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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The BlackFeather~

The BlackFeather~
Good Evening my dears Friends & Followers I found a new Creature that I thought you might find interesting. The Blackfeather which is a very large crow-like creature. It stands approximately three times as tall as an American Crow and has beady red eyes. It also seems to look almost human too. It is said that by Blackfeather creature does not get along well with other living creatures except for the ravens, crows and the shadow dragons too.
There are some who have said that the Blackfeather is just one bird, however, there are others that claim to have seen small groups of these very strange birds. These strange and very large birds are found in, dense forested areas and they are rarely seen in groups of its one kind. But it hasn't been unheard of. These birds are, solitary tendencies and few folks are even aware of the existence of these amazing creatures!
Just like some say with the crow and raven; when the Blackfeather shows up bad things are sure to follow. However, it is not always true with the raven and crow because with these to birds they can bring good news and luck. I did find one story about the Blackfeather bird; It was in 2011, it seems that two teenage girls had looked out a window and saw a group of three strange birds. None of the girls had known what kinda birds they were and they were kinda creepy with their red eyes. So one of them decided to read up on the bird to see if she could find any info on what they saw they saw that day. That same day one of the other girls had left earlier to go home, and her friends and everyone else never heard from her again. No one knows what happened to her and nobody ever found her. To this ,day there was no trace of her ever found. It seems that she just vanished, Also the girl  that started to look for info about the Blackfeather, slowly began to lose her mind and had to be committed to a psych ward, where she stayed to this very day.
So, as they said that the Blackfeather is said to be bad luck well be on your guard for it changed the life of these two teenage girls forever. 
Well I hope that you Enjoyed the story of the 
BlackFeather  Bird I found it to be very interesting 
I love you all my dear friends & followers 

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