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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Russian Dragon Fairytale

A Russian Story about a dragon, A hero named Dobrynja and his widowed Mother Dobrynja-
A Russian Tale
This is a Russian tale that I found that I hope that you all will Enjoy the Story and History of the
Tale of the Story of Dobrynja and Goryntch which is a Dragon tale based on A Russian Bylina.
The paintings that I have included in the story are  by an Irish contemporary painter by the name of
Susanne. I know that is odd being that the story is an Russian Tale. But I have always found that Artist are not bound by their origins. I hope that you will see this too.

The Premonition~
The Premonition

Well it started long time ago in a beautiful land, there lived a handsome hero by the name of Dobrynja
and his widowed mother. Dobrynja' mother was a very wise woman. She was given the gift of vision and
knew for her sage of counsel. So one Dobrynja mother had a premonition of a disaster and was
anxiously warned her son to stay away from the River Puchai. 'The river is a terrible place my son and
people disappear from its shores, never to be seen again. The waves themselves are very dangerous and can consume you. The first wave licks you with its tongue of fire. The second wave sends showers of sparks. And the third wave roils and boils and send up clouds of scalding steam,' said his mother. Dobrynja listened
to his mother, but curiosity overcame him. He soon found himself on the edge of the River Puchai which,
to Dobrynja, look calm, peaceful and very inviting too.
A Three-Headed, Seven Tailed Dragon~
Gorynytch was a
Frightening female
Three-headed, seven
tailed fierce Dragon.
Since it was a very hot day Dobrynja decided to bathe in the Puchai River against his
mothers warnings. He stripped himself of all his clothing, weapons and armour. He left all his
belonging with hie horse then slipped into the still calm cool waters, but within moments of entering the
Puchai River, the water began to surge and bubble. Tongues of fire tasted the shoreline and flaming
cinders sparkled in the air. Suddenly, from the rolling clouds of steam, a marvelous Dragon Appeared!
"My,my my,' chortled the Dragon with glee. 'I thought Dobrynja the hero was here to kill me as was
prophesied long ago. Luckily, I see nothing in this river but a naked and tasty fish for my dinner."
The dragon's name was Gorynytch and she was Frightening to behold. Three-headed, seven-tailed,
she moved like lighting and was rushing toward Dobrynja with fierce Jaws agape.
The Hero's Impending Doom~
Well after seeing the fierce dragon Gornytch which his mother had warned him about, Dobrynja
tried to find a way to escape from the frightening female three-headed, seven-tailed dragon that was
coming at him at lighting speed. So he dove deeply into the Puchai River and swam underwater to the
far shore where his steed and his weapons were waiting. However, much to his dismay the Dragon
Dobrynja had surfaced to find his horse had disappeared with all his possession. Dobrynja was
completely at the mercy of the Dragon's onslaught and knelt down to contemplate his impending fate.  Suddenly something
shiny that was hidden in the long grass caught Dobrynja's eye.
It was his Helmet! So Dobrynja stretched his body as best as
he could forward to pull the heavy helmet toward him. When the Dragon saw the handsome hero kneeling
in the grass she began to gloat as she thought him to be begging for his life. On his Knees! What a Treat she had said!
The Dragons Promise~
Two headed Dragon
So Dobrynja waited until the Dragon was almost upon him. He could feel her hot breath on his shoulders.
Quickly he turned and swung the very heavy helmet with all his strength striking of one of the dragons' heads. How with only Two heads, she was far less powerful but a very angry dragon. So Dobrynja then leaped
on top of Gorynytch to prepare to deliver another blow when the female Dragon Gorynytch began to
plead for her life. 'She said, 'Dear, dear Dobrynja, oh brave and noble knight. I beg of you to spare me
for the sake of my many children who world starve to death if I were to to perish. Let us make a pact of
heartfelt friendship. I promise I shall never carry off another person from the Puchai  river or anywhere else.
I promise that I will be good, but you must agree not to harm any of my hatching's.'' Because Dobrynja was
not only a brave man but also a kind-hearted one, he released the Dragon Gorynytch reminding her of her
A Broken Promise~
Goryntch the two head
fierce  Female Dragon
Well no sooner was the Dragon Gorynytch out of sight when she changed her mind and flew north to
Kiev in search of her Next victim. Espying Prince Vladimir's lovely niece in a garden she dove down and
snatched the terrified girl of her feet and carried her to their lair. As it happened that Dobrynja was
trying to make his way to Kiev. The journey was long and arduous for his horse was nowhere to be found.
Upon arrival to Kiev, he was greeted with the sight of a great public mourning and fear over the abduction
of the Prince's niece. The court was in an uproar and the Prince was having great difficulty finding a man brave enough to confront the Dragon Gorynytch. So Dobrynja was going to
ask how he could help when he overheard Alesha the Priest son comment on  having seen the dragon
and Dobrynja in conversation at the river. 'Perhaps Dobrynja should be the one to rescue your niece, 'slyly suggested Alesha. "Since Dobrynja
The Gift of a Horse & a Magick Silken Whip~
Gift of a Horse 
So with his faith in pearl Dobrynja cheek were burning with shame and fury because he was out witted by the cunning Goryntch now Two headed fierce female Dragon that his mother told him to never go the that
river. So in shame he headed home to seek the counsel of his wise mother. Seeing her son' weary and
very sad face,  When she spoke to him about his troubles &
promptly sent him to bed for a good nights rest before he would face the fierce & cunning dragon. While her son slept
she went to work. All night long spent weaving a magical
whip from seven silken stands to aid in Dobrynja's Battle with
the Dragon. Then at dawn she awakened Dobrynja . He was
refreshed but very worried. Saying 'Mother, "I don't know
what to do. I will try to rescue the girl and confront the dragon
but, I have no horse and no weapons to help me against this cunning fierce dragon." His Mother replied,
"I have made you a gift to help you on your journey. But first there is a beautiful chestnut horse in the old stable. It belonged to your father and your father's father but has unfortunately been neglected for years now.
Quickly get the horse, it will serve you well' So before Dobrynja left he hurried off to he old stables
and unlocked the doors. As he peered into the darkness he could see the horse was mired in filth and looked very hungry. The young hero gently washed the animal and fed it sweet corn and honey water. He then prepared for his long journey and said goodbye to his mother. Although before he left the wise old woman handed Dobrynja her gift of the silken whip. She explained it would be the only weapon he would need and
gave him her blessing. Dobrynja raced off in search of the treacherous Dragon.
The Battle~
The Battle
So as Dobrynja raced off to the lair of Gorynytch. Near the ground of the lair it was writhed with the young
ones of the she-dragon. He knew this was going to be quite a battle. The horse reared up and trampled the
hatchlings underfoot, all the while being bitten and scratched about his legs. The grand chestnut horse began
to weaken from the huge injuries inflicted by the young hatchlings.Dobrynja feared for himself and for his
steeds life but remembered the magical whip his mother had given him. So he whisked the horse between the
ears and legs and felt renewed life surge into the horse. The healed beast lashed out with its mighty hooves and finished off any of the remaining young baby dragons. Well it didn't take long for the Grand
She-Dragon to hear the commotion outside her lair, and come rushing out of her cave to see what is going
on with her baby dragons. And of course you can only image how a mother dragon would react after seeing the devastation around her. Well it seems that the She Dragon Dobrynja shrieked with horror and fury .
When she saw Dobrynja around all her dead babies , ' You lied to me! she screamed. You broke your
promise! Dobrynja raged, "It was you who was the oath-breatkeer! YOU broke our pact by flying to Kiev
and stealing the Prince's Niece! Hand her over to me immediately and there will be not further bloodshed."
Never!' cried the she-Dragon. 'She is my treasure and I shall never release her to you! She attacked Dobrynja and they began to fight. And with that the battle began for Three long days and three long nights they
battled. The handsome hero was weakening and was about to give up when he heard a voice whisper,
'Just three more hours young Dobrynja. Three more hours and you will succeed.' For three more hours
the battle raged on ward and the dragon finally met her DEATH!
The Rescue
The Rescue~
So the Handsome hero Dobrynja had succeeded in killing the
She-Dragon and all her babies too. After he killed the dragon he had
bathed in the dragon's blood fro three days and was poisoned. Badly injured and weak he lay dying on the battle field, all his strenght leaving his body. The land was flooded with blood. It had become a lake. So
by using the last of his breath, Dobrynja called out, to' Moist Mother
Gaea Earth -asking her to pleas open and swallow up the blood of the
dragon.' He thrust a stick into the ground and a huge fissure opened up
that drained away all of the dragons blood .. Mother Gaea answered his prayers. Suddenly he remembered his mother's gift of the seven-
fold silken whip and used it on his own body. Whisking way the remain dragon blood, the poison left him and his wound healed. So
after Dobrynja was completely healed he headed into the dragons
labyrinth of caves finding hundreds of captives and rescued them all.
The Prince Vladimir niece was finally discovered unharmed in the final cave deep inside the carverns of her lair. So Dobrynja became the hero and led all the people back to their joyful families and returened the
beautiful  girl to her uncle in Kiev. Well that is the tall of the Russian She-Dragon ... I hope that you 
all Enjoyed the Tale. It was fun to re-write love you all my dear friends and followers
and I hope you all are having a great summer.. 
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