Thursday, December 31, 2015


Happy New Years Eve 2015-
I wish You all a happy new years Eve into the new year 2016.
I also want to thank you all! for the 3 wonderful years that you all have Faithfully supported me. These last 3-years you all have been so dear to me and supportive during my times of good and not so good times in my life. And I couldn't have done this blog without you all! Truly this comes from the bottom of my heart & soul. You all are dear to me my Friends and Followers. I started this humble blog in Jan of 2013 and it's now going to be Jan 2016 soon. The blog has come a long way. I had a look at the screenshot, I took like in January of 2013.
I thought I would put a screenshot of my first blog. So that you all can see where I came from and how far I've come to how the blog looks now. It's been a lot of hard work but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I think the look that I have now is the best so far. I have seen from all of YOU! that you seem to like it too!
 all with my new Theme, widgets, and images. The whole blog my dear friends and followers and if there is anything that you think I should change please let me know. I do value your opinions! I truly do. I thought
I think the post I put on my first blog was about Rosy my faithful Anne hummingbird that still has his home here in Kent WA. for the past 7-8 years. Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer he is always protecting my porch and his flowers and the Feeders I keep for him. So there you have it, my dear friends and followers, you can now all see my humble beginnings, how I started very simple nothing fancy like I have today. And as I have said much time before I couldn't have gone to what I have today without your support. So thank you so very much. I hope that I've pleased you
I would show a few of my new screensavers of my new blog so that you can see it a bit closeup. I will put them at the bottom of this post.With that, I do wish you an Awesome New Years Eve, be safe and also have a happy
New Years Day too. I love you all so very very Much my Dear Friends & Followers




Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I have always loved Flower Fairies, Why because they are so delicate and part of nature and our gardens. You may not know it but they are in are gardens all the time. You just can't see them. You have to open you eyes and heart just a little bit more and maybe one day you just might. As you know from reading my blog my dearest friends & followers Fae folk come in many different races, however, there is one race that comes in a variety that comes in many forms. And that happens to be the most beautiful Flower

Faeries. I pray that that I haven't done a post on these beauties for I have done so many on fairies, elves & dragons over the last almost 3years that my mind kinda forgets sometimes and for that I am truly sorry. As for these most beautiful fae's they happen to be the most wondrous known to man., There are a few known to us humans, such Bluebells.

The Bluebell Fairy: the Bluebells flowers who carpet the woodlands in who carpet the woodlands in

the late spring, create a shimmering azure haze in which thousands of fairies will dance in this area. This is 

also similar to the hue of the human 'etheric', which is the part of the aura closest to the body 

and is easiest to see. 
the late spring, create a shimmering azure haze in which thousands of fairies will dance in this area. This is 
also similar to the hue of the human 'etheric', which is the part of the aura closest to the body 
and is easiest to see.

Buttercup Fairy:
 Buttercup flower/fairy brings you 
awareness of your gifts and will help you
 to feel more confident in your ability 
that you already have within you. 
You will be able to explore & express 
your talents in this lifetime because of 
these delicate fairies love of giving you
 these gifts. However, you must
 always keep an open mind, 
heart and love in your heart for the
Buttercup fairy to come to you
The golden'Cup of this flower
 is full of magical bounty
and cheer. The buttercup fairy is
 compassionate & has a
very deep understanding
of human beings.

Clover Fairy
We are now at the Clover Fairy. Which I happen to like
quite a lot. The Cloverleaf flower has three loves & sometimes
as the Irish would say:[my grandmother Mary who was very
Irish 'the luck of the Irish' you may find a four-leafed clover
that is, which is extremely lucky. Such leaves are very rare,
and may be taken to symbolize the four Elements of Earth,
Fire, Air and Water which is very magical. Some have said
this four lobe Clover's are linked with the Triple 
Goddess; Maiden, Mother and 
Crone. They also carried 
as a protective charm even the three-leaf Clover.

Cowslip Fairy;
The Cowslip flowers/fairies come from the 
a primrose variety of flowers, which
appear an in the late spring, & have a 
potential to show indication of fairy activity. 
So keep your eyes and ears open. As for your
ears, they could do something like make 
your wind chimes move when there is no 
wind or breeze in the air to get your attention.
As for the flowers they could be moving in ways
that you never were seen before.
The primrose fairies and the cowslip fairies have
a youthful innocence and to them so they will help to 
keep youth in anyone who carries their blooms
in their gardens. So the Primrose & Cowslip flowers
would be a great spring flower.

Daisy's are beautiful flowers & fairies. Daisy's 
often will grow on lawns or grass and will always
spring back up after the winter grass has been cut
and the cold of winter. The daisy fairy is very robust
and does not worry about humans and their actions in
the world. For, this reason they
 can be an effective guide into the fairy realms
of faiyland. Many of the other fairies are drawn
to daisies. This is the Daisy fairy special gift of 
resilience and creativity.

Daffodil's for one they are my momma's favorite
flower and for that, I have always had
daffodil's in my garden to remind me of 
my wonderful mother that I talk to I hopes at 
least 2 times a week if she isn't too busy. Yes
even in her retirement she
is very busy. They are quite beautiful so bright and
cheerful and Yellow!
The daffodil fairy blows the trumpet of the flowers
that ushers in the spring is here! As the fresh winds
toss the daffodil flowers, so does the daffodil fairies within
to bring in the message of clarity of new beginnings.
Daffodil fairies can help you not only understand you're true 
potential, however, they also tell the world about it too.
To the daffodil fairy,
we are all beautiful and they help us all to see 
ourselves in this way.

These flowers are year around and it is one of 
the functions of the Gorse Fairy to be cheering, even
when the situation seems hopeless
These Gorse Fairies will avert despair and 
show a light at the end of 
any tunnel when all hope may be lost
in humans.

Well, were now at Heather Fairies. It is said
that to supply the Heather fairies & 
other fairies so that they may feed on the
blooms of the Heather flowers,
 You must help
by growing them in your gardens. The 
Faries do not literally feed on the plant, of flowers
of course, but they may well absorb its essence, 
which is vibrant and protective to the fairies.  

The Honeysuckle fairies love their Honeysuckle 
flowers most primitively because of the senses that
connect to the reptilian brain-stem, meaning these 
flowers have the most beautiful Fragrance to
them than most of the flower fairies. These flowers
has great power to evoke old memories and buried 
feelings. This is well understood by the 
Honeysuckle Fairies 

These fairies are very
 special among 
the inhabitants of 
the Land of the Fairies.
The Iris was the Greek
 Goddess of the rainbow
and is more than a glorious
 showing forth of all
the colors of the spectrum.
It is also a bridge between this world 
and the subtle realms of 
which fairies are a part of.

The Lavender flower is modest in appearance,
however, wonderfully fragrant like that of the
honeysuckle flower. Lavender has many 
therapeutic and magical uses. It will soothe a 
number of illness, from the headaches/migraines
to bee stings from bee's and rashes. It has an effect use
in cleansing your skin and calming the spirit. 

The lilac flowers have a nostalgic 
scent that the lilac fairies use which will cause
humans to recall their past. It will also bring
back long-forgotten emotions back too.
Some of these emotions that the humans
that may be associated with their past 
lives. The lilac fairy can awaken distantly 
memories and enable you to realize that 
you have lived before, loved and understand
before what happen with
the use of the lilac essence of the flower
and their magic.

Lily fairies bring great purity & spirituality to all.
These fairies have links with the angels, 
who are cosmic messengers. In particular, they 
are associated with the Archangel Angel Gabriel,
who is often depicted holding a lily

As I was doing the research on the Marigold
flowers and fairy I have discovered a number of 
wonderful things about these flowers. Such as
home remedies & India Weddings use the beauty of these
flowers for their wedding for some time. I will
visit these other interesting area's of the Marigold
for other stories in a later time.
I myself have always had these beauties in my 
Garden and always save the seeds for the spring
The Marigold Fairies are very Strengthening 
and they are heartening creatures too.
They have powerful healing gifts of 
bringing the warmth of the sun to 
renew life an to restore your vigor. 
Many folklore says that the Marigolds are
picked at noon which have the greatest 
power then to comfort the heart/soul,
because at the time the Marigold fairies
will be able to reflect the potency of the 
great Sun.  

I first remember the poppy from my
favorite Movie the 'Wizard of Oz' which 
I watch even holiday season. With Dorothy, Toto
Scarecrow tinman and the lion.Can't forget the flying
monkeys' Oh, I have known
the movie by heart since I
was a child. 
Well, that is a bit about me. 
The Poppy fairies will bring
great and wondrous dreams and visions,
However, to use these properly, it requires 
discrimination. What this means, the 
fairies can bring confusion and even madness
or they can be correctly interpreted as 
offering different perspectives on your life.
Not all these perspectives may be available 
in the mortal state[human state if you will].
But they can provide inspiration and creativity
to you the humans.

The primrose flowers
 & Fairies 
form a 
very special portal to 
the fairy realms & from
this a primrose-studded 
bank around the time of 
Spring Equinox it is a very good
 a place to see fairies of all
races. Blue & Red 
primroses growing in
the garden will attract fairies 
too so keeping them in your garden would be 
a great thing to do besides they will keep
the household from harm

I have always loved Roses. 
My momma
has a beautiful rose garden 
that I have photography
many of time. As for the Rose 
Faires they are
especially strong vibration to them
 could be because
of the beauty of the flowers and the 
most beautify scents
that come from the many different
 roses in the world.
The Rose fairy has a particular
 power- Roses were
sacred to the Isis, in the times 
of the Egyptian Goddess
Some have said the Roses/Isis 
to be a complete
goddess-form ever evolved.

I have always loved the 
probably because of the
 name thinking
at some point, these beautiful flowers would 
turn into a friendly dragon.
I have always had them in my garden
but for the last couple of years. The snapdragon
fairies are quite a fiery fairy who can 
help you to repel all negative energies within you.
If you were a snapdragon flower on your body
and no one will ever be able to pull the wool 
over your eyes. As for the snapdragon fairies they
 are far too cute and will burn away the dross, 
to reveal the truth out of anyone the choose.

Tulips are quite the thing in my
neck of the woods. We have great festivals
in the spring when the Tulip's come to bloom
here in Washington State. I myself Have never
been very good at the bulb growing a garden 
and the Tulips. However, they are very beautiful.
The Tulip Fairy like so many fairies likes to
associate with love.
These Tulips are in the shaped like that of 
a chalice and this is the 'loving cup' from
which tulip fairy encourages you to imbibe, to feeL the
blessings of Nature. One of the fairies messages
is to have the courage to be vulnerable, 
because only in this way can any one of us
will ever know closeness and fulfillment.

Well, I really didn't think I would make
this long of post and for that, I hope you all
like the post on Flower fairies. 
At, first I was just going to put the flower 
in but after I did some research and found all
these beautiful flowers & fairies I just had to
include them all. 
So It will probably take the whole page.
I am sorry about that I have lots of ideas for the
new year thought.
I have always loved Violets, I believe it
has to do with my momma and my sister Betty
who have always had them in their homes.
they bothe love the African Violets even
though they are hard to care for. 
It would seem that the Violet Fairies
are the most modest & spirited of all.
The epitomizes all the qualities that are needed
to attract other fairies, such as 
humility and simplicity.
In ancient Greece Violets were 
worn to promote 
tranquillity and facilitate 

I hope that you all enjoy
the Post  on the FlowerFairies
my dearest friends, readers, and followers.
As we come to the last two days of 2015
I just want to thank you for all your 
support you have always given 
me during my good and it seem of late
my not so good but I couldn't get through
the days without you all my dearest loves
I love you all so very much 
Your Friend always & forever

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