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Monday, October 5, 2015

Magical Transformations

Magical Transformations~
Magick of the Fairy
Good afternoon my dearest friends and followers I am truly sorry that I haven't been posting that much these last couple of months. Life has been rough for me and my family. So it's been hard to be thinking creatively. So for today I decided to pull out my old fairy book my Cousin gave me to seen if there is something that might catch my eye. What I found was Magick transformations or Shapeshifting of sorts. I have always been  fascinated about both and in my book that I am writing there is quite a bit of that going on. So I thought I would write a bit on the subject. Being able to change your form or shapeshift is a powerful attribute, that we have always held in awe to such people, as blacksmiths, who can cause metal of many different kinds to become liquid and then solidify again. Also, magic are substances such as glass makers, how they can break many pieces of coloured glass then make it become a fluid liquid so that it can be blown through a metal tube to a stable form when cooled. Things that are firm to the touch, but can alter are unnerving as is being able to transcend barriers, such as skin, that keeps things where we think they should be. By transforming, like a fairy reveals their greatest power; to who she/he lets see! To manifest into the mortal world something that is so obviously faery to the human if they are lucky or unlucky to see the faeries. It just depends on which faeries a human may run across.
How much more impressive this is to humans than simple invisibility. You may not know this but faeries use their 'glamour' & powers of enchantment to change their form... They relish the metamorphosis of the transforming. The Norwegian Fossegrim fairy's - guardian of waterfalls can change in an instant from male to female.
The Russia's Freshwater - RUSALKA - from maid to fish to toad - With this fairy it will allure a male or female into a wooded area or lake who might be more instantly smitten either by a fairy or a maiden. It is though the Rusalka shapeshifting enables them to seduce human men and woman, binding mortals to themselves, not through love but by magic.
The Panther is very common as
an animal spirit 
Then there are some spirits that come to be identified with a particular animal. There has been many movies, T.V. shows and novels done on this particular subject. Yet after being on the internet over 10+years doing groups and having some very dear friends that are very close to this subject, I've decided that many have different opinions on this subject. Some can shift between forms of animal spirits almost randomly, such as swan to goat to toad to crow. Bird; such as Owl-Raven-Crow animal spirit is popular. Birds of the night are the most magical, have the most knowledge and are the most powerful. Another's can be supernatural powers in North American. Native American Indian cultures like that of Moroccan and other Tribes too. This is where the wolfs, and big cats come in some cases.
In Russian legend the bird of divine fortune is the Wren who might be mistaken for a tiny winged form flitting in the undergrowth.
The Red Deer are a common shape for the Scottish Highland fairies.
The Swedish Nacken of Inland waters is sometimes an old man, sometimes a boy or a seductive lad, distinguishable, just by an equine nose and flecks of green hair, but he is most powerful as a gray or white horse tricking women and children to ride on his back then leaping int the depths of the lakes. 
The Scottish Kelpie inhabits moving water, particularly the lochs, threatening both those who swim and those who dilly-dally by the shore. Sleek as a seal, his victims adhere to his back like glue as he leaps into the river, his body lengthening to accommodate as many children as might be playing at the waters edge.
There so much more to the story of Magical Transformations but I just wanted to give you all my dears just a taste of the magick world and how both are one in a lot of ways. We just need to take care of our Earth and all creature both Magical and human. I hope you all enjoyed the post today

I love you all my dears 

Your Lovely Garden Lady

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