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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paintings & Media of the Blood Elves-2015

Painting & Media of the Blood Elves -2015
The images below are different interpretations, of
 All Blood Elves Art Media.
 The  images & digital paintings you 
see are in the forms of paintings,
Photographic, Photo-Shop, Digital Painting 
and other Types of Media.
Most if not all, are from Talented Artist... Thank you to all the talented Artist, who have created all these beautiful images,
digital paintings, & all other kinda forms of Art Media for all of us to Enjoy...If it wasn't for this amazing Artist I wouldn't 
be able to have these beautiful posts of Art for you all!
YOURWENDY."(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●c Celibate life♥´Magic 
Surrounds Us ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤
note none of these images are mind. they are all the creations of the talented Artists...

I'm going to explorer is the legend-history of the
Blood Elves Elfin Race. I hope I am able to show that they
are very much part of their Elfin Cousin's Too.
The blood elves [Sin'dorei Elves] are from an 
very ancient Elfin Kingdom that was at the time vast in
culture & history. It seems the majority of the race 
had survived the Third Crown War that continued well into 
their lives as well. Besides dealing with the horrors of 
the Crown war it seems that these Elves had tides with
their cousins the High Elves. Some have even said that
they might have been descendants of them, but since 
this was over centuries ago we will never know. The blood
elves are said to be physically perfect in every way. Why?
well first of all, I did find that this race of the Elfin 
Blood Elves felt that they were very approachable, kind
& generally not arrogant then the rest of their kin.
I have to say that was very bold of them to believe that
of themselves since they have a very long history of 
making enemies due to the fact of these qualities that they
say that they have. Over the course of the third 
Crown War they had a long history of making enemies
due to their arrogant and racist ideals among their race.
Also being very much misunderstood and because of this
had very few true allies thought the centuries.
I thought I would explore the Blood Elves Appearance 
and their behavior first, then going into more of their 
history I found that their bodies and faces were 
quite beautiful an in some rare case of the Blood Elves
Men they would effeminate in their appearance, that 
would cause some confusion even among the 
Higher rating Blood elves. This would be a problem 
only when mating practices came into play. 
Oftentimes two blood elves of the same gender would
mistakenly try to fornicate, well you know what the resolutes
would be... It seems that their Green eyes are due too
their corrupt use of Dark magick and alot of heavy
consumption of their favorite drink called 
Absinthe. Its a very popular drink among the Blood Elves.
They are also known to have the pointiest ears among
all their kin. Their skin is said to have a peachy
colour which is very smooth and soft. 
Almost like that of of a peach. Which is odd because
the Blood Elves no nothing of the fruit peach. Of course 
this one version that I found of many it seems that there are
for the Elfin Race of the Blood Elves. 
I found an other legend/history you could say of the 
Blood Elves lineage and this one said that the 
Blood Elves come from a group of High Elves back 
before time. These High Elves from what I could figure would 
not follow the rules of their lineage for over 10,000 years; 
give or take a few thousand during the second 
Crown War of the Elves. During this time these High Elves
looked like the blood elves, but they didn't have 
the green eyes. This could be that they didn't have a 
taste for the Absinthe Drink at the time that change the 
entire race of the Blood Elves eyes and did a bit of craziness
to their minds... High Elves stayed during the Second
Crown War. This is one of the reasons why they became the 
Blood Elves~ They stayed behind to continue to teach the
humans and other races magic that they'd had learned. 
These High elves weren't affected by the destruction of the
war. Probably because they were smart to spend as much
time as they could away from it all. They were nowhere near
the Crown wars and not as nearly closely tied to the 
Elfin wars as their Elfin kin were. 
Also these High Elves had learn how to properly control
their surrounding that which they were living with magick
& the inherent power that they learned to survive. 
The more I research these High Elves I found them to be
rather cleaver and cunning Elves. They isolated themselves
from all the Elfin race & the Crown Wars. They looked for
other sources of magic to pull their own abilities to make
their own magick stronger and they ending up having a very
powerful magic of their own. It was only a small group of
the High Elves not the entree race left in order to teach the 
various races their magic. These High elves didn't want 
anything to do with the Alliance or the Crown Wars.
The high priestess that might take them on a much darker
path of Magick and lifestyle. That's is why they left
Anasterian's decision & left his alliance and make their own
new home of race. So you have it the Blood Elves...
descendants of the High Elves. Who also probably learned
a few things from the creatures they were teaching as well:
to keep the Magick power that they inherited in her power!
And the Blood Elves seemed to not wanted to follow the much
darker path of the Anasterians so that is why they left
for their own Alliance. Well I know the Blood Elves 
were a bit hard to understand, However I feel that they
were a proud Elfin race that were descendants of the
High Elves which after doing this post I can 
understand why they look and have many of the 
characteristics of their cousin kin the High Elves 

Hope you enjoy the images of the
Blood Elves

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