterfly pattern. 
The body of the Faerie dragon is covered in soft scales that are flexible to the touch, more like a lizard that their larger cousin kin. They are rumored to be very friendly and curious, often stealing
from those who have seen them. They keep troves of what they consider to be treasure, but do not think it is wise to steal from them. The Troves that have been recovered and investigated were filled with just brightly colored feathers, shiny rocks, small gemstones- emeralds ruby's sapphires and blue diamonds - So it was really what the faerie dragon felt was of value or treasure. And of course every creatures idea of quote treasure is very different.
One very interesting detail I found out about this beautiful tiny dragons, is they seem most content when they are singing. Another interesting note that I found was that the sound of these beauty's is when they sing it sounds more commonly like a cat purring, but its more melodic and a sweet on the ear. 
Some faerie dragons can shapeshift into an elfin form. This power is rare and hard to recognize as there can be no signs that the elf is a faerie dragon, that is if the shapeshifter is a older faerie dragon. These transformations are very few, but of few that have shapeshifted into an elfin form, they have blended into an elfin group very well.  
The dragons do have breathe fire but it is a aqua blue in color and it doesn't burn when brought in
contact with flesh or wood. Their flame does produce heat and light as if it were a natural flame but it only burns for a few minutes.
Their real weapon of defense is their venomous bite. This is what they use against their predators.
The venom is only enough to numb a small area upon each bite, however, such as a hand, or a joint being bitten many times could be a deadly bite you could say. Although the species is recorded as being mostly friendly and docile it will use its venomous bite in a final line of defence.  
Another line of defense I found of the faerie Dragon which it seems to be their most useful of all against predators would be the power that comes out of their wings in times of fear or anger.
This line of defense if inhaled could cause great harm to his victims as he/she is inhaling the powered from the wings as the flutter them.
1)Small amount - could cause euphoria and mild hallucination. 
2)Large amounts - could turn into horrible nightmares and violent ones in fact.
3) Second stage of hallucination could cause paranoia, vomiting and inability to distinguish reality from their vision. 
This is one of favorite dragons, simply because of its close relations to the faerie's and that it can
shiftshape into a elf. I found these tiny dragons to be fascinating myself.Being a friendly dragon to the human race it would be amazing to be able to go in a forest an befriend one of these wee dragon faeries. 
note. the images are not mind. But I hope you
do enjoy them, the artist are very good at depicted 
what they probably look like. 

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