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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Ice Dragon - Legend/Myth

The Ice Dragon 
by George R.R. Martin.

The Ice Dragon was a  crystalline white, that shade of white that is so hard and cold that it is almost blue. It
was covered with hoarfrost, so when it moved its skin broke and crackled as the crust on the snow crackles beneath a mans boots, and flakes of rimes fell off.
Its eyes were clear and deep and icy.
Its wings were vast and bat-like, colored all a faint translucent blue, Adara could see the clouds through them, and often times the moon and the stars, when the beast wheeled in the frozen circles through the skies.
Its teeth were icicles, triple rows of them, jagged spears of unequal length, white against its deep blue maw.
When the Ice Dragon beats its wings, the cold winds blew the snow swirled and scurried and the world seemed to shrink and shiver. Sometimes when the door flew open in the winter, driven by a sudden gust of wind, the householder would run to bolt it and say, "An Ice Dragon flies nearby."
And when the Ice Dragon open it great mouth, and exhaled, it was not fire that came streaming out, the burning sulfurous stink of lesser dragons.
The Ice dragon breathed cold. 
Ice formed when it breathed, warmth fled, fires guttered and went out, shriven by the chill.Trees froze through to their slow secret soul, and their limbs turned brittle and cracked from their own weight.

Animals turned blue and whimpered and died, their eyes bulging and their skin covered with frost.
The Ice Dragon breathed death into the world; death and quiet and cold. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ice Dragons - Legend/Myth

Ice Dragons

On my quest to find as many of these majestic creatures as I can-
"For the Love of the Dragon!"
My next dragon is the very unique and not often heard of Ice Dragon. 
These Amazing creatures live in Glaciers. They migrated from the Arctic to Antarctic regions to ensure that they stay in the darker regions, and a wintry climates. These dragons live in different kinds of Lairs to. But it isnt' that different if you really think about, given where they live. Normally they will find a enormous glacier that is facing the open sea or ocean that is higher up then the ocean levels. Sometimes they do find a iceberg for a lair but the are not usually big enough for their large bodies, so that's why the Ice dragons will look for the prefect glacier and will hollow it out with many tunnels deep within the glacier they have chosen for their home high up on a mountain in the Antarctic. 
These dragons can be either white, very lite blue dark blue,dark purple and pale pink. Their wings reflect the sun
when they fly but they  have to fly at great heights for their wings to do this. When you look at the Ice dragons wings they will appear very thin and textured almost like the texture of snow. Their tail, claws and horns have the same icy white hide too.
When the Ice Dragons wings do reflect the sunlight from those great heights in the very cold climates of the Antarctic, the animals below won't be able to see the Ice Dragon because the sun rays are going right through his very thin textured wings. This makes it very easy for these dragons in the icy climate to find food and go hunting without his prey even seeing him. 
These dragons can also fly at great speeds. This could be due to their wings and how textured and thin there are. They are also very wide so they are able to maneuver quickly with those great speeds. 
Water Elements~ 
Ice dragons are part of the water element family and can do many things with the ice and water. 
These dragons can breathe ice shards that can pierce  through anything. They can create Tsunamis
because they are part of the water element and they can create big waves that can appear in hurricanes. These unique dragons can even make so now by flying high up in the air and freeze the moisture into snow. 
These dragons have a strong icy blast of air and shards of ice. 
When these beautiful dragons go on the hunt it will usually freeze its prey alive or dead because it likes its meal to be frozen.

It also freezes its prey because it might want to eat its prey later. So they keep it in their lairs for safe keeping during the long winter months. 
When these dragons hunt for seals, the seals tend to go underwater.
The Ice Dragons can go after them but for only a limited about of time. This would give you an good idea why the Ice Dragons like the use of their strong icy blast weapon on the seals and all other animals. It makes for a quick freeze on their prey. Especially the seals - particularly due to the fact that they have a limited time in the ocean to chase after them.  
They most popular prey is polar bears, killer whales, giant quid, walrus, leopard seals. And really most anything they can blast with their icy breath for food in the long winter months. I found that the Ice Dragon to have many different  personality, when doing this post. This of course is in any species. But for some reason I found it to be more so in the Ice dragon, then in some of the other dragons that I have done. This might have to do with the different pieces of art that I have found on the Ice Dragon.

It seems with this installment of the Ice dragon, the Artists have made a variety of different personalities of this type of dragon. I found this to be very interesting . And I love the artwork too.
I hope you all enjoy this installment of my 'Love of the Dragon!'
And the Artists photo's too.
note: They are not mind.. 
Cynthias Fairies and Me
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