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Thursday, March 3, 2016


MARCH 2 2016

Hello my dearest friends, followers, supports & readers I just wanted
to tell you a little bit about the people in my life and how they get
me through each day. Yesterday was my father's Birthday
He has always been very close and dear to me in the good times & the
times that have been not so good. He has been through
the cold war and his earring isn't so good, We talk on the 
phone at least once a week and email all the time. I always write to him
on veteran day to remind him how much he is loved and that
he is my hero too. As I once did for my Uncle Ed who was in the Vietnam War
as a young Marine at the front lines. Who is now my guardian Angel.
~This is my thoughts and my love for my father~
Dad, I just wanted to let everyone to know how special you are & how
lucky I am to have you as my father. Through the last 10+ years, you have been so
supportive - lovely father during my hardest time of my life.
I just don't know how I could have made it through these years
without you & my lovely momma too!
Dad you have always been there, even when I was a young girl
teen, and getting through 2year college(took 4years) and 4years BA.
You are my Hero and my lovely father, and I wish you good
health and many, many more birthday to come.
I'm looking forward to the summer because that's when
I get to see you. Which I miss you very much.
Happy Birthday Dad my hero. Love you!

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